An apple that dint ripe but got reaped before time

Even before Apple could set feet with its ;atest in communication, the I-Phone 4, it was already up on shelves, in almost all Beijing’s electronic stores and luxury hotels. Though to be one of the early and exclusive owners of this new-age tech-toy, one needs to shell out close to 2500 USD.

Apple iPhone problems

The iPhone sellers were quite confident that the customer would readily pay any hefty amount for this new iPhone 4. This confidence Comes from the fact that this baby packs a high definition video capability along with , video chat and a sharper screen resolution. With all these features in the latest version of iPhone, it is the apple of every modern day-geek’s eye. This new enhanced version was going to be launched officially not later than January. People having new iPhones are also crazy to get the latest version as they consider owing a latest version is fashion. Apple had launched this iPhone in Europe, Japan and United States last week and it was sold like hot cake in the iPhone market. Its estimated that 1.7 million iPhone 4s was sold in three days alone.

Grey market in China has been developing for years which cater to the demand of the iPhone. China Unicom is the only Chinese telecom operator which sells iPhone in the world’s largest cell phone market.

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