Talk back Android App is here to help

Have anyone thought about how can a blind person use a mobile phone? Is this possible? We wouldn’t have thought of such things even once. But one of the android tools named Talkback helps blind people to use phone. This innovation is really effective for blind people or people who do not have proper vision to use mobile phones.

This Talkback is not any application which you need to install in your phone. But it’s a feature which is already installed in all android phones; all that we need to do is to enable the feature and this adds spoken, audible, and vibration functionality services to the android phone. There are a few simple steps which we must follow to enable this tool.

To use this app you can enable the Accessibility checkbox from Accessibility option in settings. After which you need to just enable the Talkback option present in the list. Like Talkback you also have similar options like Kickback and Soundback. All these provide voice and vibration through which the blind people can recognize an incoming call or message.

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