Explore the world with Kayak’s iPad application

A new app for Apple iPad from Kayak will help users to select the best flights, which offers best fares to go to their destinations. There was a recent update made to the app which helps the users to know how far their budget can take them.

On Monday, the Kayak’s iPad app has got a recent update 12.2.0 which has reached the App store which has a new feature termed as Explore. This will guide the user in estimating the place where they can go based on the amount of cash they are ready to spend, the type of weather that they want to enjoy and the actions that they want to do after reaching that location.

Explore the world with Kayak’s iPad application

Kayak has changed its app name after the new update in order to show the app’s real function. Before the update, it was referred to as Kayak Flights and now after the update it is called as Kayak Explore & Flight Search.

Working of Explore: Once you start the application, you can select the destination place by selecting a button on the screen at the top right end. There will be 3 pop down panes at the bottom, where you can select the place you want to go, the type of activities that you want to enjoy and the weather condition of the place you are looking for, and an option to allow to pick a nonstop flight or not. When you have given your requirements, an orange coloured dot will emerge on the world map and on selecting the dot, will give you information about the destination and the cost for travelling to the point in flights. You can zoom in and out of the map by using the zoom feature on the app. You can refine your search with the slider at the top, by specifying your maximum and minimum cost that you are willing to pay. While you move your slider various dots may appear or disappear on the map.

The multi pane look on Kayak application will allow you to look out for flights, rooms and rent cars. You can activate the view by clicking at the flight button at the top. The update will allow you to do multi city searches.

This newly updated app is free and works on iOS 3.2 or higher.

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