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Abduction! 2 Cow is back! Jump over the top up to 120 levels in fifteen colourful and different landscapes.   Now with Feint accomplishments and global leader board! Dream/HTC Hero/Magic/Mytouch/Eris users: unable to begin levels? You might have to disable the map in the options.

Abduction! 2 Review

Abduction 2 Free Android Game

This game is an addictive and also challenging one with lots of fun.

Abduction, the 1st version was one of the famous games in the android market. I liked the first version very much, but it is too repetitive, and I want more difference in each levels. Enter Abduction 2, the latest version which addresses all the above concerns. Psym mobile came up with a cool, challenging and addictive game which won’t get bored of very easily.

Both the version of abduction titles is vertically scrolling platforming games. You will be controlling a continuously jumping cow directing it to higher and higher on the way to spaceship which has abducted the critters friends and making the cow free.  You will be making use of your handset accelerometer in order to control the motion of the cow and it is really quite responsive. The Issue with most of the vertically scrolling games like this one is that they are tending to be alike over and over. However, Abduction2 becomes much more difficult as you move on. You will be come across falling bombs, spikes, crumbling platforms, moving platforms, rockets, draggable platforms, power-ups, rockets and much more.

Furthermore, every level sets a few diverse objectives. As you finish the first level you will move on to the next level and so on. You can try and set all the animals free and thus you will unlock more items and characters. Or else you can go on for Speed – the faster you complete, the more coins you will get. Once you got enough coins you can redeem them in the store and you can buy accessories for characters to wear, new playable characters and also new game modes.

Abduction 2 offers 60 adventure levels and 60 haphazardly generated classic levels. Furthermore, if you are the aggressive type, Abduction2 is integrated with the Feint network, so that you will be able to compare your scores with the other players around the world. This game also offers a Quick game mode, in which you simply hit start to get up and jumping.

Abduction 2 is really an addictive and challenging game which is available at a cost of $3. It would be really great if the price drops to a buck or 2, but still the game is challenging and full of fun.

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