Microsoft Cancels Distribution of Kin Phones in Europe

Microsoft had decided not sell the Kin phone. Microsoft had launched the phones to compete with the two big players in the market who are Apple Inc and Google Inc. Microsoft told the reporter that the Kin phones will not be distributed in Europe in Fall. The spokesman for Microsoft added that the team is currently working on improving the phone.  The phone will be integrated with Microsoft Windows Phone 7 software.

Microsoft puts a stop on kin phones in Europe
According to Microsoft, the company is partnering with Verizon to market the Kin phones. Microsoft is striving to provide the best smart phone for its customers. The company also announced that it is going to develop a tablet PC that has the same features as the iPad.
Microsoft executive, Robbie Bach is planning to retired. Therefore the senior vice presidents will be reporting it to Chief Executive Steve Ballmer. Ballmer is currently speculating on the mobile phone business to see whether it is affordable. The analyst of Directions in Microsoft, Matt Rosoff said that if the mobile phone industry is profitable, he will proceed the move forward. The Kin phone has showed that Microsoft has an interest to create its own phones.

The Kin phones will feature social networking functionalities. It also includes the Zune music player. It aims at the young generation.

It is estimated that the Kin phones will be released in the marketplace in May. The phone will be launched along with partner Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless is the largest operator in the United States. It is actually a merger between the Verizon Communications and Vodafone Group Plc.

Rosoff said that the phone was not released because a number of important functions are missing. It does not have the ability to allow users to carry out software apps installation. However, it has a wireless data service that is same with Apple’s iPhone.

The mobile phone market has four major players including Google’s Adroid phone, Apple’s iPhone, Blackberry Motion, and Nokia Symbian software. Out of the four major players, Nokia Symbian software accounted for the largest percentage of share. Nokia Symbian software had a total of 44.3% share in the market. Both Apple’s iPhone and Blackberry Motion have 15.4% of share. Google Android’s phone has the least share of 9.6% in the market. That being said, Microsoft is still in the early stages of competing with the smartphone in the market.

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