Microsoft Aiming at Tablet Market

Right now, more than anything, Microsoft needs your money for your tablet PC.

This week in Redmond, Steve Ballmer, CEO said that company will “come full guns” at the mobile technology market, kicking to the control view that the company have become dreary and predictable — views that have many in the industries speculating if Steve has live longer than his value to the company after thirty years as a chief executive.

“We are gonna sell like crazy; we are gonna market like crazy” said Steve Ballmer.

Steve is going total nuts on the overnight success of iPods, and he is anxious to see that Microsoft returning back to relevance in the market which already worth billions.

Now the aim is to get into the tablet market as fast as possible and Microsoft says that the number one job now is tablet business at the company.

Ballmer didn’t gave any indication on how does the tablets look like and even when it will be arriving.

Microsoft did have the models of the cell phones which runs on Win phone 7 OS on hand, but not yet there is no release of any photos of them, citing how the company had loads of works to do to get ready for the launch.

But it is really too much works for the company to handle. Already Microsoft is too late to the Tablet party and each day it delays – or allowing other company to launch substandard hardware in the market with the Win running on it — it falling well further behind iPad.

And the cell phone business might actually be even worse. Microsoft is staggering from the terrible terminate d launch of the KIN phone which is thought to be the initial waves for the Win Phone 7, which had done not anything to improve its reputation as a player in the space of cell phone.

Right now “Getting Crazy” is the Microsoft’s only choice.

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