Firefox’s Home App to Sync from PC to iPhone

The new Home app from Facebook that will bring the mobile web browsing and desktop to be present in a same place, but it is still not yet ready.


Chip Taylor said that, “The beautiful thing about Mozilla’s Firefox Home is that, its ability to synchronize browser tabs, bookmarks, PC to iPhone. On Friday, Mozilla launched the iPhone app. Install the Firefox Sync add on to your computer and create an account in it. Now select the “Sync Now” from tools menu and start to use the app. Firefox home will show the links as a list.

You can also use the Xmarks application in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, which also synchronizes from computer to iPhone. It will cost you a 1$ for it.

Both the Xmarks and Home are not fully ready to be a browser or to work with existing ones. If Install any app and open a link. When you select integrated Web kit browser, the app stops working and you are halted. You can use Safari to open all links, but it will not give you a way to open all tabs on PC and opening the sessions on the iPhone.

As a solution, Mozilla should release Firefox or Fennec (Mobile edition) for iPhone with the sync function. Fennec is already there for Android.

Both the app should use bookmarklet (app to store bookmarks) which allows selecting the opened tab from any browser. It’s better to use the session in Safari or Atomic Web.

Browser tab sync is good for now and will surely improve in future.

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