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5 Ways To Protect Yourself Online

Much has been made in recent years about the fact that more and more people are living their lives increasingly through the Internet. Most specifically, many different businesses and industries are operating more on the Internet, in many cases lending employees more freedom and flexibility with work hours and locations. But despite the convenience that comes with increased Internet reliance, there are also increasingly more concerns with regard to Internet security. The simple fact is, when we spend so much time online, we inevitably expose aspects of our personal lives to the world at large. So, here are 5 tips for how to protect your personal identity and information online.


1. Approach Social Media With Caution

It’s no secret that popular social media sites like Facebook have severe security concerns. The people behind various social media platforms have been accused of storing and mining for personal information, and there’s simply no denying that creating social media profiles “puts you out there” in a somewhat vulnerable fashion. In today’s world, it’s tough to avoid social media completely. But by reading privacy policies carefully and adjusting security preferences accordingly, you can at least be as safe as possible while partaking.

2. Avoid Storing Passwords

There are many instances when a website asks you to store personal information, passwords, and even shipping and payment details. For example, when you order something from Amazon, or subscribe to a publication, etc., you will often have the option of storing your account information for easy access in the future. This, however, not only leaves that personal information available on those sites for hackers to potentially locate, but it also leaves you vulnerable should your computer be stolen or lost. Try to avoid storing information for these reasons.

3. Use Secure File Sharing

Secure file sharing is still an expanding and improving industry, but offers a number of significant Internet security benefits. For example, Sharefile services allow you to send email files with encryption, and to protect your file sharing accounts via passwords. This simply keeps your communications more secure.

4. Use Cloud Storage

Similar to secure file sharing, cloud storage can help to keep your communications and file storage secure. Essentially, when you use a cloud computing provider, you are able to save data on the Internet, in a professionally secured cloud service, as opposed to physically on your devices.

5. Protect Your Devices

Finally, with more activity being conducted online, many of us have a great deal of sensitive data stored on our computers, tablets, and even mobile phones. For this reason, physical protection of such devices is just as important as digital security. From protective cases, to password access, it’s important for you to attempt to prevent damage, theft, or unauthorized usage of your devices.

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD Review

The Popular PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation arcade game of Tom Clancy has now finally been transported to the Symbian 3 Platform also. It’s available on the Ovi store for your Nokia N8 handset. Adding to it, the game is in HD, which means better user experience and crisp graphics taking the mobile gaming to its end. The Benchmark game used to rate processors of your PC is going to push your N8 to its limits with its flamboyant and rich graphics.

review of tom clancy's hawx hd

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD tests your skills by placing you in the cockpit of an advanced fighter jet, testing your skills as a pilot to survive. The game puts you in the shoes of David Crenshaw, an ex-military pilot who is recruited by a corporation called the ARTEMIS, a military company, to work for them to fight and eliminate dangerous terrorists and fighting to stabilize the planet. Your job is to complete mission after mission of course with increasing difficulty to move higher up in the game. As you complete missions and earn money you can buy much better and powerful fighter jets, but they are pretty expensive.

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD gives you the option to choose from twenty-five modern jets including the F-15 jets. The use of different jets adds spice to the already high rated game. You have to steer your flight skillfully, dodge missiles and hit targets accurately and adeptly to win complete missions. The gyro sensors and motion sensors on your N8 enables tilt to control feature making it all the more addictive. You can tilt your phone either ways to guide your plane and touch buttons on the screen to evade or launch missiles.

The most credible and notable feature of Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD is it’s wonderful graphics that actually gives you a taste of flying a jet. The intricately designed Nokia N8 supports this exciting user experience. You can actually see fast jets of air off the wings of your jet when you turn the plane, giving you a more realistic experience of the game.


Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD is very well designed and intelligently brought into the mobile phones, although it seems to be stranded between a flight simulator and an arcade game. The game tends to get monotonous after a few hours of play, with just completing missions.

The option of configuring the controls and the choice of choosing your own jets is relishing. The story line is very plain yet satisfying for such a popular PC game. After having an experience of the PC or the Xbox or the Playstation version, the Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD for Nokia N8 might seem a bit inferior considering the lack of joystick. But bringing the enthralling experience to mobile phones is credible.

The grand and intricate graphics is the major turn on for the game and tends to over shadow certain negatives of the game that makes it one of the most recommended games to be downloaded on to your N8. This action packed game tests your flying skills discovering new levels by destroying enemies. The game is quite heavy for a Symbian^3 platform. It weighs about 146 MB and it is advisable to use a WiFi or 3G connection. I would rate this game a 4 on 5 for the rich graphic experience it provides. It is obvious that such an expansive game cannot be easily compressed into a mobile.

Roller Coaster Extreme for Nokia N8

Most of us irrespective of our age are thrilled by the Roller Coaster experience. The Barclaycard Rollercoaster extreme for Nokia n8 developed by Fish Labs bring thrilling, heart racing experience right in front of you in your Nokia N8. It’s also amongst the most recommended and the most popular game downloaded for Nokia N8. Just like every other game for Symbian phone, The Rollercoaster Extreme is available for download through the Nokia Ovi store.

review of rollercoaster extreme

Rollercoaster Extreme is setup with a backdrop of the suburbs of New York. The game on rails is very intuitive and addictive. It’s not esoteric like certain games with complex controls that thwart your gaming experience. The 11 rollercoaster tracks will test your reflexes and take you deep into the game.
The concept in the game is very simple. You ride the Rollercoaster and reach the end point in the best shortest time possible. On your way you will find power ups on either sides of the track for which you have to reach out to grab it. The power ups will either boost your speed aiding you to reach your destination in a shorter time or sap your speed and waste your time. The difficulty increases as you complete tracks. You also earn merit badges for achievements on the track like fastest time around each track and Artful Dodger for keeping out of obstacles.

The tricky part of the game and also its credible feature is the obstacles. Along your ride you will find twists and turns, corkscrews, chandelle turns, bumps, washing lines, demolition balls and very low bridges adding to the changing speeds. You will have to dodge these obstacles, while obtaining turbo boost power ups to score high on the track. When you finish well in one track the next opens up with much higher difficulty level.

The controls of the game are pretty simple. You have to tilt your phone to the left or right to grab power ups. To boost your speed you can touch the bottom left of the screen and the bottom left to duck from obstacles.

The most important to consider while evaluating a game would be the quality of smooth user experience it can provide. The Graphics of Rollercoaster Extreme is very appealing with the buildings and banners around you. The game runs very smooth on the Nokia N8. Although it does not have the HD tag that most users crave for, it does provide some decent graphics. Sometimes when you are riding very fast, the tracks seem to just end, most likely because the graphics is at its maximum. I feel that a little more intricacy could have been provided to the track during these extreme situations rather than the backdrop. The tracks are of course the way to anticipate and quickly react to the game.
The game allows you to post your scores online and compare them.


Rollercoaster Extreme is an appealing game for all age group designed quite well. The tilt to control feature makes it all the more interesting to play. The graphics is quite pleasing but not perfect, as it tends to lag when you play extreme. The controls are very simple and provide a complete gaming experience to the user, although the controls are not very reactive on the N8.

It’s very smart to bring the thrilling experience of a rollercoaster on to the mobile phones.

One very annoying thing for certain users might be the advertising message boards of Barclaycard with a built-in sound track “Let your Love grow” that runs in the background. On whole the game is very much recommended for download. I would give it a 4 on 5.

Need For Speed HD for Nokia N8 Review

Need for speed, the most fascinating racing game ever, the all-new Need for Speed Shift, which was a big hit for the Windows platform, is available for the Symbiam 3 platform and even more interesting its in HD. One of the most downloaded games on the Nokia N8, Need for Speed HD is a splendid game utilizing the extreme graphic capability of the Nokia N8. Need for Speed Shift HD is yet another racing game for the Symbian platform and it’s the only game that can be downloaded for free.
need for speed hd

Having a smartphone like the Nokia N8 tempts you to try this exuberant game. The Need For Speed Shift requires extreme and detailed graphics to have a complete user experience. The game revolves around a simple story where you have to go up a series of levels to take part in the World Tour of racing.

Once you enter the game you will find the Quick Race option that will get you racing very fast. But the most interesting mode is the career mode allowing you to start a career from scratch, competing in various styles of racing, earning money for finishing on top. You also earn for keeping to the race line, clean or nasty overtaking and lot more attributes. The money you earn through the races can be used to improve the performance of your car through various modifications to the suspension, transmission, nitro boost, engine grade, brakes, tires and lots more. The better the performance of your car the more are your chances in competing and clearing the high difficulty races. You can also buy cars from the long list of cars available.

The mode offers you three-difficulty level to start your career. Your career will begin with you street racing with a reasonable car in Chicago. Slowly as you get a hold of the game and start winning races you move to London, Tokyo before competing in the World Tour.

It’s not a traditional and boring round track race game. You will encounter several types of races that will test your versatility.

  1. Circuit– Race with a number of laps around a circuit.
  2. Sprint– A single lap race that is like a death match.
  3. Driver Duel– Head to head race with another driver.
  4. Eliminator– Similar to the circuit race with a driver eliminated at the end of each lap.
  5. Time Trial– Beat the clock race.
  6. Exhibition– Head to head where you have to beat a sprint race of your opponent.
  7. Drifting– Earn points for your slides and drifting skills.

As you complete races you earn stars to unlock new levels and also earn stars for specific goals accomplished like staying first for a lap and more.
The very important feature that stands out is the very simple controls. Your Nokia N8 accelerometer and gyro sensors take care of the driving and steering. All you have to do is tilt your phone in the direction you want your car to turn and touch the screen to brake. It’s as simple as it sounds. One important customization is the option to choose between manual or automatic braking, assisted steering and a visual racing line on the track.


The Need for Shift HD takes its place as a game that quenches the never-ending thirst for racing. The Game is so intuitive and rich in graphics that runs very smooth on the Nokia N8 utilizing its on-board graphics accelerator.

With all the help from the N8 stellar hardware the game provides a stunning user performance and a complete user experience. The exciting levels tests the skills of the users.
The Need For Speed Shift HD is an excellent game for the Nokia N8 users matching the experience of Asphalt, although one disappointing thing is that it provides only one camera view mode.

On the whole the game offers a pleasant experience and scores as one of the most downloaded game on all platforms. I would rate the game a 4.5 on a 5-point scale.

Click here to download Need For speed HD for Nokia N8.

Angry Birds Lite for Nokia N8

One of the most popular and the most downloaded game on platforms like Google Android and iOS is finally here for the Nokia smartphones on the Symbian platform. It’s one of the most popular games on the Nokia N8 and the lite version offers a preview of how the game feels like on your Nokia Touch phone. Angry Birds Lite is available through the Nokia Ovi Store. The appealing and addictive game has nearly 105 levels of which only 15 levels are provided in the Lite version.

review of angry birds lite

If you are looking for an action-packed game that also tweaks your brain, Angry Birds Lite is that you want. The Game never ceases to throw at you interesting and intelligent levels to play.

Angry Birds is a very simple, yet fascinating game that revolves around a very simple story line that imposes twists in the plot. The greedy, filthy green pigs have stolen the eggs of the birds. Now the “Angry Birds” have to retaliate to retrieve the eggs from the green pigs. In taking revenge the angry birds use their special powers to dish out the pigs. There are six types of birds with special powers- the small red bird, the yellow bird that smashes through wood, the dangerous black one that explodes, the big red bird that demolishes anything in its way, the green bird that moves like a boomerang and finally the white bird that drops an egg that explodes.

With all these angry birds all you have to do it take out the green pigs to advance up the levels to recapture the eggs. The Gameplay is not easy as the story sounds. It takes brutal force, quick intelligent thinking and unique obstacle that you have to tackle to dish out the pigs. Each levels test your intelligent thinking and creativity to clear them with three golden stars. No two levels are the same; you will have to use all of your strategies up your sleeves to defeat the green pigs.

The graphics of the game is not too fancy like 3D. It is very smooth and effecive. The most credible feature of the game is the very simple controls. All you have to do on your N8 is to touch the bird and pull it back by sliding your finger across the screen and adjust the angle accordingly to catapult your bird. This improves the user experience of the game.

The game also provides easy and comprehensible instructions to play the game. The Lite version allows you to use 3 or 4 birds to throw out the pigs in each level. It’s only 9 MB heavy and can be downloaded directly to your N8 phone.


The Angry Birds Lite for Nokia N8 is a simple yet interesting game that will never leave you bored after a few minutes of play. The game is very addictive tempting you to take out the lousy green pigs and fly up the levels.

The highlighting feature is the simple and effective controls that add to the user experience. The graphics is very effective for a game with such kind of story and the absence of Hi-Fi graphics improves the performance.

As far as the levels are concerned, they seem to be exhausting very soon considering the addictive nature of the game. The game could come with more and ever growing number of levels to keep the consumers interested in the game.

On the whole the game could be rated 4.5 on a sale of 5. It is a wonderful game for which you could pay a couple of rupees to get a hold of its full version.

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Nokia N8 Applications Part 2

Nokia N8 is one of the most advanced smartphone designed by Nokia. The stellar hardware and appealing aesthetics makes it a success.

nokia n8 aaplications

Some of the must have and interesting application for your N8 is listed below. They are all available for your N8 via the Nokia Ovi store on a trial basis before you actually buy the full version.

SPB Wireless Monitor

With the increasing use of the Internet it is getting too complicated to keep track of the usage and the cost of your data plan. SPB Wireless Monitor is a comprehensive application for your Nokia N8 that provides a complete solution to keep track of your Internet usage and also in calculating the network data usage costs. It comes with 330 plus data plans to choose from and also raising an alarm when you are about to exceed your data traffic limit. This helps keep your costly data plan under control.


4squick is a free foursquare client that is similar to the Google Maps for your Nokia N8 phone that facilitates you to check out places near your location and check-in to find someone. Features such as navigation are yet to be included but are expected in the further updates.

Nimbuzz Version 3.2

Nimbuzz is a very important application for people who need a VoIP/IM client on their Nokia N8. The new version for the Symbian^3 platforms smells new and improved interface and performance like the message delivery notifications.

YouTube Downloader 2.0

YouTube Downloader 2.0 is a free application that allows you to download videos from the YouTube easily by just searching for them and hitting download. Several resolutions from 240p to 720p are compatible with this application. At any time you can enjoy high quality videos on your N8 handset.

Fring v4.5.17

Fring is a very popular application that allows you to make free video calls, voice calls and set up video chat with your friends. Fring allows you to chat wit your buddies on various Social networks like the Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM and more. The new Fring has improved video quality and better audio.

Nokia Battery Monitor 2.0

Nokia battery Monitor is an application rewritten for Qt. You can view your battery level and the app gives you an estimate of the remaining battery time. It also provides stats regarding what has been using your battery to help you manage your precious battery time. It can also be used as a home screen widget.

Nokia Bubbles v1.00

Nokia Bubbles is a Bubbles screensaver for your N8 that activates when you lock your device. The bubbles on your screen can be configured to activate or deactivate certain function without actually opening it. It is also supported with the official Qt version.

Facebook Browser

Facebook Browser is an excellent application developed by Pixelpipe. It is basically a Facebook client using the Qt library and HTML5, but it lacks chat. It is very compact and comprehensive solution to keep track of your account.

Skype v2.00

Skype, the favorite and popular IM client for mobiles and laptops is also available for your N8. Skype allows you to make free IM calls on 3G or WiFi with a basic Skype account.

These applications make full use of your Nokia N8 completing the phone as a whole.

Top Nokia N8 games from Ovistore

Nokia N8 is a response for Apple and Android by Nokia. Here we will present you top nokia n8 games which you can download directly from Nokia OviStore. These games are paid but certainly are value for money.

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Avatar HD

Avatar HD Nokia N8 Game

Avatar HD is another addictive game developed by Gameloft. Gameloft is the one which develops different types of game for different types of platform. Avatar HD is available at a cost of £3.00.

Based on the movie Avatar released on 2009, this game makes your mind to transform your body to an alien on a strangle world. But this is game is not same as the movie, in this you will be the first avatar to have been created. You control a very huge blue alien and begin the training camp where you will learn every skill to survive in the real world. Moving around the pace will be an easy task as you’ve got the simple on screen touch points. There will be a navigational pad available for movement which is truly sensitive. When you move it just a bit more your avatar will start run than a normal walk. I was not expecting this much sensitive controls. Fire, Jump and Use are all used by clicking on the various areas in the bottom right of your screen. In total there’re fifteen levels starting from military strongholds to jungles packed with plants and trees.

Cricket T20 Fever HD

Cricket T20 Fever HD nokia n8 game

The name of the game itself suggests that this is cricket game. Cricket T20 Fever HD is available in OVI store at a cost of £ 1.00.

I am a great fan of cricket. I’m very much impressed with the game play of this cricket game and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At firs t you must choose a team and I chose my favorite team India. Next select a team that you like to compete with. Since this is a game of cricket you will get chance to do both tasks; bowling and batting. So you’ve to master both the skills. Luckily, there are in-game tutorials which are truly easy to follow. Fielding is another skill that you’ve to master. You must place your fielders at the exact place to catch the high flying balls to beat your competitors. There are game modes available in this game. You must spend some few time in the game to hit a six.

Tetris HD

Tetris HD nokia n8 game
Tetris HD is another addictive developed by Electronic arts. Tetris HD is available in OVI store at a cost of £ 3.00. This game comes with a very good graphics and a cool sound track. This song is still the similar song but with more upbeat. This game is available since the mid 80’s and most of us know about this game and I like this game very much and I am playing this game for over decades. For those who haven’t heard about this game and people who haven’t tried this game; the idea of this game is that there will be blocks of random shapes falling down in your playing screen and you must make them to fit together, one way or another. You can do this by rotating those random shape blocks in 90 degrees. This can be done by tapping the screen until the block correctly fits together. By doing so you will win points and you will move on to next levels.

In Tetris HD there are two methods to play. One is Marathon where you can continue playing without dying. That happens when you fail to complete the horizontal lines and the blocks piles to the top of the screen. And the other is one is the Magic. This one is quite different. In this you will be having some special abilities like The Minimizer which lets you to shrink any piece into a single block that can fill up the small gaps. Another power that I available is Bubble Wrap. By using Bubble Wrap power you can turn all the blocks that you’ve collected at the bottom into bubbles, just waiting for your poking finger to burst them.

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Free Nokia N8 Games from Ovistore

We all know that Nokia N8 is a superb, astounding and amazing cell phone which guarantees cent percent entertainment. When you’ve this phone in your hand you won’t ever feel bored. Here in this article I’m going to list out 3 free nokia n8 games which you can download through ovistore.

Free Nokia N8 Games

Galaxy on fire

Galaxy on fire Nokia N8 game

Galaxy on fire, an addictive game is developed by FISHLABS. FISHLABS is the one which were developing HQ 3D Titles for each and every platform since 2004. Galaxy on Fire is available at free of cost.

In this game you will be the pilot and you’re name in the game is Keith T. Maxwell. You will be the one who controls a small fighter ship. The challenge to you is that shoot the each and every things that are on your way. Typically an alien shoots your ship at the back, so it is all justified. Travelling all over the space to earn credits to obtain the big and the best fighter ship which is fully packed up with the latest lasers which makes the game fun, as you will discover it hard to reach every edge of the universe. I’ve played this game for 8 hours and I’ve a Shiny battle fighter ship which is unstoppable.

Need for Speed Shift

Need for Speed for Nokia N8

Need for Speed Shift is also another addictive game which is developed by Electronic Arts. We all know that Electronic Arts is the one who develop games such as FIFA, The Sims and many more games for different gaming platforms..

There is a one simple mission in this Need for speed game and that is to drive faster than the other racers.  There are two modes in this game. One is Quick race and the other one is Career.  In the Quick race mode you can pick up a car and you can spin around the track.  In the Career mode you move around the earth, winning every continent, defeating every racer. When you go further in your career you can earn more money. With this money you can buy upgrades for car engine, attractive spoiler or even you can buy a new car.  In this game you got the option of where you play the game, either in the driver’s place looking out from the widescreen or floating above the car.

Marble Maze Classic

Marble Maze Classic for Nokia N8

Marble Maze Classic is another addictive game which is available at free of cost with ads.

The design of Marble Maze Classic game is to move the ball around the maze without letting it to fall into incorrect holes. There are only very few obstacles to overcome, like holes and the walls, but there are levels which has many holes which will make difficult for you to win the game. Probably steel ball is the one can be easily rolled around. Once you’ve completed all 180 levels with all 3 balls, you must attempt to make your own maze using the custom filed adding up as many walls or holes as you like.

Control for all these three games are tilting the phone back to front or from left to right. As you keep on playing you can easily master the controls.

Warning : All 3 free Nokia N8 games are addictive.

Let us know how did you liked our list of free Nokia N8 games.

Best Free Online Conference Call Service

With the growing need of communication due to distributed teams, need of online conference call service is growing. Now not only big companies can use online meetings and web conference but also other small companies can also use online meetings and web conference. This is because in the market there are humpty numbers of software which are available at free of cost which offers you free calls between computer and computer and very cheap calls from computer to mobile phones and landlines.   Here I’ve listed down list of software which offers you free video conference calls anywhere around the globe.

Online Conference Call Services

Online Conference Call Services

1. Skype

Skype is the very best software that is available in the market which offers you to make free calls anywhere around the globe. Skype is a free Voice Over Internet Protocol.  It’s very easy to use Skype. You can download Skype for free to your PC and you can start inviting others to join. Skype offers cheap priced unlimited calling plans for PC to mobile phones and landlines around the globe. A plus point in Skype is that you can add up to 10 people to join your video conference.

2. GoToMeeting

Instead of having a conference in a room, you can make use of a tool named Goto meeting, online conference software which offers you to meet people online. A Plus point in this tool is that there’re no hidden charges or no overages while you hold many meetings. VoIP and phone conferencing are included in this tool. You can avail this tool for 30 day free trial of unlimited meetings with up to fifteen members. This software is compatible one for both PC and Mac.

3. SightSpeed

SightSpeed is a tool which offers you the best video and voice calling service for both computer and Mac. This tool offers you free unlimited computer to computer video calls. This tool also offers cheap priced calls from computer to mobile phone and landline. Windows users can connect with full quality to Mac users and vice versa.

4. Free conference calling

Free conferencing call is one of the best tools available in the market which offers you to host free conference calls with over 500 callers per conference call. The time period for each conference call is of about 6 hours. This tool allows you to record all your conference calls for future references.

5. Dimdim

Dimdim is very easy to use. It offers you reasonable online meetings and webinars. You can cloolobrate and share without any download requirement to host or attend. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. You can start up video conferencing very easily. There are no installations required. You can do audio, video and instant meeting with just one click. You can avail this Dimdim as a 30 day free trial.

6. Tokbox

You can make group video conferencing with Tokbox easily. You can have face to face conference with up to 200 people.  It is recommended to have 20 to 20 persons in a video conferencing.  TokBox is one of the very good tool on the video conferencing  market.

7. MyMeeting123

MyMeeting124 is quick and easy to use. It doesn’t need any extra tools to host. MyMeeting123 provides both conference and live web meetings for users. Mymeeting123 provide multiple plans to comfort your needs. It offers you 14 day money back guarantee and also it offers 14 day free trial unlimited meetings limited to the plan that you decide.

8.  Paltalk

Scene SuperIMTM offers the users to make video calls at free of cost with up to 10 people on Paltalk, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and AIM. Users with free accounts can only open the webcam for only few seconds and whereas the paid users will be able to open multiple video windows.

9. MegaMeeting

MegaMEeting offers Video and Web conferencing tool for online meetings which offers to trim down travel correlated costs, expands your marketing accomplish, also it is browser based and provides users a online conferencing with the true VoIP audio, text chat and no long term contracts. This is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows. This can be availed as 30days free cost.

10. Fuze Meeting

Fuze Meeting provides you HD quality online meetings. Start login and upload all your essential contents to begin a meeting. This is a great tool which offers a great conference call service which can display different types of video files including HD video. The Videos can be forwarded and it can back up and also you can zoom and you can add up shapes arrows, text and notes to the videos. This service can display different tupes of video files such as WMV, MP4, FLV and MOV.

11. Free Audio Conferencing

Free Audio Conferencing services offers conference calls at free of cost and also it offers toll-free conference for the participants at the cost of 7.9 cents per minute. Signing up is very easy and simple. Just enter your name and your email ID and start using the service.

12. Easy Conference

Easy Conference is the one of the best tool in the market which offers free teleconferencing services in the globe. This can be used by all the individuals, business people and organizations. The telephone conference call is recommended up to 2 to 125.

13. Gizmo Call

Gizmo calls offers the users to make phone calls via your internet browser. It offers up cheap CoIP phone calls, cheap phone calls and also free call and free conference calls.

14. Totally Free Conference

There are no contracts with Totally Free conference service, free Replay lines, Recording permits the users to be heard from anywhere in the world. There is free trail offer – with the web conferencing, the members will now be in a situation to hear and see all your presentations without a person leaving from the office. For more than 5 years this tools is offering free conference calls.

We hope you liked our review on some of the free online conference call services. Let us know through comments which one is the best online conference call service according to you.

How to Secure WordPress Blog : Avoid WordPress hacking

WordPress is the most famous platforms for self-hosted blogs and sites. It is truly a remarkable tool and this is what used here for itechfreak. WordPress is opensource and it is cool. The main problem is its source code is available for free to anyone and people always tend to find vulnerability in the code. There will be always some person who likes to make some trouble by discovering a method to crack into the WordPress accounts in order to cause some damages or to inject some hidden spammy links. That is the reason why it is very much essential to make certain that your WordPress installation is done as securely as possible.

Secure WordPress

Here I have listed down few tips to secure your WordPress blog. Use these tips so that you can avoid wordpress hacking.

1. Update, Update, Update

There are no software systems which are resistant to the bugs and vulnerabilities. The security gaps will be found and the bad persons will try their best to utilize them. Maintaining your software up-to-date is a great approach to fend off attacks, because most of the trustworthy software vendors will soon fix their products once the security gaps are discovered. This will secure your wordpress.

For all the web-based software, it is very must to stay on top of the updates. Many WordPress users had learnt the hard way by last Sep when a waves of attacks spread across many websites not able to run the latest version of the software. Providentially, maintaining your WordPress website or blog up-to-date is one of simplest thing that you can do. Last few versions had the option to install the automatic updates. Not only that all the new upgrades are notified every time whenever updates are available.

So if you’re not using the latest WordPress version, upgrade it.

2. Make Use of Strong WordPress Account Passwords

It is always recommended the WordPress users to use strong and unique passwords.  WordPress will show the user about your password strength, but a good info is to avoid usage of common phrases, make use of the uppercase and lowercase letters and also include the numbers. It is always best to change your WordPress password regularly – say for every4 months.

3. Remove your admin Account

It is a common mistake everybody does. I know you are administrator of the blog, but do not keep your Main username as ‘admin’, ‘administrator’ or your good name. If you do that half of the work is already done for the hacker.
If you are the only one posting on your wordpress blog, create separate accounts i.e one for the administrator and other will posting. Never ever post from your administrator account, because wordpress easily tells the username of poster.

For example check this :

My username is dinesh and no points for guessing that.

4. Use Secret Keys in your WP-Config File

In a WordPress you can find a file named wp-config.php. It is the file which stores all the database info that a WordPress needs to connect to its route, in a manner of speaking. It is the file consists of name, address and pass of the MySQL database which stores all of your user information, blog posts and other essential contents.

You can make it even more complicated for the bad people to gain access to your WordPress by making using of a secret key. Navigate to and then copy the results to this part of your qp-config.php file if you are not already set up a secret key.


* Authentication Unique Keys.


* Change these to different unique phrases!

* You can generate thesee using the {@link Secret-key Sercie}

* You can change these at any point in itme to invalidate all existing cookies. This will force all users to have to log in again.


* @since 2.6.0


define(‘AUTH_KEY’, ‘put your unique phrases here’);

define(‘SECURE_AUTH_KEY’, ‘put your unique phrases here’);

define(‘LOGGED_IN_KEY’, put your unique phrases here’);

define(‘NONCE_KEY’, put your unique phrases here’);


5. Keep Your Htaccess File in Check

You can set the access limits to certain directories by using the htaccess file. You can bind all those limits to an explicit IP address, which means that the people from those locations only can access your info.

Htaccess things gets pretty complicate, but AskApache has the Definitive Tutoria for all this .htacess.

6. Know Your File Permissions

Frequently, the hackers are able to creep into your website because you have left your files and folders with permissions that are too moderate.

Depending on how you’ve installed the WordPress, or the default practices from your webhost, the authorization for the files and folders on your WordPress install might not be correct.

The WordPress Codex has a sketch out of what authorizations are satisfactory. The file and directories authorization can be modified either thro’ FTP client or through your cPanel. This Page describes lots about how does the file permissions works and how to modify them using a number of different systems.

7. Install Plug-ins Carefully

If you do not know programing, do not try any plugin which is available on the internet. Plugin can act as a backdoor for the hacker to enter into your wordpress. Install plug-ins only from official worpdress website and do not trust anyone.

I hope these tips will help you to keep your wordpress blog secure and away from hackers.