Earn cash for finding bugs

Are you exhausted or frustrated of your Web Browser getting crashed or hanged up? Now, Stop Worrying and Start earning lot of cash! Finding faults is what lot of us love to do. But, getting paid for finding faults! How does that sound?

Now, Chrome’s Google and Firefox’s Mozilla are providing awesome offers for major bugs that were found on their software, respectively. The 2 companies are competing now in a kind of bounty arms race for identifying bugs, which has now topped up to 3,000 $/bug found on the software, respectively.

Find a software bug and get paid

At the start of this week, Mozilla had increased the bounty value from 500$ to 3,000$ including a T-Shirt. On Tuesday night, Google has increased their bounty from 1,337$ to 3,133.70$ as a reply to Mozilla’s increase in bounty value.

This bounty was termed by Google as Chromium security reward program and has awarded many who have reported major decisive bugs. Because of the rewards for the bug bounty hunters, lot of people gets motivated to search for bugs and correctly report those problems. Till now Google has given away only twenty bounties of different amounts and till now, only one person has got the highest margin bounty. But, Mozilla did not release any records of number of bounties that were given away.

Unluckily, if you have found out some bugs on other web browsers like Safari or IE, you won’t get any bounties from these companies. But, for your own benefit and betterment of the browser which you use, it is still good to notify about the bugs that you find.

Then I guess you can go out and buy yourself a fruit pop.

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