Amazon’s Kindle leaves other e-readers begging for sale

If you think the price war for e-reader between Barnes & Noble and Amazon has not alarmed other competitors, surely it will.

The 3rd generation Wi-Fi (only) Kindle e-reader is the cheapest e-reader available in the market and the other 3G enabled Kindle e-reader device comes for 189$ which overtakes its competitors with its broadband mobile connectivity.

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This leaves other e-reader manufacturers worrying, who believed that either the features or the prices have some sort of edge over the kindle. The Nook e-reader from Barnes & Nook is the only reasonable competitor with the kindle with its features and price while tempting buyers with its brick and mortar stores, the contest now requires more enhancements from its competitors. The e-readers that are in trouble are:

Sony Reader

Sony’s products are always priced high. Sony has said to Forbes that they have no intention to compete with Amazon.

The features like free access to e-books library and ePub makes it unique from Kindle, but the low and medium ranged Touch and Pocket sized reader has got no Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity is a setback.  Without this connectivity available for the e-reader, Sony can not compete against others.

Kobo E-Reader

Kobo is priced at 150$ that gets support from Borders (bookseller) and is considered as medium priced and medium featured phone. It has got no web browser or Wi-Fi connectivity, gives it mixed reviews.

Kobo should improve its e-books selling, bookstores and give some offers to make its e-reader to become successful.

Plastic Logic Que

The recent news was that, the Que from Plastic Logic is looking to hibernate, with all the pre-orders cancelled and release date was yet to be announced.

The basic version has got bigger screen size of 10.7” inch, but the price is really high i.e. 650$. If they want to compete, they should reduce the price or they can not stay in the market.

Spring Design Alex

This is a touch screen Android based reader that can take you any website with a press of a button, which is priced at 400$. So, the Alex device also needs a revision in its price.

Price aside, Alex is also twisting in the wind without the backing of a strong bookseller.

Also, there are no strong supports from booksellers to back this device, without which Alex can not stand a chance against the others.

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