Five Free Android apps for Web Developers

Are you a web developer on the go, want to test your codes, fix the errors, or manage the remote files when you are far from your desktop?  If yes then you must have an Android phone with you. In the android market there are some useful free applications for the on-site programmers which you download it and you can use it on your phone anywhere.

Here I’ve listed out 5 useful Android app for web developers.

Android Apps for Web Developers

1. HTML Editor

You can’t get more basic than this. HTML Editor app is a simpler one which allows the user to code and test HTML JavaScript and CSS. This is a simpler text editor app which stores all your works on to your SD memory card and you can preview it in a stripped-down mobile browser. This application does not highlight the errors, or even deliver images in the preview, but still this app is a handy one for the web developers.

2. AndFTP

The AndFTP app is tremendously strong free utility application. By using this application you can do mobile access to the contents present on your web servers. You can add login info for several domains, decide the certain one which you need to access and the application rapidly pulls up your file tree in an easy to navigate interface. Using your mobile phone as like it is a web-connected USB drive, you can do both uploading and downloading files from your server, also you can control the existing files and you browse your own device. This application supports three connections namely FTP, SFTP and FTPS.

3. View Web Source

With the Android if you are browsing the mobile web and if you come across something which requires a closer “developer eye view” then you must check out this View Web Source application, which downloads the entire source code of the web pages into a text editor, where you can do your editing things like making alterations and copy/paste it to email for later review.

4. Magic Color Picker

Thinking over a few web design ideas when you are out and about? The Magic Color Picker application allows you to browse over the superb wheel of web-safe colors in your mission for the ideal menu gloom or logo tone.

The applications offers you color values in several formats such as hexadecimal, YUV, RBG, HSL and HSV and also offers you a few options for ways to visualize your web palette.

The one downside of this application is that there is no option of bookmark or export the color codes once your discover one, so get a piece of paper and a pen if you want them for future use.


Are you learning for your next web dev pop quiz at school??? Are you looking to loosen your coding knowledge muscles??? The HTML Test application is the one will hit you with twenty timed multi choice questions about your much loved Internet syntax. Answer all the questions to your best ability and then later check out how well have you performed. If you repetitively take the quiz then you will start getting the questions repeated. But it is really great for a rapid study break.

We hope these free android apps will help web developers to develop cool web applications.

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