India’s first Movie TVs from ONIDA

Onida is India’s popular Consumer Electronic Durables Company. Today, Onida released its first series of ‘Movie TV’s’ for India. The Movie TVs comes with USB 2.0 functionality which allows people to enjoy hearing songs, watching movies and viewing photos from Pen Drive directly.

The Onida’s Movie TV’s are series of Ultra Slim models consisting of Onida 21 Thunder 1200 USB, Onida 21 Aria 350 USB, Onida 21 Ace 300 USB and Onida 21 Carbon 300 USB. The Onida 21 Ace 300 USB comes for an affordable price of 9,190 Rs.

Onida Movie TV

This Movie TV’s come with several exiting features.

• USB Playback: Play the Data (Movies, Photos, Songs) in the USB directly

• Music Mode: Even when the TV screen is turned off, users can still hear songs from the USB.

• Surround Sound: You can have two modes of experience for Surround sound, either Theatre mode or Hall mode.

• ZAP! Or Timer Return: There is a key, which when pressed will skip the advertisements when you are watching the TV.

• Digital Eye: Based on the room ambience, you can change the brightness or contrast of the TV.

• WRAP Sound Technology: Experience the crystal clear amplified audio across the room with the hidden speakers present in the TV.

Marketing General Manager of Onida said that, “The likely growth rate looks good and is increasing even after the completion of the Football World Cup 2010, for the CTVs. Over the last year or so, the cost of LCD TVs is coming down continuously and the Ultra Slim TVs are spreading faster in the CTV field. We are thinking to twice over our Movie TV series by this year end”.

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4 thoughts on “India’s first Movie TVs from ONIDA

  1. MastanReddy

    Huy guys,

    Can any one tell how much GB will support the “ONIDA CARBON 300 USB”? I am trying to access 500GB, it is not supporting. It is giving “No USB”.

  2. Kannan

    i have a usb onida tv with a usb port and usb functionality..But whenevr i connect a usb it says usb deteceted..But nothing plays..Cant navigate thru the options in the usb menu..

  3. mahesh

    I have a pen drive with 16 gb space. I have 19 movies on it and i am trying to play them but i only able to play 4 movies out of 19.
    Here my question is

    1. How much space it will take to play movies or images or audio.
    2. What type of videos it can play like xvid,dvdrip,brrip etc.
    3. What type of movies it will support like movie format.

    all the four movies which are opening for me are in xvid format other movies are in other formats like cd format, dvdscrxvid, cddvdrip.

    Please suggest me on this. I will be very thankful to you:).


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