Acer Aspire EasyStore H340-UA230N NAS server


The Acer Aspire EasyStore H340 is an inclusion to the large stock of NAS servers available in the market. Unlike certain NAS servers the all-new Acer Aspire is visually appealing beguiling the consumers to try it out. But you can never undermine its performance. It packs a couple of cool features making it a competitor to the other NAS servers.
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Features                   Description

1. Type                                 Server
2. Recommended Use      Small business, Home use
3. Hot-Swap                      Bays 4
4. Dimensions                   7.9in*7.1in*8.3in        11.2 lbs
5. Processor Type             Intel Atom 230/ 1.6 GHz
6. Mainboard Chipset     Intel 945GC Express
7. Data bus speed             533 MHz
8. Cache Memory Type   L2 cache
9. Cache size                      512 KB
10. RAM size                     2 GB (max)
11. RAM technology        DDR2 SDRAM
12. Memory speed           800 MHz
13. Flash Memory            256 MB
14. Storage                        1* 1TB- Hot swap- Serial ATA-300
15. Graphics Processor   Integrated Intel GMA 950 Dynamic Video Memory Technology 3.0
16. Data Link Protocol    Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet
17. Interfaces                    5* Hi-Speed USB -4pin USB Type A(1 in front),
1*Network –                     Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX/ 1000Base-T- RJ-45,
1*Storage-                         eSATA-7 pin external Serial ATA
18. OS provided               Microsoft Windows Home Server
19. Service and Warranty   1 year limited


The Acer Aspire EasyStore H340 is one of the affordable NAS server available in the market. Its worth the money for the amount of storage you get. It houses an Intel Atom processor provided with no extra features other than the Windows Home Server 2003, which is suffice for most home applications.

The Acer Aspire EasyStore is a Windows based computer running a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom 230 processor, supported with 2 gigs of RAM. It’s a pretty decent configuration for a portable laptop. This means that another computer through its Windows Home Server console can control it. It is designed to be friendly to the Windows users.

The Acer Aspire is aesthetically pleasing, more like a cube with blue indicator lights on the front. It has 4 easy accessible hard drive bays. Each bay is provided with a removable tray that can house SATA hard drives. The server is included with a 2 TB hard drive preloaded with the operating system. You can expand your storage by adding drives to your bays, or connect your external hard drives to the server ports.

Moving to the interfaces, it has one eSATA port and four USB 2.0 ports on the back. Although these ports are exclusively for external hard drives. The NAS server doesn’t provide support a USB camera or Printer. This is really disappointing.

Setting up the Acer Aspire is as easy as installing its included software. The Acer Aspire only supports standard features of all Windows based Home Servers. Managing the user account is similar to any Windows machine and you can share data by creating a shared folder. Mac users can find these folders in their Finder. But The Acer Aspire does not support Time Machine. Despite the fact that is has 4 expansion bays for storage it does not support RAID configurations. The NAS accepts hard drive in two modes- extension and backup. It provides wonderful easy backup solutions, but it doesn’t allow backing up one pc and restoring another at the same time.


The Acer Aspire EasyStore is available for $500 with 2 TB internal storage and $400 with 1 TB storage.


The Enticing Acer Aspire is a conspicuous solution for Home Network storage. Its Intel Atom processor evidently provides fast throughputs. Expanding your hard drive is quite easy and simple with the help of the bays and USB ports. As per the performance tests while copying gigabytes of data, it reported 303.4 Mbps and ran quietly. It’s shame that is doesn’t provide any other features except the Windows server supports. Its worth the cost for the storage and the processor it combines.

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