Apple sued for Antenna Problem in iPhone 4

Customers who bought the

iPhone 4 complaint

about that the device has poor reception when holding it in a particular way.  Some customers who are not satisfied with the quality of their iPhone had sued Apple Inc.  Apple have receives at least 3 complaints about antenna problems.

Apple sued for antenna problem in iPhone

The antenna problems on iPhone 4 had been discussed in several blogs, forums and news site. It is not sure how many people experience antenna problems in their iPhone 4. During the first 3 days, more than 1,7000,000 million iPhones were sold. People are complaining that when the iPhone is held in certain way, the capability of the phone connectivity dropped.

The lawsuit was filed in the Northern District of California court. It was filed against Apple and AT & T. AT&T is the wireless carrier for Apple iPhone in the United States. According to the lawsuit, Apple intentionally misrepresents iPhone 4 on the advertisement. The lawsuit reveals that the consumer complains that iPhone 4 has a defective design. Apparently Apple knows about the defects in iPhone 4 before it was sold to the public. Apple did not reveal it to the consumers.  The antenna problem is derived from the difficulty to configure the antenna so that the users are unable to establish a connection with AT & T network.

After customers complaint the problem to Apple and AT & T, they did not offer to ameliorate the problem. Thus, the customers have to fix the problem by themselves. Some customers are unhappy with the customer service of Apple and AT & T so they have decided to file a lawsuit. After the case was brought to the court, Apple offers consumers with three options. The first option is to hold the iPhone in an awkward manner. The second option is to pay for a 10% fee and refund their phone. The third option is to purchase the Apple’s case for $29.95 and have the problem fixed by a technician.

The iPhone 4 has a different design than the iPhone 3. One of the prominent designs in iPhone 4 is the band surrounding the rim of the phone. The band serves as an antenna to AT & T. The band was intended to provide a nicer appearance to the iPhone. Despite that, the position of the band had caused the phone to face antenna problem. While most phones have antennas at the bottom, the antennas of iPhone 4 are located on the exterior.  Before the lawsuit was filed, many people had already started to complaint it in the online forums.

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