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KEF Universal Wireless System

Every sound is music and even silence has some sound. When you hear them you hear life. Music releases stress and gives immense pleasure to mind and soul. If you can hear these echoes without any distortions and quirkiness, you will wonder at the purity of listening sounds. One such amazing product is the KEF universal wireless system a high quality audio product with crystal clear sound performance. It is a higher end speaker system that can be used as an additional set up for your existing speaker system set ups including higher end music system, theatre system and computer system. You can place the KEF universal wireless system at any location inside your house and you will be surprised to have the same amazing sound quality without any oddness.

Technical Specifications

KEF universal wireless system does not use any wires and is an add-on setup for your any existing rear surround sound system set up. It can be used with any of the KEF speakers as well as speakers of any other brands. The KEF universal wireless system uses a 2.4 GHz transmission technology that gives a crystal clear clarity sound without any interferences, distortions and quirkiness. The KEF universal wireless system has a narrow band signal that features High Fidelity Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (HFADPCM) that ensures a high quality sound transmission. This is complemented by an advanced error correction technology that delivers a high quality transmission between the transmitters and the receivers. Finally KFL universal wireless system ensures interference free transmission of audio quality by using advanced frequency hopping spread spectrum that scrutinizes several channels at a time and switching to the strongest one. Due to this the high quality transmission is not affected by other home devices like wireless LAN routers, microwave ovens, mobile phones, cordless phones and many such devices.


The KFL Universal Wireless System is an expensive product when compared to other similar products and ranges from $569.95 to $599 on online stores.


KEF Universal Wireless System is an amazing wireless system that gives high performance audio solutions to wired speaker systems. You can hear a crystal clear quality sound from these by using it as add-ons to you present rear surround sound system set up. It can be used with any brands of speakers and can be placed anywhere in the room and still receiving astounding quality sound. The KEF universal wireless system unit consists of transmitter, a set of receivers and power adaptors that are small in size and can be easily concealed. The system is easy to set up and requires three AC plugs connecting the main parts to the receiver speakers and adapter. To give you a powerful sound experience KEF Universal Wireless System uses 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology that has advanced error protection and adaptive frequency hopping to give you a signal transmission without any interference and hitches. You can place the KEF Universal Wireless System in any part of the room or move to anyplace as line of sight is not required for transmissions from transmitters to speakers and still can get exceptional sound quality and clarity. The KEF Universal Wireless System is high on pricing but an exceptional high quality product because of its sheer sound quality and high performance.

10 Reasons to Try out Ubuntu 10.10

Once the Ubuntu 10.10 hits the streets by this Sunday, I bet that all the existing Ubuntu Linux users will damn sure update to the new release. After all this looks to be the most user friendly Ubuntu Linux yet, and most of the new features swear to be the must haves.

For those, who are in the business world who haven’t tried Ubuntu yet, however, the reason to download and give a twirl are even more undeniable. Here are a few of them.

Ubuntu 10.10

Here are top 10 reasons to try out Ubuntu 10.10

1. Speed

Ubuntu 10.01 is the damn – darn fast. According to the reports the beta version could boot within 7 seconds.

2. Price

There won’t be any contest because Ubuntu is free. You don’t need to invest anything, unless if you need to buy the professional support later on.

3. No Commitment

Ubuntu can be tried out in the computer without any changes or affecting anything thro’ options such as Live USB or Virtualization, LiveCD. You have nothing to lose in trying out this in your computer.

4. Hardware Compatibility

Ubuntu will be working well on any machine you may sit around, so you can try out his on an extra one to keep it off your Windows machines on the whole.

5. Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is the one which gives you the personal cloud services which allows you to synchronize all your notes and files and then you can access all these from anywhere. And also you can combine your computer and cell phone contacts and share the docs and the pictures with them. By using Ubuntu One you can buy music’s and gets it delivered to the computers of your own choice

6. Windows Compatibility

Ubuntu 10.10, a beta client for windows also lets the users to integrate their Ubuntu worlds and Windows by accessing the files from either of the platforms. You don’t need to worry that you can’t able to get at your windows files.

7. Applications

Ubuntu has the key business productivity software for free which include There is also Firefox included but there is also support for Google Chrome and Flash. Anything which is not there already, in the interim, can be found in the Ubuntu’s Software Center. Finding a software on windows is like a hunt-and-peck process, with so much hours has to be spent on the Google – and your debit card – the software center offers you the central place to locate and download 1000’s of open source app for free in just a few seconds.

8. Security

Ubuntu is extremely secured one, particularly when compared with windows and Mac OS X. The experts all recommends us that using the Linux for online banking is secured one and the other are just not secure enough.

9. Multi-touch

When you try out the Netbook Edition of Ubuntu on a Netbook, you can find out the new multi-touch features in Maverick’s new Unity interface.

10. Beauty

On chief thing that can be found on Ubuntu is that it’s more aesthetical and beautiful to use. The Unity Interface in the Netbook Edition and the Ubuntu’s Font Family are all looking beautiful.

Starting form this Sunday Ubuntu 10.10 will be available for download from Canonicals’ Ubuntu site. If you once started using Ubuntu for your business, then you will keep it for longer period.

Google Chrome- Cloud Computing Operating Sytem

Google Chrome Cloud Computing operating systemIn the 21st century where everything is automated and customised, we have a new type of computing technology taking a boon i.e. ‘cloud computing’. This is entirely based on the web. So it has become essential for computers to be upgraded to a new level now. Today, when most people spend most of their time on the internet , there is a need to grow in this field. There is so much evolution of web from Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and the upcoming Web 3.0, thus there is a demand for internet oriented operating systems. When Microsoft announced its new venture, “Midori”, which is based on internet and cloud computing platform, so how is Google going to be behind in this air steamed competition of demand and supply of open sourced, internet based operating systems.

Google is not a search engine, it is in fact one of the biggest company till date. With various successes through Google earth, Google navigator, Google chrome a long list to go. Google has always stood undefended by its research and development of their totally outstanding products. So , on July 7th 2009,Google announced its new operating system “Google Chrome OS”. They embarked their beginning to the era of operating systems. “Google Chrome OS” is going to be an open sourced , internet based operating system which will be based on Linux platform. This is mainly targeted for netbooks initially, but will be soon be available for desktops too. The focus of this OS is for people who spend most of their time on the internet. Google OS is a complete package of operating system consisting of web applications, Google navigator, Google wave and gear. The design goal for the Google OS will be to minimise the space and increase the number of applications, which is going to be a big task and challenge for Google. Also, they are working on the split screen feature where you can view various other contents side by side.

Android and Google chrome OS are the two latest ventures of Google. Though these two are completely different from each other and are developed for various purposes , one for mobile and other for netbooks but as said by Google “these might merge in the near future”. This OS will be supported by x86 and ARM hardware. The operating systems were developed when there was no web so now is the time to develop what can cope up with the ever changing requirements of the users. Google says that Google OS is just the extension of Google Chrome where they are working to satisfy their agenda of “speed, simplicity and security”. The designing of the OS is expected to be flawless so that the users may not have to deal with any security hazards or viruses.

So, as we see the competition to innovate an open sourced system is growing each day. But we can trust Google on creating something really unique and dynamic and hope they continue to invent more knowledgeable and innovative products in the near future.

Midori OS – Next generation operating system

windows midoriWe all have operated computers, worked on different operating systems like Windows, Linux, UNIX etc. But the more user friendly and often used is the Microsoft’s Windows. Since , Nov 1985 the time when windows was conceived till today it has just grown learning from all the former OS explicated.

In the recent era, Internet had become substantive than PC, more is the requirement to be updated and interactive with the outside world and get the overview of the recent scenario about the occurrences in the market rather than to make excel sheets on the PC. But till when will the invention of operating systems survive on windows…? Will there be any other platform available..? The answer to all these questions is YES.

On the platform of cloud computing and .NET Microsoft is working on presenting the second era in operating systems by designing a non-window based OS , “MIDORI”.

Microsoft has not openly given any details regarding Midori, but has surely accepted that it exists. Midori is expected to work on the footprints of cloud computing and singularity. A totally new concept ‘Singularity’ is based on high reliability and which will offer a new platform for Midori to boom. Singularity possesses three key components: the kernel, software isolated processes and channels.

The kernel is responsible for managing the memory, internal and external processes, scheduling. The kernel is written only 5% in the assembler or C, C++ and rest in any other language that contains #, like C#. These are then translated to Microsoft independent language (MSIL) which is processor independent instruction set of Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR) which is compiled in Microsoft research Bartok compiler. The languages with only #, are used as they offer more reliability from viruses, buffer overruns, exploitation by worms.

Software Isolated Processes have all the backup data and executing codes in case of any failure like a device driver or system process, this preventing the OS to come down. Two SIP’s cannot access the same object simultaneously and have different run time and different specified applications.

Channels are the way of communication between the SIP’s. These are bidirectional channels used for communication and provide more reliability.

Midori is supposed to work on hardware like ARM, x86 ,x64 . It is an attempt to make an contemporary OS which will configure with any type of hardware and will be available on the internet and work on virtual servers via cloud computing. These concepts will eliminate the dependency on the local hardware and applications for an OS. According to Brain Madden, a technology analyst we don’t need to natively install the OS on the PC. “Why do we need it? We have hypervisors everywhere” he said.

As cloud computing has introduced the service on demand concept, Internet centric OS do make sense. As this may help in over all connectivity of the systems and provide what all applications needed. As to eliminate the problems like application compatibility which are faced by the Vista users can also solved by this new OS by using Virtualization.
As we cannot say the time when MIDORI will be officially announced by Microsoft, but this will surely make an impact similar or more radiant than that when Windows was launched in 1985.