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know about cloud computingThe name cloud computing is inspired by the name “cloud” which means collection of particles (e.g.: smoke, dust or gases) that is visible. And cloud computing refers to the collection of information which is made available on the internet as also which is a commonly used symbol to represent the web in flowcharts and diagrams.
Which has roots lying on the web and branches which is shared for diverse applications like it can be web based emails, memory sharing , data processing etc. Cloud computing has come into existence to provide easy and scalable access to available computing resources via internet. The wed based applications can be accessed via the web browser while the software and data can be accessed via servers.

Cloud computing is broadly classified in three eccentrics:

Cloud computing resembles the pay- for- what -you -use model. It permits you to use as much resources as you need and pay only for that similar to electricity and water consumption, thus it is sometimes referred as utility computing.

IAAS: In this service the user is provided by virtual servers and memory for storage. Through provider’s application program interface (API) users can access, control and operate their servers. This service is also called as utility service.

PAAS: This service provides set of software and development tools to their users. They develop applications on the provider’s platform over the internet. Here the provider’s can also access API’S, website portal or gateways or the software’s installed on the customer’s computer.

SAAS: This is a broad market where users are allowed only to use the applications directly. These applications can be web based email or applications like facebook and twitter .

There can be various types of clouds :

PUBLIC: The public cloud shares services with anyone on the internet. These services are available via the web applications on the internet and the users can use these services as and when they require on utility basis.

PRIVATE: The private cloud shares the services to only selected users. These cloud provide network and data centre for a limited number of customers.

HYBRID: The hybrid cloud consists of both the internal and external i.e. private or public services. It supports both the physical and virtual servers and routers to access the required services.

Cloud computing is growing with time as it does not need any capital investment for the infrastructure and hardware. Instead it just has to rent or subscribe for the softwares and services they require. The other benefits also include resource sharing, shared infrastructures and softwares as also access to a broad range of applications simultaneously.
Thus, with this service the upfront capital expenditure for the companies for the hardware, softwares and the services they utilise will eventually be very minimal as compared to current investments. Many companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft and Gartner are seeing potential in cloud computing to provide better interactive services between their clients and the services provided to them by the companies .

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