Quick Profiles Review


Quick Profiles is a simple but great profile application. Create profiles with ringtone, ringer and volume settings, brightness, timeout, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Also you can create shortcuts to profile on home.
Important Note: This application is not projected to switch the profile automatically! Just manually! To get the widget get the Pro Add-on. 2G/3G and GPS are not possible.

Quick Profile Android Application

Quick Profiles Review

This application works great, consistent and also quickly.

In Android market you can find many profile application but among all different profile app Quick profile app is reliable, intuitive and also simple. For the guys who don’t know, several brands of mobile phones comes with some kind of “profiles” feature, permitting you to rapidly change to different settings with a quick press of a button. For example: you can set up the office profile in your mobile while you are working; which changes everything to vibrate and turn on your Wi-Fi; or you can set up a sleep profile in your handset, which will turn off radio, dim the phone screen and cut off all the ringtones, but still your alarm will be working fine. Android doesn’t comes with the profiles, but the Android markets offers several options.

Now I am going to talk about the application quick Profiles. You can make as many profiles as you need. While creating or editing the profile you can create a profile name, ringer mode, icon, media volume, ringer volume, alarm volume, notification volume, ringtone, voice call volume, airplane mode, notification tone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, screen brightness, screen timeout and also even wallpaper.  You can also choose “no change”, so it doesn’t chaos with whatsoever your last settings were. Everything works great, consistent and also quickly.

Quick Profile application offers lots of options for you to easily switch between profiles. You can use the notification pull-down window and then select it; you can make a shortcut on your phone desktop for a precise profile, which is quicker; or fastest of all, if you have a Launcher Pro, you can set profiles to precise swipe gesture. In spite of what screen you are on, you can simply swipe down in one place and it turns on your Normal profile. Swipe down in different place and it turns on your silent profile. This is the reason why I moved on to Quick Profiles from my much-loved profiles (by egg ‘n stone) application, and I never looked back.

Important Note: This app is not an automatic profile switching application like Tasker or Locale. This doesn’t use GPS to switch from one to another. You must do it manual. Some people like to have that automatic function, but personally, I haven’t had any good experience with it, and I fancy Quick Profile’s manual method. For about a jump you can avail the pro version, which has widgets which displays your current profile and a group of other icons. I personally say it is worth a jump to support the developer.

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