Google created iPhone version of YouTube

iPhone version of Youtube

What is the big difference between the latest version of the YouTube’s mobile site and the YouTube app which is created by apple and installed on each and every iPhone? The web site is very much better.

For now the site is available in English only. The site has a various hottest features that’s all matches with those found in the usual YouTube site and this are devised to supply to the expanding users of mobile YouTube. The product manager of the YouTube mobile team, Andrey Doronichec, had written a company’s blog about the mobile site which was launched in 2007 which served up to 100 million video plays per day.

Google launhced mobile version of YouTube


Instead of clicking the preinstalled YouTube app go on click on the safari web browser for the video instruction calls “the full YouTube experience”

Now the video will be flashing thro’ some images of the glossy design of the site. And then click on some of the videos present in the site to get entertained. When you turn the phone the video will be automatically shifting to the horizontal mode.

The phone will be suddenly changes into a Nexus one operating the android software from Google. It is mysterious. What does the Google is trying to tell here? “We are attempting to demonstrate that our final goal is to provide you reliability, no matter what device are you using,” Mr. Doronichev whispered in an interview.

The mobile site is offering more number of new features for playing the videos which are limited in the iPhone application. There are 2 buttons “like” and “dislike” which are used in the web site for the video rating, says Mr. Doronichec. Whereas the iPhone app till now uses the same old, “star ratings”. Now it is the job of Apple to update the app.

Another fresh feature which is launched is the suggestion search results. When you start type two letters in the YouTube search box the suggestions will be displayed. This feature is not available in the YouTube app.

So by now who will be using the phone apps? You can easily make a bookmark the web site as your home screen on your iPhone with just a couple of clicks.

YouTube said in a blog, “we think this is truly a vast development for the users who need a more reliable YouTube across more devices”.  Google need you to channel that application.

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