Google Launched Google Voice in India: Free calls to US and Canada

Finally, after their testing in US and Canada, Google has launched Google voice in India. The best thing is calls to US and Canada are free up to the end of December 2010.

Google voice allows you to call mobile phones or landlines direct from your browser. To open Google voice log into your Google Account and open chat

How to Use Google Voice India

There you will see a “Call Phone” button. Hit this button and it will show you Google voice privacy policy policy page. Accept the policy and then you will find a cool Google voice pop up at the right side of your browser.

Google Voice India

Google Voice charges

Google is offering special tariff for their first month. In the month of December, people can call US and Canada absolutely free. Google is currently charging 6 cents per minute for calls to India, which is relatively cheap than other mobile operators. You can view detail of rates here

Enjoy using Google Voice India and call to your relatives in US and Canada for free.

6 thoughts on “Google Launched Google Voice in India: Free calls to US and Canada

  1. TT Raja

    Google voice is not available in India.
    Google talk is avaialble in India and we can use it. It is free for calling computers but chargeable for calling land lines or mobiles. Calls to mobiles in India is US$0.02. (Equivalent to one rupee.) per minutes.

  2. Raj

    Only accounts( Gmail and Google Voice) that were created in US will have this option enabled. It is not officially launched in India , so stop speculating that it is launched , check your sources when post articles like this

    1. Manish Post author

      Hi Raj,

      It is not free though but People are using US proxy to make free calls to USA and Canada. It is activated for most of Indian users.

  3. Raj

    Just to correct you dont need US proxy to make calls to US and Canada , you just need to have a account which is created in US. once you setup ur google voice using US proxy then there is no need of proxy to make calls. After this you can even make calls from ur android phones in India to US over 2G / 3G for free using google voice

    1. Manish Post author

      Hi Raj,

      Calls to US and Canada are free only from US & Canada and if an Indian or person staying outside US & Canada wants to call, he has to pay 1 cent per minute.
      You can only call Toll free numbers for free.

      Here is the rate list :-

      Otherwise, you can set up a US proxy and call for free.


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