China’s two online services shut down by Google

Two China based online services will be shut down by Google, search engine giant. It also stops affording technical supports to Chinese language site. After 10 days of the Google license renewed by the Chinese government in order to continue its operation in its country the company has proclaimed this decision.

Google shutdown services in China

Google’s plan includes the conclusion of a self developed site ranking page and also the lifestyle website in China. Because of the “lower-than-expected demand” this decision was taken, china daily reported.

Google also decided in stopping the technical support to 2 services for local business partner by this week. had utilized some of the Google’s technologies in order to power some of its sites function.

“We have at all times trying to expand new products and services for our customers. Some of the users enjoyed a great success whereas other users failed” the statement said.

“Our users were not welcoming the website ranking page and lifestyle website in China, which is the reason why we have planned to shut them out”

The Google’s declaration has came just after company got its ICP license renewed in China, ending a confrontation with the authorities of China which had inquired the firm to censor some of its stuffing from the customers in the country.

On Tuesday at a news conference Zhang Feng said that Google has assured to “obey the Chinese law” and will shun linking to material believed a menace to national security or social stability.

The Google search engine share has dropped from 35.6 percent to 30.9 percent during its dispute with the Chinese government.

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