Mustard: Microblogging App for Android


Mustard application is a microblog client. This app can be used with twitter and (like This app consists of features such as attachments, filters, bookmarks and geolocation. To get more information just visit This app is an open source project.

Recent changes:
* full support to merged timelines
* OAuth anonymous consumer
* Report spam function.

Mustard Microblogging App for Android

Mustard Android Application Review

Mustard application is the basic microbloging client which is used for posting and for reading status updates on twitter and on social networks like If you really love to tweet but would love to have a taste of what a open source microblogging is like then you can definitely use this application to do both.

Once you get familiarized with Mustard application, you can use it without any hassle. Within this application, status updates are named as notices and not tweets that is what calls them. In settings there are two options which are cryptic and potentially confusing. Particularly, the option to use OAuth to validate your statusnet microblog session with the single sign on rather than with your User ID and pass is likely to be valuable only for the individuals who have a self-hosted Statusnet microblog.

Many users like to log in to their twitter accounts and accounts in a standard way, with the User ID and pass. Once your accounts are added you can configure the preferences by clicking on the Menu, More, Settings, global Settings. You can choose your preferred update interval, customize notifications, enable geolocation or disable geolocation services, decide on to join your accounts timelines into one stream and change the display theme and fonts size.

Each and every notices in the collective stream of all your accounts comes clear label with its acc name. Click on the notice in order to pop up a context menu where you can choose Repeat, Reply, or add to favourites. Click on the hyperlink to open it in a browser. Click on the notice’s profile avatar to pop-up a menu which gives you various options like copy notice’s URL, Share, Unsubscribe, or Block the user, view the user’s Timeline. By clicking on the hash tag you can view the timeline of notices which contains the hash tag. Bookmarking of hash tag is also possible which will be useful for later reference.

To create a tweet, click on Menu à New Notice. Unfortunately, Mustard application doesn’t support multiposing to many accounts; you have to select any one. You can also attach photos as well. Twitter pics are hosted on the TwitPic; For, acts as the image host. The hyperlinks can be shortened by using the service. From the android web browser you can share links.

The more I use this application, the more I like it. Mustard is the best client I have found for the Android OS and it is a quite decent Twitter client which can handle multiple accounts. This application doesn’t support schedule posts, doesn’t support multiposting and the structure of the menu is quite awkward at times, but still this is a solid performer.

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