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Nokia 5800 Specifications and Review

The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is the smart phone of the era introduced by nokia at the fall of 2008.This was the first touch screen phone introduced by Nokia into the market and brought out to be sold by November 2008.Code named as tube it is the first touch screen device by S60 technology. This music-friendly mobile has stereo speakers and a 3.2 inch display for better media playback. It’s packed with fun features, from 3G internet to Assisted GPS.

It has Internet Browser that allows you to enter in the world of internet. You can browse website and search your favourite keywords. Some browsers support tabbed browsing and allow you to bookmark websites to visit again later. It provides Email facility which allows you to send and receive messages on your mobile phone itself. Smartphones do more than standard handsets. This mobile phone is equipped with a lot of powerful features which increase performance.

This handset is equipped with Nokia Ovi Maps that explore the world in 3D with Ovi-Maps. Lets you have up-to-date directions and traffic information for 180 countries on your headset GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)is enabled which is a type of technology for connecting to mobile internet services. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)is a special type of internet language for mobile phones. WAP browsers can display internet information that’s been designed to fit on your mobile’s screen.

3G is a wireless technology that transfers data between mobile devices. If you connect to the internet via 3G then you’ll enjoy fast browsing and downloading speeds.

To share your content, this phone has Bluetooth, Infrared, Wi-Fi, USB capability that allows you to charge your phone from your computer and, with Wi-Fi, use as a modem, GPS satellite navigation helps you to find your way while out and about. GPS units often work in conjunction with route planning services like Google Maps and Nokia Ovi Maps to get you from A to B.

Touch Screen which is an intuitive type of mobile phone interface, sensitive to pressure. Tap and swipe the touch screen to interact with your handset, navigate menus and access apps. It has Display Colour Depth 16000 View websites, texts and games in vibrant colour Integrated Social Networking providing mobile phones have social network shortcuts or apps. These handy widgets give you fast, convenient access to sites like Facebook or Twitter so you can update your status and see what’s new. The Xpress Music part of the phone clearly emphasises on the multimedia playback and music of the phone. It has a built in Flash Lite, Java ME MIDP 2.1, Read-only trial version of QuickOffice is available to read MS Office files, also supporting the Open Office XML file format.

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