Low Priced (Rs. 1500) Laptop for Indian Students

On Thursday 23rd July (2010), India has uncovered a laptop that costs just (nearly 30$) Rs. 1,500, designed especially for students. Kapil Sibal, the HR Development Minister during the launch of the low cost laptop has said that, “As more companies come to produce the similar devices, the prices are expected to go down automatically”.

This low priced laptop will be accessible for students by the next year, 2011.

India's Cheapest laptop

This concept of releasing low priced laptops for students was stated before few years with the cost being just (10$) Rs. 500. But now, the initial prediction was tripled and the new cost would be 3 times more.

But sooner as the productions increases, the prices would drop to (20$) Rs. 1,000 and then finally to (10$) Rs. 500 as innovations are established.

The low price laptop is a single unit device and is smaller than ordinary laptop. This features a built in key board operated upon the touch screen display, Wi-Fi connectivity, a 2 GB Ram, USB connectivity and a 2-watt battery to give power for the system.

“This is true and accomplishable and will be moving ahead. On 2011, Sun will rise for our Indian Students”

The ministry has called for companies to manufacture such low priced computers.

Sibal said, “After starting the project, the reaction from private division was less. But now, they are ready to support the concept”

An official at the ministry said, “The efforts for this innovation were started by the ministry by having conferences at the IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur, Bangalore, Indian Institute of Science”.

The HRD will be distributing these low priced laptops to many institutions. The total cost depends on the shipping price.

Sibal said, “We can also assist with some financial support for the laptop, if the transportation cost is less the government will afford it also”.

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