Google Chrome 8 Overview

The internet world is now vibrant about the Google Chrome OS and Chrome Web Store from the last week, whereas the Search Engine Giant Google is targeting its main Chrome product: Google Chrome 8 browser.

Google Chrome 8 Browser

On Thursday Afternoon, Google said about the release of Google Chrome 8.0.552.215 on its Chrome Official Blog. This update comes with lots of new things and betterments that would provide good foundation for the future.

New Features in Google Chrome 8:

What are the new features? It has got many new features, but most of them are under cover. Google Chrome 8 will be more stable than its predecessors, as it had nearly 800 bug fixes. Along with additional features, the security related patches make Google Chrome 8 highly stable.

In-Built PDF Viewer was one of the noticeable features that developers were working on for many months. Marc Pawlinger, the Chromium Engineering Director said that ‘the in-built PDF Viewer will help the browser “render PDF files as easy as it does for HTML web pages”, even without the need to install the Adobe Reader standalone. The PDF files are placed in the Sandbox and then rendered, which will allow the PDF files to be kept isolated and will not distress the performance or security of other parts of the browser or system.

Bright and Big Future for Google Chrome 8:

Lot of advantageous changes on Chrome 8 might not be usable at once. According to developers, this new version will be the first browser to get the full support of Chrome Web store that is yet to be released and might be released really soon. This Web Store from Chrome will provide series of both paid and free web related apps that are developed to suite the Chrome 8 browser and its Chrome OS (in development phase) especially.

When considering Chrome OS, it is just few days away from being released in a grand fashion. Last week, a Google VP engineer in an interview to the NYT (New York Times) said that ‘Chrome Operating System running netbooks will be released by the end of this 2010’. Last summer, during the Google Chrome OS’s preview, Google said the OS will provide bare bones, browsing like interface that would be working fully on the Cloud related apps. Chrome Os and Android OS, both being from the same industry, will actually be varying in their workings and its targeted device types.

Just considering the standard Chrome Browser, Google will now apply their sandbox technique to Flash Player from Adobe as its next project. Just like the working of PDF technology, it will let the Flash contents to be placed isolated, in order to provide better performance, stability and safety.

Google and its Browser Market Share

Google working harder on Chrome and all its steps are achieving success. From the recent reports, November month is regarded as Google’s successful month, when considering browser market share. The growth of the market share was from 5.6 % before November to 9.3 % after that. It is the 2nd best gain for single month by any web browser, so far.

Go to settings on your Chrome Browser and click ‘About Google Chrome’, you will be updated automatically.

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