Are you game enough to engineer your own gene code?

As a kid, everyone fancied watching Dexter’s laboratory and his crazy experiments. Even grown up technical enthusiasts enjoy tinkering with softwares. Well now you can have a chance to engineer a new genome and become part of the Do-It-Yourself Biology movement.

The whole idea is similar to the movement that surfaced in the 70’s and brought together some of the most gifted minds, to share ideas and interact and develop something that revolutionized the world of computing. However there is a school of thought that believes doubts the physical feasibility of this idea. In their argument they have mentioned the requirement of a lab for conducting such experiments, which was not required in computing.

Are you game enough to engineer your own gene code?

Andrew Hessel, a synthetic biologist believes that, similar to the computing revolution, biology would also reach new heights. Hessel pointed out the two major challenges are the lack of standardization of bio-parts and the costs incurred in “wetware experiments. The Biobrick initiative, by researchers at MIT, Harvard & UCSF, aims at standardization of chunks of genetic code, to be used as parts. Biofab at Stanford and Ginkgo in Boston, have taken the initiative to work on the bio-designs of biology enthusiasts at reasonable prices.

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