Face of Facebook in US : Are you a facebook addict?

Based on a poll conducted in US, Lot of people are getting attracted towards Facebook and especially young Females check their page in the morning even before going to bathroom. According to Light Speed Research for Oxygen Media, “About 34 % of Females having their ages between 18 and 34 were checking their Facebook status in the morning even before brushing or face cleansing”.

Facebook addiction

Also, 20 % accepted that they have a final look on the Facebook while going to bed and 26 % accepted that they woke up often at night to view their text messages.

Among those 1605 people aged between 18 and 54 (social media users), nearly 39 % of them are found to be “Facebook Addicts”.

31 % had accepted that they are more concerned about their online profile than the real life profile and 57 % of females aged between 18 and 34 accepted that the conversations that they have in Online is more than the Face to Face conversations.

63% of females consider Facebook to be a job networking method, but 42 % of females didn’t think that putting their photos online is not a bad thing.

48 % of females claim that they get latest news only via Facebook and 41 % claim that they utilize Twitter to be updated.

50 % of single female and 65 % of single male accept that meeting and dating via Facebook is a good thing.

6 % of single female use Facebook to “hang out” when compared to 20 % of men.

24 % male compared to 9 % of female think Facebook is involved in break up as well.

InsideFacebook.com is a website built to support social network had claimed that, “the number of active users reduced from 7.8 million to 320, 800 (from May to June). This is just a blip, which we have never encountered before.”

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