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Free Android Apps

Indian Railway on your Android

From the name even a school boy can tell the use of this application. This application will give you details about number of seats available in trains, PNR status, arrival time, departure time and the list goes on. If you are do not have any knowledge about the available trains to any desired destination, you […]

Talk back Android App is here to help

Have anyone thought about how can a blind person use a mobile phone? Is this possible? We wouldn’t have thought of such things even once. But one of the android tools named Talkback helps blind people to use phone. This innovation is really effective for blind people or people who do not have proper vision […]

GO Launcher EX for Android

  The GO Launcher EX  is the popular home application for mobile phones. GO Launcher Ex is the comprehensive edition of GO Launcher. It supports customizable home renovation, themes, silky operation experience. It gives you an astonishing mobile operating chance. GO Launcher Ex is a completely free app. If you have problem in setting “GO […]


TALKING TOM is back with a bang!! Remember TOM!!! Cat which lived a pampered life in cartoon. He is back in Android apps to play with us but in a different costume. No more chasing and fighting. He is friendly and preferred by everyone. This Android apps is developed in such a way that TOM […]

WhatsApp Messenger For Android

WhatsApp Messenger is a smart phone messenger offered for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. It uses WiFi or 3G to message with family and friends and can receive and send pictures, audio notes, messages and video messages. Group chats are also possible. It is FREE for First year and they may charge […]

Dolphin Browser HD for Android

The superfast, clever browser for android 2.0.1 and above is the Dolphin browser HD. Mobotap presented this browser and this is the best mobile browser that lets you interact with the web through the mobile device in a easier way. Features of Dolphin Browser HD: The Dolphin browser HD has the following features in it: […]

ES File Explorer for Android

ES file explorer for Android is one of the best featured file manager that can explore the phone and computer. It can be said of as an all in all rounder since it manages files and applications and also acts as a task killer and dropbox client and ftp client that explores your computer and […]

Mobo Player, Android Media Player

The best video player provided by android is the android mobo player. This player enables us to change the audio settings and control hardware. It automatically does the key lock disabling option as it happens in the mobile phones when incoming call arrives. Features: Dolphin mobo player latest version has the following features:- Memory brightness […]

Sketch Online Android Review

We all remember playing sketch games with a notepad to draw, with flash cards to select on what you may have to sketch for the others to guess on, and a timer. Now you can enjoy this with an Android touch. Illustrating what has to be guessed through drawings is real fun with friends bringing […]

Free Android Applications for HTC Hero

There are numerous free applications available in android market. We took a few which you can use at your HTC hero phone. Android applications for HTC Hero PHONE BOOK This application is needed for the user’s to view and manage the contacts. It displays our contacts with Contextual information and pictures, missed calls and unread […]

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