iPhone 4 Free Cases isn’t going to solve the case

During the press conference on Friday, Apple did not apologize for their defective makings of iPhone 4 models but only accused on the media for reveling news about its iPhone 4 being defective. They tried to act smart by announcing free bumper cases or refund of money for those who did not like the bumper cases offer.

iPhone 4 Free Cases isn’t going to solve the case

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs stated that, “the little problem was blown up, it’s unbelievable.” He sent an angry statement to Bloomberg which released a story “a total crock” about the iPhone 4 having a faded signal when held at its bottom left side. Also, he said that the thing said about article from New York Times which blames the software as the fault was “clearly not true”. He also said referred to a person (Gizmodo, name was not mentioned) who posted videos in blogs of iPhone 4 being on fire, has bought the phone in an illegal way and now is facing the consequences.

Is Media Being Fair?

When hearing about what what Jobs said, we have to think if media has gone too far.

One view is that, iPhone 4 is having better reception than its previous iPhones. Jobs said that, the defective claims were only 1.7 % but for iPhone 3GS was 6 % which means the users are happy. Problem in signal may be poor signal in those areas or drop in a call.

Another view is that, the number of calls dropped by iPhone 4 was more compared to the iPhone 3GS. It should be accepted that antenna problems arises in poor network areas.

Jobs accepted that, none has found a solution for the problem. Giving a case to all is not a solution for all, as some may not like using a case for their handsets.

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