Top 10 best iPhone applications

‘Apple’ is a name which never stops in the field of innovation. With its innovative, stylish and yet technologically sound products like macbook, iPods, iphone etc. All of them have some or the other additional software’s and applications which makes them different and stand apart from other products. Apple launched a new istore for software’s and applications for iphone and iPods. At present istore has over 1,00,000 applications for iphone and iPods. But, we are gonna talk about Top ten best iphone applications which I like the most.

1. Read it later and Canon

These are two different applications, the first one ‘Read it later’ allows you to store any web page for offline reading and will replace bookmarking of articles in the near future. Second one ‘Canon’, canon printers are the widest used printers and now it is of much use for iphone users via this application, which allows you print from a Canon PIXMA printer using the Wi-Fi feature of iphone.

10 Best iPhone applications

2. Run keeper

This is a very interesting application. This application utilise the GPS system of iphone to track your jogging route and yield details of your pace and calories burned in your entire run.

3. Dropbox

This application you can say is a step ahead towards device interface. As dropbox allows transferring of data between computer and iphone. The files you want to sync are just dropped in a folder on your system and dropbox in your device which will give you access to all the data transferred at one go.

4. Drinkfit

Do you want to know how much calories are you consuming with that drink..? So drinkfit will help you find out. Drinkfit gives you all the nutritional details of more than 1,600 drinks (including beer, cocktails and wine). It also comes with a very unique ”My night” feature which will help you tally your caloric consumption for one evening. It’s a great application for anyone who is conscious about their dietary intakes.

5. Beer Match

Are you a beer lover and love different kinds of food..? Then this application will surely help you to find out that which beer goes with your food.

6. Social networking

iPhone supports various social networking sites like facebook, orkut etc. But there are some sites specifically designed for iphone like iRovr, ipling and iphone colony. So stay connected to your loved ones on your iphone on the go.

7. Mundu

This is a built-in instant messenger for iphone. Mundu is different from other messengers as this allows the iphone user to chat on four different IM’s at a time i.e. AOL IM, Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger and Gtalk.

8. Movies applications

For movie buffs this is dedicated application to you all. As it allows you to keep track of which movies are showing in the theatres near you as also lets you track the route via maps. Not only this you can also buy tickets online via

9. Jiwire Wi-Fi

This application allows you to track hot wi-fi spots which may be free or paid. To list all those connections all you need to do is enter the location or zip code.

10. Best camera

This is one of the best applications for people who love to capture their movements into the camera. Best camera provides you 14 different kinds of filters which will enhance you photos. Like ‘jewel’ for a warm and textural look, ‘paris’ for a high contrast look, ‘candy’ for a highly saturated look etc.

So, I hope you like the information regarding ten best iPhone applications and will do use them and see for yourself.

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