iPhone 4 is Under Fire. Another case of iPhone problems

From the introduction of iPhones we have come across several cases where the iPhones are identified to be one’s which are often getting burned into flames or exploding when it is charging. Now again, we have a new case from our new entry iPhone 4 – sizzling hot (explosion) case. It seems like iPhone problems does not seem to end

Apple iPhone fire

Boy Genius Report (BGR) has recently displayed the images of an iPhone which has burst into flames when it was connected to the PC with the data cable that came with the handset. The owner of the mobile had little wounds on his hands due to the flames. The owner has taken the defective phone to AT&T store for it to be repaired or to be replaced with a new one, which is likely to happen as the phone is damaged to level which it can not be repaired.

In previous cases when an iPhone got burned, it was only because of the faulty Li-ion (Lithium Ion) battery. But for this case, the problem was with that of a faulty USB port in iPhone 4, which got fired due to overheat caused when it was connected to the PC.

According to the BGR reports, the USB port got so hot when it was connected with the PC and thus melted the Data cable and the black bezel, which caused the fire. This fire has unfortunately burnt the unlucky owner.
Till now there are no news from Apple and the AT&T store about the burning news or case brought by the customer. Also, there was no other complaints like this have come to the limelight yet.

Will this be the beginning of the fall of iPhone 4 or just a single defective iPhone 4 that was sold out of 2 million phones that was sold? Is this a start of a variety of dangers that we would face because of iPhones? We have to wait and see.

We should be careful that no such thing happens to our phones. If you find that your handset gets really hot than usual when charging, it is better to switch off the charging and unplug the charging cables. The next thing you should do is to take the reports to the mobile producer and try to figure out the problem and take measures for solving it.

One thought on “iPhone 4 is Under Fire. Another case of iPhone problems

  1. Michael George

    i faced the same problem from just an hour ago, and i do not know what to do my devise just exploded while i was charging it
    should i get back to apple by sending a complain ?


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