Star Traders RPG Review

The Star Traders RPG is a wonderful game for your Android mobile. Start commanding your ship and have a fun journey all around the galaxy in a marathon Space City Simulation. Pick up the sides that you like in a big solar war and you start playing as Smugglers, traders, assassin or even pirate. You can buy or sell or battle and also pilot over eighty unique starcraft. Being a captain you can explore, discover and quest on forty plus planets.

This Star Traders RPG is an awesome animated turn-based tactical RPG (Role Playing Game). If you like this Star Traders RPG Please Rate it. This Star Traders RPG features a pro soundtrack. This is very well hit with the fans of Serenity, Star Wars, Battlestar Galatica and Firefly.  Your ship which is under your command will be under constant risk both internally and externally. Will you be in position to manage all your available resources, officers, crew well enough to make a good profit on your contracts and trades? Those who do will come under the Faction’s elite Star Heroes and those who fail will be branded bandits and crimelords.  The elite is upgraded with new ships, new contract types and new rumors on a regular basis. Enthused by games like Master of Orion, EVE online, Pirates!, Space Trader and many more classic computers RPG’s. If you truly like adventure, sci-fi RPG, Action RPG with in-depth you might have fun with Star Traders space role for sure. This is the one with full character control and customization. Have a great journey around the galaxy in this RPG.

This Star Traders RPG features five different skills, six character classes, hundred different capital space craft. Modify your crafts and ships with twenty five different improvements. If you think that something that has to fixed don’t hesitate to email or post a post in the forum.

Review of Star Traders RPG:

Star Traders RPG is an animated indefinite game of combat, trade and exploration. This looks similar to the Pirates and Traders game, but with a Science-fiction alteration.

As with the Pirates and Traders, the way you play the game and what kind of ways you get engage is purely up to you. You move to many star systems trading goods, exploring planets, attacking other spaceships and going on missions. During these times you will accumulate a forever growing crew that you should feed and keep them happy. As you progress into the game, you can pick up your attributes and also your ships, which often need repairs. And also you can purchase new spaceships that are available. Accepting a precise mission can be a risky proposition. Gaining good turn with one political group or merchant might involve earning the hostility of another. But you require some money to carry on, so you can’t turn your nose up at each and every mission which comes on your way. You’ve to risk in making some foe sooner or later.

My very big protest with this Star Traders RPG is that there lacks polish in writing. Few of the Game’s prompts are quite hard to understand, and also help segment was not always lucid either. Overall this Star Trader RPG is very well developed and very interesting game to play.

The above review covers only Star Traders RPG – Free version. There are 2 other version available – Paid version and Star Traders Mini. Paid version features much more complexity. Star Traders Mini is the one for the people who has mobile like G1 mobile phones which has simpler hardware.

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