3D Television – Next Level of Home Entertainment

3D Television. The processing power of computers have been grown rapidly and thus the functionality of the electronic devices as well. The introduction of 3D TV’s has attracted all the Television lovers. Lot of them knows what 3d Televisions really are and some doesn’t know about it. Continue reading to understand about this awesome technology. Ordinary TVs that you have been watching so far is 2D (two dimensions), which means that the picture on the TV will be displayed with two dimensions, Width and Height. The latest 3d TV technology will showcase the picture with an extra dimension called as Depth to provide you with an imagination of the images emerging out in front of you. So, when you watch Jurassic Park, the dinosaurs are going to come from the screen right at you.

With this 3d view, the living room entertainment will take you to a greater level of experience. The 3D TVs will be have to do lot of processing works to the pictures, in order to make your mind to believe what you see is actually coming out at you from the screen. At present, for watching these 3D TVs, you require 3D glasses. But, 3D Television producers are taking one step more to manufacture 3D TVs that can be viewed even without the 3D Glasses. To enjoy 3D movies, gaming, you will have to buy a blu-ray player having 3D support. For this, Sony has released a patch that can be applied on the Sony PS 3 gaming consoles to add 3D capability to it.

But at present, you will have to buy 3D glasses for your whole family to enjoy 3D movies at the same time. The prices of these 3D glasses are not less, as some manufacturers charge nearly 200 $ for each pair of 3D glasses. Several people insist you to use their own 3D glasses in order to get better 3D experience, without which the 3D TVs will be of no use. The technology of 3D viewing without 3D glasses in 3D TVs is still in the development stage. So, have to wait for a long time until these newer 3D technology TVs are released.

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