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Nokia C7 feature list

Nokia C7 is like a love-at-first-sight cell phone. It is slim, sleek and stylish. Everyone will appreciate its contour and looks at the very first sight. After the look and finish, one generally goes towards the features of a phone at the time of buying. And in feature department Nokia C7 also leaves its rival cell phones far behind.

Nokia C7 features

Now one can not think of a life without cell phone. Cell phone is now an undetectable part of almost every one’s life. People from round the globe are using it extensively; no matter rich or poor. If one goes to a backward counties like African or Asian one, then he or she would find even rickshaw puller are using cell phone! This time cell phone is ubiquitous product.  Some people are there who are talking less front to front and more on cell phone. Everything is now happening over cell phone; be it proposing to girl friend, negotiating with client, or talking to son studying abroad.

When the engineers made the cell phone for the first time, they devised it for sending voice from one person to another apart from text messages. But after that, cell phone has come long way. Now people are doing a lot of things with the cell phone. Now one can listen to his or her favorite track on the cell phone. One can stay connected with his or her friends and family members in social networking sites. One can send mail. One can manage his or her office documents over cell phone.

Apart from that, cell phone manufacturers from all over the world launching new phones every day with newer features. Now if one goes to market to buy a cell phone for him or her then the he or she will be confused by the number of phones he or she will find within his or budget to choose from. Here this article will throw a spotlight on a newly launched cell phone from a world famous company. The company is none other than the Finland based world famous cell phone manufacturer ‘Nokia’. And the recently launched phone from Nokia is ‘C7’.

Here are the features of Nokia C7

  • It has a full touch 3.5” display for live and vivid pictures and videos. One can also pinch to zoom, flick to scroll on the display.
  • It has got an 8 mega pixel camera with Carl Zessis lens which shoots high quality pictures and video.
  • One can directly goes social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter from this phone through dedicated buttons.
  • There is a Map and GPS navigation system integrated with this phone; using which one can find the place he or she wants to go easily.
  • Nokia C7 is powered by Symbian 3 operating system, which is coming with more than 250 new features.
  • One can download different kinds of apps on this Nokia C7 from Nokia’s Ovi apps store.
  • One can see TV channels like CNN, BBC and many more channels with the Web TV present in Nokia C7.
  • All these features at a very affordable price of less than $ 750.

Go for a Nokia C7 today. You will enjoy that for sure.

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