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favorite wordpress widgetsToday, we come across muckle of websites. Each one better and unique than the other, different in may be the creation, content or may be the design. So, one of the factors which has contributed to the web pages of these websites are “FAMOUS WORDPRESS WIDGETS”.

Widgets are the future generation plugins, which can be acquainted to any webpage without any alteration in the code unlike plugins. These widgets can be engrafted by any user who has the right of authorship like in case of blogs or social networking sites. This widget shared on any web page allows users to turn personal content into dynamic web applications. Like a yahoo or a facebook widget which allows accessing their website, it can also be sponsored by them. These wordpress widgets can work only with widget-enabled wordpress themes. WordPress gives you an option where widgets have to be coded only once but it can exist once or it can exist multiple times. These widgets also eradicate the indigence to visit each site repeatedly to retrieve common information. There are 5 famous wordpress widgets:

  • Featured content gallery.
  • Recent posts.
  • Recent comments.
  • RSS feedback.
  • Feedburner widget.

Featured content gallery: This widget avails you to beautifully enhance your blog by creating a gallery for your images which you post along with it. Not only this, it automatically rotates itself after few seconds. This widget can be placed anywhere on the page but is best preferred above your blog.

Recent posts: This widget enables to display the recent posts. These posts can be about any topic by the user who has the authority rights. Although there are many sites which offer freelancing and allow their visitors or registered users to add posts.

Recent comments: This widget helps the visitors to leave their opinion about the posts on the website. This also enables the author to reply back to these comments. This widget can be used effectively in a forum or a discussion, which helps to display the opinions of every visitant.

RSS feedback: This is a very unique and useful widget that helps you to keep the track of the site traffic, the advertising revenue, the number of views and reviews of the visitants. This also endows the user to create and manage a variety of new information from various sources offering various media formats like video, audio and text.
Feedburner widget: This is a simple widget that displays and customizes the statistics of the users. It also allows a simple opportunity for the visitors to subscribe.

Thus, widgets have replaced plugins in the wordpress themes and we can expect changes in the other themes as well in the future. As it is a simpler and easier way to classify content on the webpage and can more creatively be used by the designers.

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