Apple iPad – 5 useful Tips and Tricks

The people who doesn’t like to see the owner’s manual can read this article to know some tips and tricks about Apple iPad, which helps you to get the most out of your tablet.

Here in this article I will be speaking about few points on how you can use your iPad very easily and also quickly. In this article the apple ipad tips that you find are all tested and thus you can share these tips to your friends.

Apple ipad Tricks

1. Open Links in a New Window

Remember that in Safari you can simultaneously load multiple pages. If you see a link in page and if you want to see that link without affecting the current page you can open that link in a new window.

In order to do this step you must press and hold on the link until you see “Open in New page” and thus doing so Safari will be loading that link in a new window.

If you want to move on to another page or to return to the previous page you can click on the icon which looks like a 2 overlapping boxes or pages. Thus when you click on this icon you can see view all the pages you have opened. Form this you can click on any of the X buttons to  close the page.

2. Activate AutoFill option in Safari

The person who allow only trusted persons to use their iPad can make use of the AutoFill option which is really a wonderful time saver which automatically remembers all your user Id’s and passwords.

In order to activate this option you have to save all the details in your contact then click on the settings and click Safari and then click on the option AutoFill and then keep both the options ON and then choose the files form the contacts in the My Info field.

3. Quick Mute on Your iPad

Though there is no mute button in iPad, you can still rapidly make your iPad silence by just pressing the volume button. By doing so the volume in your iPad will quickly reduced to zero within 2 seconds.

4. Make Use of the Home Button

There is a button in iPad called Ipad’s home button which will direct you to your homepage, but this also has other functions and it is worth knowing about it as well.

In order to access these functions move to settings and click on the General and then choose Home. Here you can choose which functions you like a double click on the home button to carry out, such as accessing the iPod or opening up Spotlight Search.

Here in this area in settings you can make the iPod Controls to ON, which means that while you the music is playing and you are in accessing another program or application, a double press of the Home button will direct you to the basic music controls.

5. Add a Website Shortcut to Your Home Screen

In iPad there is quick way by which you can add your favourite sites as a shortcut directly to your home screen.

Go on to the webpage which you want to create a shortcut to, click on the + sign which is at the top of the page and then click on the “add to Home screen.” This shortcut offers you one click to your frequently used sites.

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