Goolge Nexus One Smartphone

Google nexus one smartphoneThin, sleek, beauty in black, don’t amiss this, this is the description of the new “Google Nexus One android smart phone.” Google is always been known for its innovative inventions and products. That may be a search engine or a navigation system or an Android Smartphone. Google has always been a step ahead of the others. The latest launch of Google which has captivated everyone’s eye is the new Google Nexus Smartphone which has the HTC hardware and Android 2.1 OS. The features in it makes it a “superphone”, which includes Google maps for navigation, a virtual keyboard , 3G enabled with Wi-Fi , a light sensor for adjusting the display to save its battery life. It also has a 5 mega pixel camera with an LED flash.

As internet plays a very vital role in our life today. Thus it is the need of the hour to explore its use and availability, there has to be gadgets focusing on this growth in the utility of internet. There are various aspects that makes an excellent device its hardware, its mode of operation, the services it provides etc. To compete with Google Smartphone there is Apple iphone in the market within the same cost price. And moreover the focal point of every new mobile phone to be launched is mobile internet. As the survey says that, ‘the revenue generated by web page views is moving to an incline’. It implies that the mobile internet users are changing magnitude.

Talking about the Smartphone’s there are various in the rally, when the era of technology is purportedly at its peak. But when a brand name has Google with it, it is ought to have something unique. The processor of Google Nexus One Smartphone is almost 66% faster than the other mobile processors. It includes 3.7 AMOLED display screen i.e. 800 by 400 pixels. The in- built memory is 512 MB and is expandable to 32GB. It supports all the Google applications as well as web applications. The latest application launched by Google for android phones is Google Goggles. This is the first ever interactive search application that embarks the beginning of the new era in interactive search engines. Thus, change is changing with the change that’s what Google has proved with its new launch. Are you up for it??

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