Network bars on your iPhone are lying

For all those of you, who cherish their I-phone, and have been fussing over poor reception, and blaming the network provider for it; the problem lies in your phone. Yes, bizarre as it may sound, but a technical glitch that has been recently unearthed by the people at apple, shows that the network strength displayed on the now legendary I-phone, is actually an inflated figure. After the recent launch of their latest version of this modern-day-gizmo, Apple received several complaints within the first week of the sales. Upon looking deeper into this issue, it was found that it was a calculation error that magnified signal strength from the actual.

Apple iphone signal problem

Now here is the catch, how come, a company that speaks for perfection and innovation, could make such a basic error, and find it only after evolving through four generations of its product. Holding consensus to this thought, several analysts find it very outrageous. Some users also claim signal dropping, when held in a particular position. Meanwhile a law firm is taking up the cause for all I-phone users and is taking legal course. As for Apple; they will be releasing a software upgrade to tackle this somewhat embarrassing issue.

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