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Best apps for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 is a wonderful phone which offers lot of features. The best part is you can install large number of applications to enhance the functionality of this phone. Here we present you the list of Best applications for Nokia N8.

Best Nokia n8 Apps

Best apps for Nokia N8


MOBILE DOCUMENTS is an App that comes from the most dominant and the excellent Email Client from Symbian, Period that offers improved support for attachments, multiple emailing, Push email services. MOBILE DOCUMENTS app, considered as the next generation email, not only provides Push Email services but also acts as an art Note. Stay tuned here, as an updated Symbian^3 version of this App will be released soon.

2. Opera Mini 5.1 for Symbian (native) from Opera Software

Opera Mini 5.1 is a sis version browser. This browser is known for its ease of use UI, fast browsing capability. This app should be the best suited browser for your Nokia N8.

3. Gravity by Mobileways

Gravity is considered as the perfect social app from Symbian. Period. With this app installed on your Nokia N8, you can experience Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Google Reader, etc. The interesting feature of this app is its photo upload feature to upload images to various famous websites like TwitPic et al, Flickr, in an awesome way.

4. Best ScreenSnap by Smartphoneware

If your hobbies are Reviewing & Blogging like me, this app will suit you. Even if you are not, don’t worry. I am sure, you can find more usages with this app.

5. Best Taskman by Smartphoneware

If you ask me, the in-built taskmanager found on the Symbian^3 is not easy to work with; we need to perform tiresome steps in order to know what’s running currently on the back. Thanks to Best Taskman app that will represent the currently running task in an old fashion style, letting me to view and do more with few gestures.

6. Pixelpipe by Pixelpipe

No matter what others say about Pixelpipe, according to me, Pixelpipe is a wonderful “Free” service that lets you do media sharing at no cost. I actually don’t worry much about the now “gone missing” Share Online app from the Symbian^3, as I had never used it before. Pixelpipe, on the other hand is a must, if you want to make use of the full capability of the Nokia N8. This app will let you share your photos and pictures taken via N8 camera to your ‘PicasaWeb’ account.

7. SyncLion by Trismer

With this SyncLion app, the jobs of SMS text messages archiving and MS to emailing works can be made much easier and faster. Once you configure, it deals with everything on its own. It will sit passively at the background and becomes active whenever it needs to archive text SMSs and notes to your email. Real Time Usage!!! Stay tunes here, as the Sumbian^3 version of this app will be available anytime soon.

8. WordPress for Nokia

WordPress app is an essential app, if you are a WordPress Blogger. WordPress app is one among the many that my N8 has got, as I need it all day for blogging. It does what it promises to do, that’s all you can get from this app.

Better is to get the updated version from the developers’ URL itself.

9. i-SMS by Mobile Woo

If you feel that the in-built conversation of N8 is boring, this i-SMS app with threaded messaging feature will give you a new experience. This App is filled with many features and looks neatly designed and clear UI.

10. SugarSync

SugarSync lets you to access your files from any place geographically, even when your PC or the Laptop is turned off. You can also try Cloudsync app that will work on Symbian, as its free of cost. You can get 5 GB for your account, as soon as you sign up for an account.


All these apps are third part apps. Stay tuned on our blog for more updates on apps.

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Best top 10 free applications for Nokia N8

Nokia N8, a new splendid phone from Nokia that is becoming the talk of the town all over. This phone has excellent features like sparkling Symbian 3 OS performance, build quality, very good multimedia support, easier to use menus which all made the peoples drooling over this phone. The application experience in this Nokia N8 is far better than Android and iPhone phones so far. So here I am going to list out the essential top application, best and free to get you start experience these app on your dazzling Nokia N8. You can simply start search the app in Nokia Ovi store and you can download it easily and quickly.

Nokia N8 review specifications and features

1. Foursquare (social network)

Foursquare application is being the most famous Social network now. This is closing to 200 million total check in.  Foursquare application on your mobile phone offers you and your buddy’s new means of exploring the city. Try it on your Nokia N8 and find your buddy’s and their latest activities. You can directly access foursquare app from Nokia Ovi Store and have fun connecting to your Pals. This is Available at free of cost.

2. Vopium (VoIP)

Vopium is the 1st VoIP app for Nokia N8 that offers international calls and SMS with a save 90% of your money.  This application offers the N8 users for free calls over Wi-Fi and the other mobile data networks. The advanced built in functions will search and looks for the low rate options for calls and SMS. Vopium offers a free 15 mins calls worldwide, giving the users a very great opportunity to try Vopium immediately on their N8 handset.  In order to get start with it, users must log in to and they must enter their mobile number, or you can simply go on to on their Nokia N8 browser. This application is also available in the Nokia Ovi Store.  This application is available at a free of cost.

3. Opera mobile 10 (utility)

The Opera mobile 10 comes with a great look and also it comes with great features like Speed dial, tabbed browsing and the handy pass manager. This Opera 10 is well suitable for both keypad navigation and touch screen. This version offers double the speed of the previous opera released for Symbian/S60 and you’ll explore noteworthy speed improvement while downloading pages, panning and zooming. The Opera turbo is intenerated with this opera offering the users to save both time and money. Opera Mobile app is available at a free of cost.

4. Slide Unlock (utility)

Slide unlock is a great app which allows the users to customize your homescreen in your own style and slide to unlock your phone. In version 5.1, you have the option of downloading bounty number of high quality wallpapers to set them as the background within the application. See everything you need at 1st glimpse: indicators of your current phone status and easy-to-read time display. Then Unlock your Nokia N8 phone with one sooth slid on your phone screen. Font colour, Background image are all completely configurable.  Slide Unlock app is available at a free of cost.

5. Fring for free video calls (Social network)

Fring app offers you free voice calls, video calls and also live chat too all your fring Pals and also to other buddies on the famous social networks such as Gtalk, Ymessenger, MSN messenger, ICQ, Aim, Twitter & SIP!. And also use the Fringout to make calls to any landline or mobile numbers at a low cost all over the world (1c a min). *Free live chat *Free video calls *Free voice calls *Low-cost international calls Download Free now!

6. Sports Tracker (utility)

Sports tracker application is the award winning application. Your handset will become a full-featured GPS sports computer which keep tracking every calories burned while running at avg cycling speed over altitude. You get time and distance calc, maps, step count and also heart rate while you use a compatible HR belt. All the data’s are stored in a diary so that you can chart your progress and you can find all your weakness and strengths and share it with others. Billions of downloads international – join the team. Sports Tracker is available at a free of cost.

7. Ovi Maps (city guides and maps)

With Ovi Maps app you can get free drive navigation and walk navigation with voice direction. Also this app comes with free local weather, all the nearby events and travel guides from Lonely Planet and Michelin. This app also comes with a support of offline maps that you can make use of it anywhere without the GPRS or internet connectivity. Operator data charges might be applied. To get more info check out Ovi Maps can be downloaded at a free of cost.

8. Dictionary & Translation Pro (reference)

Dictionary and translation pro application offers the users a one-touch access to a wide online English dictionary, thesaurus and translation service supporting for various languages such as Arabic, German, Hindi, French, Spanish, Italian and much more. The online dictionary is nearing to million words and it is constantly updated by a community of language professionals. Download Dictionary and translation Pro is available at a free of cost.

9. Snaptu (social networks)

Snaptu is a fast classy all in one application which consists of all the mobile essentials in one place. Facebook, Picasa, weather, Twitter, Flickr, Sports, Sudoku, Movies and much more… Instead having many individual applications which eats your battery, your phones memory and slow things down, guess what? You must have snaptu app which is a single efficient and extremely powerful application which keeps your handset running at full speed ahead. Download Snaptu at a free of cost.

10 Currencies Touch  ( Business productivity App )

Currencies touch is a great application which converts the currencies. This is must application for the people who travel around the world who are always counting and converting their money, this makes their life dreamland. Currencies Touch is available at a free of cost.

Let us know your thoughts on our list of top 10 applications for Nokia N8.

Five Best iPhone Bluetooth headsets

If you don’t like to handle your iPhone in your hand, Bluetooth headset is the must have accessories four iPhone. After so many researches I am listing down the best 5 iPhone Bluetooth headsets in this article. The entire Bluetooth headset listed here are noise reducing one and not noise eliminating one.

top Apple iPhone bluetooth headsets

Best iPhone Bluetooth headsets

Jawbone Noise Shield Bluetooth headset

This Bluetooth headset comes with an advanced military grade noise cancelling system which deliberately adjusts to the environment. This Bluetooth headset was initially developed for the DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to have communication headset which can pick the voices even in a hostile environments. This Bluetooth headset is available in 3 different colors Red, Black and Grey. Disappointingly it is not available in khaki camouflage. This may be available by next year. After a heavy discount The Aliph Jawbone Noise Shield Bluetooth headset is available at a cost of $85. (Now reduced to $39 for red and $ 45 for black)

jawbone iphone bluetooth headsetsJawbone front


  1. Noise reduction. No other product can be better.
  2. Better Bluetooth pairing and stability.
  3. Handy and Easy to use.
  4. Can fit in both ears. It comes with different sizes of earloops and earbuds.
  5. Black color is costlier.


  1. Non Standard USB connection. It will bother you only if you have left USB cable at home.

Plantronics Discovery 655 Bluetooth Headset

plantronics top iphone bluetooth headsets


  1. AAA Battery gives up to 15 hours of standby time and 3 and half four of talk time.
  2. Light Weight. It weighs only 9 gms.
  3. Bluetooth v 2.0 compliant.


  1. Noise reduction features is not that great.
  2. Less comfortable ear buds. (30% people say that)

The Amazon price of the Plantronics Discovery 665 Bluetooth Headset is $22.39. The List price of the Plantronics Discovery 665 Bluetooth Headset is $149.95.

Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Earpiece

This headset gives very good sound quality. This is not a very good choice if you are considering for noise cancelling featured headset. The noise cancelling option is not so good.

plantronics 925 iphone bluetooth headsets


  1. Excellent Sound Quality.
  2. 5 Hours of talk time and 7 days of stand by time.
  3. Can be used with two bluetooth phones at the same time.
  4. Light Weight. It weighs only 0.3 ounces.


  1. Expensive. It costs $7-8 extra than other bluetooth headsets.

Aliph Jawbone II Bluetooth Headset with NoiseAssassin

Aliph Jawbone II Bluetooth Headset is the updated version of the Jawbone and this updated version comes with superb noise canceling features. In fact they have been named this feature as “Noise Assasin”. The Amazon price of Aliph Jawbone II Bluetooth Headset (Black) is $43.98 and the list price of Aliph Jawbone II Bluetooth Headset (Black) is $99.99 $39.99.

Jawbone II best iphone bluetooth headset


  1. 4 hours of talk time and 8 days of standby time.
  2. Get charged very quickly. You can fully charge it within 1 hour.
  3. Amazing noise reduction

Latte Raspberry Mocha pink Bluetooth headset

The name of the Bluetooth headset is enough for me and if you’re in search of pink bluetooth headset then this is the one for you. This Bluetooth is of version 2.0 which has great battery life. The maker of this Bluetooth says that it comes with 7 hours of talk time and 170 hrs of standby time. This headset offers a crystal clear sound. The Earpiece of this headset can bent in such a way that can be suited to any ear shape. This Bluetooth headset is available at a cost of $40 Now $33. The Amazon has not started shipping this product yet. But it is available at Click here for quote

Sony Ericsson HBH-PV705

One thing that I really like about this headset is that it wisely comes with a strap, so that you can look vaguely less un-cool by hanging it around the neck when it is not used. This Headset is of light weight, good battery life and also it has a very good sound quality. This Headset is available at a cost of $43.

The Amazon price of Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset HBH-PV705, Silver is of $49.95.


Al the Bluetooth headsets mentioned above doesn’t work as good as a wired headset and have the lesser battery life. Also since they’re wireless you must a have good amount of cables to charge them. The latest one from the Apple needs ludicrous trouble to charge via either the iPhone or a dock.

Top Bluetooth Headsets

If you’re searching for top Bluetooth headsets, you’ll definitely find bounty number of choices in this article. The Bluetooth headsets mentioned in this article will have great features, excellent convenience and more over affordable prices.

In today’s market you will find that all the mobiles are Bluetooth enabled one and this makes it possible to connect to different number of wireless devices within a certain distance from the mobile phone.

Top Bluetooth headsets

The Bluetooth headsets are widely used for answering calls on your mobile phone without holding your mobile phone in your hand. This is very much useful when you’re driving. You can do all the telephone activities on your mobile without the use of the hands with the simple touch of one button.

Top Bluetooth Headsets 2010

Here is the list of best Bluetooth headsets. You must go for a those which comes with an excellent feature, affordable and also greatly comfortable one at all times.

Aliph Jawbone ICON Ace

In today’s market lots of people are considering this as the best Among others. In this Bluetooth headset you’ll find extraordinary features such as dedicated Audio and Dial applications, on/off button, many , ear-fit options to choose from and outstanding noise cancelling potentials. All these are available at an affordable cost. The design of this Bluetooth headset is very classy and also comfortable one. One feature which makes this Bluetooth headset as the best for iPhone is that it comes with a dedicated iPhone battery indicator. The cost of this headset is in the range $89.99 to $99.99.

Motorola Endeavor HX1

Best bluetooth headsets

This Bluetooth headsets are not only restricted to cell phones, it is also compatible to other devices such as computer and video game consoles. Motorola Endeavor HX1 is an excellent noise cancelling device and it makes use of combination of both Bone Conduction technology and CrystalTalk technology. This headset doesn’t fit well i.e. it is not comfortable for many people and that is the reason why this model is not rated up in the top Bluetooth headset list. The cost of this headset is in the range $35.99 to $85.99

Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus

This Bluetooth headset is highly recommended for all iPhone users. The best features of this headset are swiveling voice mic, voice alerts, a volume rocker, access to Plantronics Vocalyst and a dedicated battery meter The headset comes with a snazzy looks and very good ear fitting that makes it as the best in the list of any Bluetooth headset reviews.  The cost of this headset is in the range of $81.99 to $99.99.

BlueAnt Q2

The Bluetooth headset which satisfy all the needs and also which is very much comfortable to ear at all times is named as the best Bluetooth headset. The BlueAnt Q2 headset comes with a excellent streamlined body that makes good fit to the ear. The other features of this headset are text-to-speech, multipoint connectivity, A2DP streaming, excellent sound quality and voice control commands. All the physical control are very small indeed. The cost of this Bluetooth headset is in the range of $79.99 to $85.99.

It is not that difficult to find the top Bluetooth Headsets, but choosing the best among them is the difficult one, which requires physical inspection. Here I‘ve listed down some more Bluetooth headsets irrespective of whether you’re in search for Bluetooth headsets for your cell phone or for your iPod touch or for your PC.

  • Plantronics Discovery 925
  • Jabra BT3030
  • Motorola Motorokr s305
  • Sony Ericsson HBH-PV705
  • Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800
  • Sound ID 510
  • Bluetake BT400GL
  • Jabra BT530
  • Nokia BH-905
  • Samsung WEP-200
  • Samsung SBH-600
  • LG HBS-250

If you have any suggestions, please post them in comments we will include them in our list of top bluetooth headsets.

Db2rss – Database Monitoring Software with RSS feed functionality

The value of having a Database Monitoring System is not limited to monitoring their offline and online application & services but also for individual personalized uses as well. All the Webmasters have to deal with databases like MySQL, etc, and so they have to be certain that the databases are working well and correctly without any problems. Thus, they will have to monitor the databases always, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There are several monitoring services that are being used, nowadays. You can make use several online monitoring services that are mostly paid services and the pay depends on the kind of quantity and quality of monitoring provided by them. Some provide services that run locally installed on the PC.

You would have come across numerous such services before that includes famous software like Open Monitor or the Livewatch online service.

Db2rss is quite different compared to other common database monitoring system. The major difference is that it does database monitoring and will be made to work with a script or a command line. This could create a bad impression on Db2rss, but the truth is the opposite. This is really a good sign for a particular situation where there is no GUI (Graphical User Interface) is required or compulsory.

The Db2rss Database Monitoring System can monitor several database types like Blackfish SQL, Interbase and MySQL for now and could do the monitoring within a computer networks or geographically across the Internet. Db2rss works with many command line parameters that denote key information like the db’s host name, the user id and password. A few other parameters deals with executing a SQL command on a DB, performing comparison of the results with another copy, template defining and title of the resulted RSS feed. Another important feature of the Db2rss Database Monitoring System that is not actually present in any of the other database monitoring system programs.

The Db2rss allows you to subscribe for the RSS feed to get DB monitoring info after the script or command line execution. Lot of software developers asks Webmasters to utilize the Windows Task Scheduler to run the DB Monitoring Product regularly.


  • The Db2rss Database Monitoring Tool can be used to monitor the Databases and can be used in places where Graphical User Interface is not present, by making use of command line or scripts.
  • With Db2rss you will get the RSS feed feature that is not present in any other Database Management System, with which you can subscribe to the RSS feed and get notified of Database monitoring info.


  • The absence of GUI in Db2rss Database Monitoring System is the only reasonable disadvantage.

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Bitser – High End File Compression Programs

There are numbers of File Compression Programs available for Microsoft Windows OS. One from the exciting collection is Bitser that has got all the things to be in it. The reason for it to be different from the others is it attractive User Interface that looks just like the Windows Explorer and not like other ordinary file compression products. Lot of existing file compression programs will feature a UI with a single panel showing the items present on the compressed file or the directory structure from the PC hard disk.

The User Interface of Bitser is made up of 2 sections. One section will be showing the items of the current compressed file and the other section will be showing the directory structure. You can now easily append files to the existing archive file, without the need to drag & drop items from the Windows OS folders on to the product. Just like all the other file archiving products, The Bitser supports several file compression standards like the famous Zip, Rar and 7z archive formats.

The o/p file compression formats are restricted only to 7z, Zip or EXE only. Along with the compression, Bitser provides several common functions (present on several other products as well) like protecting compressed files with password, drag &drop supportability and the embedding of the file to OS.

The main significance of this Bitser File Compression product is its Windows Explorer type User Interface. This will let you to search through several archive files and its contents within a short interval of time. The file browser in the Bitser product will let you search the PC locally for any archived files in a lesser time. There is another exciting feature is the extensive report area that has the details of the previous operations done on Bitser. The details in the Reports are info on the files, dates, sizes, the compression algorithm used, commands and the results that could be saved in the rft format for future analyzing or archiving.

If you are bored on using ordinary compression products, you could choose Bitser as an alternate and try its significant features. In case you are a person who deals with lot of compressed files in your PC, Bitser could help you a lot in managing them. With the User Interface available on Bitser, you can easily work with the archives; this puts Bitser right on the top compared to other products available. For Bitser to work on your PC, you will require Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 version and can run on all the Operating Systems like Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

In case you don’t need a product with such high end functionalities, you could just select a product like the Universal Extractor or the 7-zip in order to compress or extract archive items. Win RAR and Win Zip are other common file compression software that are used frequently by many people and it often comes pre installed on PCs nowadays.

Top 10 Gaming Laptops

What makes a Top Gaming Laptop?

Stupefying Graphics, Surround sound Audio, purposeful gaming design and high UI are some of the characteristics of modern games that gives you a complete, absorbing, and a sensual feel. Whenever the system configuration fail to meet the requirements of the game being played, you will surely get frustrated of the jittery and jerky game experience. We will present you the list of top gaming laptops which will have all these characteristics.

The latest gaming laptops like Xplorer X7-8500, Alienware M17x and Battalion 101 X8100-U3 are configured with D-Core or Quad core processors, better RAM memory, high resolution displays and high-end graphic cards to enable high end gaming. The importance of internet on updating your games with new levels, maps, share scores, multiplayer online games is increasing.Top Gaming laptops will actually be having all the features you would find in normal one like a Webcam, Mic, card reader, USB ports and speakers. Additionally, you could find eSATA HDMI ports and Blu-ray disc drives as well.

Top gaming laptops

What you have to consider for Top Gaming Laptops


The Video plays a major role in providing excellent reception for games featuring runtime lighting, landscape, explosion, and action series. 1GB graphics cards or dual cards are usually found on new gaming laptops. Nvidia’s SLI provide these dual video cards that are important for future games, if not now.


A laptop cannot come in the list of top gaming laptops without a good processor. Quad Processors having 1.6 GHz processor speed are commonly used now. Intel i5 or i7 Core series are used commonly nowadays.


It is better to have a HDD having storage capacity of 320 GB or more. Modern games are usually sized at 30 GB or more, as it composed of huge volume of images, music, and movie contents. The HDD speed should be at least 7, 200 RPMs, whereas you can consider solid state spinning drives for flash content games.

Additional Features

Size doesn’t play a huge role, as you can select any sizes varying from 15, 17, 18 or even 20+. Modern laptops are HD and produce 1080p quality to produce quality gaming feel. Make certain you have DVD combo writer/reader or even Blu-ray drive.


Most of gaming laptops has got 1 year warranty or even greater period than that. Make sure that you get excellent support from the website you buy the laptop, like live chat, forum sections, ph. No, E-Mail, and software downloads.

The List of Top Gaming Laptops

Above we have mentioned what must be there in a laptop to be in the list of top gaming laptops. In case, you are looking for a guide on purchasing a top gaming laptop, you are on the right place. Below listed are the top gaming laptops and their descriptions.

1. Asus G51JX 3D:

The first among the list of top gaming laptops is Asus G51JX 3D. The G51JX 3D from Asus is regarded as the high-ended, top rated notebooks featuring 3D vision comes for a price of USD 1,618.99. The black and sleek laptop sports a 15.6” inch display screen that works on Nvidia GeForce GTX 260M Graphics card and Intel Core i7 processors. This laptop resembles a play station, due to the presence of 4 USB ports, Firewire, HDMI, eSATA and VGA ports, headset in/out and Ethernet. It has got DVD combo, mutli format card reader and Blu-ray player. The active IR emitter glasses connecting through USB port and Nvidia 3D Vision Kit enables 3D vision technology for converting ordinary movies to 3D videos. The laptop will have 2 slots for RAM and comes with 4 GB RAM DDR3 type and pre installed 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium, along with Gaming mouse and Gaming Backpack.

2. Alienware M17x:

Alienware M17x is regarded as the fastest and best gaming laptops ever, sports a 17” inch big display screen with dimension of 1,920 x 1,200 and weighs 12.7 pounds. This game dedicated laptop is available for USD 4,849, and features with 2 portioned 500 GB HDD, Intel 2.53 GHz Core 2 Extreme Quad QX 9300, Dual Nvidia GeForce 2 GB GTX 280M, a RAM memory of 8 GB, and all of these running on Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit OS edition.

3. Asus G73JH-A2:

The G73JH-A2 from Asus is considered to be one among several top gaming laptops and referred to as ‘Republic of Gamers’ and is priced at USD 1,599.99. The Asus G73JH-A2 features Intel Quad Core i7 processor, an 8 GB RAM DDR3 type, 500 GB dual partitioned HDD, DVD R/W, and Mobility Radeon HD 5870 from ATI’s top mobile GPU, all working on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Edition. It sports a 17.3” inch display with dimensions of 2.2 x 16.3 x 12.6 and weighs 7.4 pounds only. It has got a big multi touchpad that runs on 1.6 GHz and can be increased to 2.8 GHz Turbo mode for greater speeds for high pixel graphic games.

4. Alienware M15x:

Alienware M15x sports a 15” inch display screen having display resolutions of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, weighing 9 pounds only and is composed of several fresh tools and striking functions that influence its cost, i.e. USD 3,274. This laptop features Intel Core 2 GB i7 920 XM, a RAM storage of 4 GB, DVD R/W, BD-ROM combo and functions on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS.

5. Asus G51jx-x3:

The G51jx-x3 from Asus is another one from “Republic of Gamers” community, sports a 15.6” inch display with full HD supportability, available for a reasonable price of USD 1,029. The laptop features 2.26 GHz Turbo Boost Intel Core i5 that is reasonably powerful and reasonably priced, a 1066 MHz DDR3 type 4 GB RAM, HDD of 500 GB, a Graphics processor from Nvidia GeForce GTS 360M. Additional features found are Bluetooth, Lansing speakers from Altec, Memory card reader, and n-class Wi-Fi support.

6. Alienware Area-51 m9750:

The Alienware Laptops come with beautiful LCD screen with fingerprint and scratch resistant guard, fast SLI 1 GB graphics provide excellent memory for the game rendering. The Area-51 m9750 laptop features 2.33 GHz T7600 Core 2 Duo processor, a DDR2 2 GB RAM, Dual HDD of each 160 GB, Dual Nvidia GeForce Go 7950 512 MB GTX GPUs, Dual layered DVD read/write, SLI interface that works on Win XP Media Center Edition v 2005 OS. The Laptop sports a 17” inch TFT Technology & high quality LCD screen, available for USD 4,699.

7. Vaio Z Series:

The Alienware m11x Vaio Z series sports a 13” inch display screen weighing 3.2 pounds. The Laptop features a 32 nm processor working on Intel i7 Core 620M, 2.66 GHz Turbo Boost, Nvidia GeForce GT 330M. Additionally,  GT 330M with 40 nm DX10.1 cards with 48 unified shaders upon the 13’ inch display is priced at USD 1,799. The 4 GB RAM with additional 2 GB memory capacity that runs on a Solid State Drive 128 GB with a CD/DVD Read Write Optical Drive, all running on the 64 bit Win 7 Professional Operating System will sum up to the total weight as 5.4 pounds.

8. Eurocom D900F Panther (2010 Version):

The Eurocom D900F Panther uber laptop is priced at USD 4,000 and provides a seamless speed with the 3D horse power for those who think the price of USD 4,250 is not more. This powerful laptop provides high quality gaming, and for entertainment and content creation. This fully loaded notebook will work on 64 bit Win 7 Prof, and the specifics are Intel Core i7 980X 3.33 GHz Extreme, a RAM with 6 GB memory, BD ROM or DVD Read Write drive, 500 GB HDD, The laptop sports 17.1” inch display screen with 1920 x 1200 pixel resolutions and dimensions of 2.4” x 15.6” x 11.7”, Nvidia GeForce GTX 480M graphics card with a 2 GB memory, all contributing to the weight of 11.9 pounds

9. MSI GT660R:

MSI GT660R is compact and light to carry game notebook that weighs around 7.7 pounds and renders an awesome graphical performance and a striking feel, and is available for a reasonable USD 1,649.99. The 64 bit Win 7 Home Premium Edition enable quality gaming. The specs of the laptop are Intel Core i7 740 QM 1.73 GHz speed, a RAM of 6 GB, Nvidia GeForce GTX 285M 1 GB graphics card, 500 GB HDD, and a BD ROM / DVD Read Write Combo. The laptop sports a 16” inch display that has 1,366 x 768 pixel resolution with dimensions of 1.8” H x 15” W x 10.2” D.

10. HP Pavilion HDX16t:

The HDX 16t is another laptop from the HP Company that looks glossy and beautiful. This HDX16t sports a silver streaky stylish pattern with a lid and the keyword. It has got 16.9” inch HDTV screen LCD with resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This HP laptop works on a Intel Core 2 Duo P7350 2.0 GHz speed, a Nvidia GeForce 9600 GPU 512 MB, a RAM of 4 GB memory, 250 GB hard disk with the Blu-ray technology for the pisplay graphics. This laptop is considered to be low priced and easy to carry, compared to other laptops and is priced at USD 1099.99.

Now you should have some idea on the top gaming laptops, and it’s up to you to select the one you want, based on the price and your gaming needs. We are open for comments, leave us your feedback our suggestions on our list of top gaming laptops. We value your feedback.

Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Software

In order to edit your videos taken during an official meeting, party, vacation, etc, you will require a Best Video Editing Software. You can purchase full licensed Video Editing Software for a price varying from USD 100s to even USD 1000s. Lot of such high priced software do not livie up to their expectations or provides tech help on how to use them. So, it would be better to make use of Free Video Editing Software found online. Let us have a look at the top five.

1. Windows Movie Maker 2.1:

Windows Movie Maker 2.1 sits right at the top and can be used for creating, editing and for sharing any kind of videos, movies, etc. You will just have drag and drop the clips in order to make your own composed movie that can later be copied on to a CD/DVD, or shared on the web via email/other means, or copy to video tapes and view it on a Camera or a Television. The WMM 2.1 is compatible with SP2 Win XP Home or Professional or x64 Edition running on a PC having processor speed of 600 MHz or more.

2. iMovie 4:

iMovies is a Video Editing software to create real-time videos, editing, improving the quality of those valuable moments captured on the video, and share them by writing them on a CD/DVD. You could flip through the videos and album covers of iTunes, and share them via iMovies. You can take photos, upload them on to the iMovies and create your own online photo albums. The software provides a way to edit, easy drag & drop clips, search and view videos all in a same place. You can provide Title, add Effects, and produce Transitions by editing the Videos on iMovie 4.

3. Portable Movie Maker:

Editing the existing clipping and merging them to produce movies is the main function of this Portable Movie Maker. The movie making process is quite complex, technical and has got a nice UI. Collections tab contains the collection of clips and Task tab has features to record videos, edit them, converting it to a watchable format. You can make transition effect and timeline changes to the clips. If you understand the software well, you can have fun and make full use of it.

4. vReveal:

vReveal has a collection of easy to use tools including Video Editing tool capable of improving video qualities. You can browse for the Video clips (thumbnail view) you want from folders and upload them for editing. Use the fine tuning options and improve the quality. There are 2 preview windows available on left and right side; one on the left shows original video clip and the second on the right show the same clip with fine tuning done on it.

5. Youtube Movie Maker:

You can create, edit photos/texts/clips with several transitions and special effects, make several formats, share and maintain your YouTube videos on YouTube, with this YouTube Movie Maker. You can add music, text, subtitles, titles and dubbing, and the video editor lets you to crop, cut/split, trim, zoom out/in, and in several formats even in HD to advertise and manage your videos. In timeline mode, you can add titles, sounds, music with time.

Download these best free video editing software today . Happy Editing. Do share your experiences and requirements with us. We will love to read your comments.

New 3D Laptops – Soon Gonna Release

After the Avatar, a 3D movie peoples are very much interest in watching many 3D movies and this made the directors to make many 3D films. You can now see that many 3D movies are released. And recently all would know that the IPL are watched as 3D in theatres. This also made the many television makers to make a 3D television so that the people can watch 3D movies and also 3D TV shows.  And now, after a surplus of 3D video games, now the recent buzz that is around this world of technology is 3D laptop.

3D laptop

Although the idea of 3D laptops in India is relative at a emerging stage with not so many players competing for it as of now, yet the way in which the television industry is betting on 3D TV oblige the technology lovers to believe that the laptops comes with a feature called 3D and this will be soon launched in the Indian markets.

Well, the DTH players are also too making out plans to get themselves geared up to the next level of generation technology, the globe of 3D is simply becoming more exciting. What’s more, the 3D revolution is making their inroads to the globe of mobile phones as well.   There are some players who already planted their 3D laptops, realising that the economies of scale and many product innovations seems to be quite feasible.

Most of the 3D laptops are coming with a 15.6 inch display or even bigger than this display. According to the experts the time for the smaller screen may take some more period of time.

A 3D laptop requires a larger display say 120 Hzs or higher in order for having a high resolution transmissions, a wireless transmitter, a very powerful processor, active shutter glasses, very high end graphic card and memory any thing which ranges between 2GB to 4GB.  Polarising filters present in the laptop will be converting the 2D transmission to a 3D which needs the polarised glasses for viewing.

With a 3D laptop you can do things like digital photography, you can also capture images and also videos, you can also convert the existing video and also the photo documents into  3D by making use of software which converts your stills and the videos from 2D to 3D. 3D laptops are also a customisable one.

Are you a game lover?? If you are a game lover you can really enjoy playing 3D games by making use of 3D laptops. Usually a game lover will play the games more keenly and also more interestingly. If he starts playing 3D game in a 3D laptop he will be very much amazed and he will be playing it more keenly and more interestingly than previously. The 3D effects which looks like a real one to the player and this add up more fun to the player. Since 3D Laptop is portable you can carry it to any place you like and you can enjoy watching 3D movies and playing 3D games.

How to connect two Wi-FI devices?

In this modern world the technologies are getting developed drastically. And according to the modern latest technology peoples are making themselves to get suited to the conditions. In this world you can see almost everyone has a cell phone on their pockets.  And also you can see around 80 percent of the people using computers and approximately 50 percent of the people using laptop. In this world all the peoples are looking for technologies which are to be flexible and also portable one.
How to connect two Wi-Fi Devices

At first people were using dial up connections and then the technology moved on to broadband connection and then moved to wireless USB broadband and then to Wi-Fi. Now you can see almost all the people who have laptops or computer in their house has any one of the above internet connection. And now most people are using Broadband connections. The dial-up connections are outdated. And the Wi-Fi connections are usually used by the big corporate peoples only.

Now you can see that Wi-Fi options are found in laptops and also in the latest cell phone models. Usually the Wi-Fi connections are used by big companies and also by business persons. And also Wi-Fi is also used in colleges. Students are using their laptops or the latest cell phone to connect to Wi-Fi in order for browsing.  And now a new technology called Wi-Fi Direct is launched which will connect and Wi-Fi device with any other Wi-Fi device.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is about to launch a new connectivity called Wi-Fi direct which has the capable of connecting to Wi-Fi devices by using the current Wi-Fi standards. Starting form today the Wi-Fi Alliance will certify Wi-Fi direct services.

The communication via Wi-Fi devices are not at all a new one in this world. For example, the Nintendo DS already had device-to-device Wi-Fi interactions for a period of time, but that technology was proprietary

Wi-Fi Direct is differentiated by the Wi-Fi Alliance by certifying the standard, ensuring interoperability. The devices which are stamped with Wi-Fi Direct Certification don’t need any wireless networks, as they basically become micro-hotspots.

This latest technology will possibly allow the devices such as Eye-Fi memory card to directly beam an image to a wireless printer. Since this new Wi-Fi direct is of mostly software based, numerous recent devices must be upgradeable.

The Wi-Fi Direct Speed is based on the 802.11b/g/n channels, so we look at intra-device throughput at rates rising of 300 Mbps. The range also will be a major point and it is reasonable to imagine that the future Wi-Fi Direct devices will finally attain the distance as like to our home wireless networks.

The technology which will be undoubtedly suffering as a result of Wi-Fi direct is obviously Bluetooth. Though the Bluetooth is aimed, almost collectively, at close connections such as headsets, it will be tough to trump the speed of Wi-Fi Direct. Additionally, as like the other Wi-Fi functions Wi-Fi direct also uses the same transponders, so the manufacturer will possibly be fast to cut laid off technologies.