Mobo Player, Android Media Player

The best video player provided by android is the android mobo player. This player enables us to change the audio settings and control hardware. It automatically does the key lock disabling option as it happens in the mobile phones when incoming call arrives.


Dolphin mobo player latest version has the following features:-

  • Memory brightness and automatic setting of volume
  • Manages all the streaming medias and view for input
  • Quit setting on double click
  • Switch between Grid and list view by sliding left and right
  • Automatic play under hardware decode mode is enabled.
  • Response less for long press in grid view

The application access the settings like changing the audio settings, phone calls, storage on USB and on SD cards, system tools to prevent the device from going to the sleep and disabling keylock.
There are certain limitations in android media players. The default player in high end phones will not support some video formats, So it is important to install a multi-format media player. The mobo player runs on all android devices.

Mobo players can be downloaded for free. After installing, it automatically downloads codec plugin for your device.
Download Here

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