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Apple iTV – Review and Specifications

During the year 2006, Apple Inc has released Apple TV and it was spreading around rapidly and but was not a success. The Apple is now getting ready to take its next blast with the YouView from the British Internet TV. This new revolutionary television is called as Apple iTV.

It is rumoured that by Sep 1 2010, Apple will stage an event where they would re-release the Apple TV in the name of Apple iTV.

This latest TV from Apple looks small, having size not bigger than its iPhone. The exterior temperature radiated from the TV is also minimum.. This new Apple TV costs only 99 pounds.

This works just like an ordinary set top box, as it features Internet Radio, movies, and can view the video libraries from your PC, all accessible from the single menu. The hard drive has been stripped out. According to the reports from the Daily Mail, you can rent movie files from a huge volume of library for about 3.49 pounds.

You will be able to view videos from YouTube, but typing through the remote is an intolerable thing to do that leaves the co-viewers jiggling. The video that you are watch will look clear and colourful, as it supports 720p video playback. But though, it is not Full High Definition Video (HD) playback.

Many game consoles which offer rival film renting services are now mostly concentrating on “male interest” movies that are filled with explosions and aliens. Apple TV is considered to be appetizingly unisex.

So, it is better to use an iPhone application for controlling the device instead of using a fussy metallic device.

This device is expected to better the gaming experience just like the iPhone and the iPad. When the application is used for the Apple iTV platform and then when it is played on TV screens, it will be a game changer.

The significance of this model is that you can directly deal with the content provider and can buy only the required TV apps for the channel or the programme that you want to see. There is no middle man in this contact.

In regular TV’s the signals that we receive from satellite or cable will feature 100s of channels. Among them, only a few might interest you. It will be annoying for you to search the few you want to see from the 100s of channels. It will be frustrating to waste time on skipping the unwanted channels.

The impact of middle man influencing our content cannot be removed all of a sudden. Just like the iTunes having an impact on the Music industry and the iPhone on mobile industry, the Apple iTV is all set to transform the way we experience the video contents.

The search engine giant, Google on the other hand is gearing up for a launch of their Google TV by the end of this 2010. If the rumour is true and Apple releases the Apple iTV by Sep 1, it will be a great head start and might outscore the Google TV. We will have to wait and see!!!

Microsoft Kinect : Our Review and Some details

Microsoft has officially announced the launch of Microsft Kinect. Project Natal will certainly be renamed as the Microsoft Kinect. In case you’ve been left confused by all the hoopla surrounding the Microsoft Kinect, you’ve just reached the right place. Here in this article I will be explaining in brief why everyone is very much excited and what is Microsoft Kinect.. Here is some details and Microsoft Kinect review:

In many means, the Nintendo started a gaming mutiny with the Nintendo Wii. Wii substituted a conventional gamepad with motion sensing controller and made the gaming very much fun once again to a wider section of the population.
Kinect is fundamentally Microsoft’s reply to the Wii. With Kinect, Microsoft has eradicated the controller in total. It is just an add-on for the Xbox 360 which uses a sensor, consisting of camera and microphones, which enable you to interact with the system through spoken commands, gesture and other objects.
Microsoft Kinect review details

Last night at the Galen centre, Microsoft publicly announced Kinect in a detailed spectacle. Amidst profligate performance by Cirque du Soleil, Microsoft showed some demo of few games that will be using Kinect.

They include:

Joyride: Joyride is a racing game and this is the 1st video shown. The player can control his car thro’ various actions performed by your hands and your body, plus steering an imaginary steering wheel and then changing the gears back and forth.

Kinectimals: This game allows the player to train and play with twenty different virtual cats plus tigers, lions and Cheetahs. As lovely as the game is, Microsoft truly wants to fire the chap who keeps coming up with these bewilderingly stupid and mystifying names.

Kinect Sports: Given the powerful successful of Wii sports and Wii Fitness. It is of no shocker that the Microsoft has decided to copy them. The Kinect sport consists of beach volleyball, boxing, track and field, bowling, table tennis and soccer. And once again you’ll be using hands and also entire body for playing. So anticipate the experience to be a lot more physical than your characteristic gaming session.

Kinetic Adventures: With this Kinetic Adventures, you don’t even need to head out-of-doors to get the taste of the adventure. Finish barrier courses or partake in river rafting time trials by swaying, jumping and performing other full-body movements. To have more experience you can play K.A. with up to your mates.
Dance Central: Dance Central is made by the MTV games and on the whole brings “ So you think you can dance” to each family.

Other games demoed are of an unnamed fitness game for martial arts practice and yoga, and a Star Wars game. Microsoft has engaged with the big content providers like Disney to make sure that lots of games are available for Kinect at the launch.

For this holiday season the Kinetic will positively be launched. We’re expecting that it will be launched by October or November. However, we have to wait until Microsoft’s E3 keynote for the official word. Yet another aspect is the Price, which Microsoft didn’t say any comment. Let us wait for the more updates from the Microsoft.

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Microsoft Office 2011 – Compatible, Integration, Consistency and Cost-effectiveness

Microsoft has announced the release of their new office suite Microsoft office 2011. I tried to find out some of the features of Microsoft office 2011 and present you a list of them.

There are many common arguments in favor of a suite such as Compatibility, the consistency of the interface, the integrations of applications, Cost-effectiveness and simple convenience.

Microsoft Office 2011
Some benefits of Microsoft Office 2011 suite

File Compatibility

The file formats of Microsoft’s are the de facto standards, and that any contra program must be able to read files in those formats. All the suites above mentioned can read Microsoft’s .xls, .doc, .ppt formats — .xlsx, .docx and .pptx – is slightly less extensive. Most programs can open these files, but all of them can’t write to them.

And also the 3rd party app might not support all the features of the office counterparts; in this case some of the documents will not survive from one application to another with perfect reliability. The file Compatibility is not at all a crucial factor in the suite.


The suite has the advantages if integration like having your word processor closely connected to your PPT and Spreadsheet applications. For e.g. Microsoft Office has proprietary hooks- – like OLE and VB for app – that let the suite components interact with each other more intimately than they can with 3rd party products.

But i myself not satisfied that is a compelling argument in favour of suites. I am using excel and word each and every day, yet I never take the advantage of the integration. If you work often requires you to, for e.g. embedded spreadsheets in documents and the charts in presentation, then the integrations is of meaningful. But I think only a few people falls into this category. Many people uses each application separately.


The developers of this suite worked hard in order to make sure that each app has the similar look and feel. Try to learn one and also try to learn them all to a greater extent.

But there is a little menacing subtext to this: once you have grown familiar to a specific UI, anything which is of different may fell wrong; that could delicately pressure you to stick on to one product’s.


The package price is less than the 2 individual app. For e.g. the Microsoft Office for Mac home and business 2011 are of cost $199, but you can purchase Excel, PowerPoint and word separately for $119 each.

That pricing is sharp. If you thinking of purchasing one app in a given suite then you losing your money. Whether you using the other app or not buy as the whole site for the same cost which you going to spend to buy one single app.


It is really easy to purchase one product than several. For a single person a couple of purchases might not be a matter, but for business purpose, with many users, it can be more difficult. And if you are an IT guy charger with supporting 100’s of users, having lesser app to install, upgrade and answer questions about is a very good thing. So in this case the suite really makes some sense.

The Bottom Line

By considering the above factors it is very much true that this suite is economical one if you really need at least 2 of its component.  Having a suite does not means that you must use all the entire component tools.

Google Voice – Tips and Tricks to increase your business

During the year 2009, Google Voice was launched and is now made available for free in the US. This did not reach all distances that Google expected. But, it was helping undersized businesses by offering services that would make their professional life easier to tackle. For others who don’t know about this, read below.

Google Voice

You will have to select a virtual phone number on any area code, when you register. With that number, you can do all the mobile phone operations like SMS, Voicemail recording, internet voice calling, and can also be linked with your mobile or telephone.

With Google Voice, you can forward calls from your virtual number to mobile number, record calls and voicemails from both numbers, transcript the voicemails, share the recorded voicemails with friends, call blocking, setting up rules for groups or individuals, email notifications on SMS and Calls, free local calls, less cost for international calls, Listen to voicemail when it is being recorded and can attend the anytime when it is being recorded.

Let us now see on how to make use of these services for your business.

1. Prioritize and Search Your Calls

First, you must add your contacts to your virtual number before enjoying the services. Then, you are all set to enjoy the Google Voice features.

Google will be recording the voicemails and then will be sending an email or SMS about the things said on the voicemails. The Robot used will transcribe the voice into text that might not be perfect, but is enough to gather useful info about the voicemail like sender details, subject, etc.

Just like searching emails, you can search the transcribed voicemails for future reference of any important calls.

2. Rules and Greeting for different person or group

With the Google Voice settings menu, you can set up different behaviours for each individual or group. Assign particular contact to particular number or block calls from unwanted contacts.

Categorize contacts based on their department like product, sales, etc and notify the persons responsible for such calls by emailing or SMS of voicemails. You can set voicemail messages for certain contacts.

3. Share Calls with your PA or friends

You can send the email or SMS of the transcribed voicemail to your friends or even attach the audio voicemail itself to an email and forward them to your friends. You can also record live calls and share them. You can send the recorded call to your business partner regarding any urgent news.

4. Work from anywhere – any zip code

Based on the clustering of your customers, you can configure your location and make the calls as domestic calls to enjoy free calling.

You can contact those people who provide location based services, even if you are not present on that location. International calls are also pretty cheap enabling your businesses to go beyond boundaries.

5. Rules for receiving calls.

You can modify the settings on the mobile numbers that you will be available for a particular time or blocking all the calls to a number after business hours. These settings can be set as rules for individuals or a group. If you have a contact who matters the most, you can setup a rule that lets him to call you anytime always.

HTML5 – Answers for all your Questions

The HTML 5 has received many attentions in the technology field. Many are trying to get answers for several questions like what is HTML 5, what is the use of it, How to study it, etc. Many software professionals are trying to make use of it but are not sure about from where to begin. You can find all the answers below.

HTML 5 Answers to all Questions

HTML 5 Answers to all Questions

1.What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the improvement from its Base version HTML. HTML5 is the “attract all” term that is going to take us to the next step on the Web, together with Canvas, CSS3 and SVG. This will provide web developers with several functionalities for developing applications and websites with a better interactivity across multiple screens. With the integration of WebKit on mobile devices, HTML5 has got good recognition among the SmartPhones and Tablet Manufacturing. HTML5 is in its early stage and is incrementally evolving to provide better frameworks and tools for the Web Developers to develop interactive applications that will run on several platforms or devices.

2. Working of HTML5 with unsupported Browsers?

HTML5 is still evolving and people can work with it by using its new language elements and it can also work and degrade gently with old browsers.

  • With the help of new structural elements like Header and Footer within a user’s page, professionals can work conceptually by creating classes having same name and attaching them to divs.
  • You can provide compatibility for your older browsers with the help of new elements HTML5 together with few CSS codes and JavaScript codes.
  • Professionals can make full use of JavaScript library files like Modernizer that works well with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies even on browsers that do not support these functions.
  • HTML5 forms will feature new Input Elements and Types to offer better functionalities on latest browsers and also works well with older browser with just the text inputs alone.

3. Where to start for the learning process?

Start with making use of the new functions on CSS3. Be updated with happenings on blogs and make a note of new findings in JavaScript frameworks and have a concern on the platform (browser type) they are dealing with. You can be updated of the new innovations on runtimes and frameworks by following up with these

4. Am I Late?

The hype can make you think like that, but you are not! Ask questions on Significance of device APIs, Hardware Accelerations, interoperability issues, etc. Understand about the JavaScript tools and Frameworks issues and implementation on targeted system advantages.

5. Still Waiting?

The impact of HTML5/CSS on WebKit browsers for mobiles and desktop browsers like Chrome, IE9, Firefox, etc has been better. Professionals are looking for standardized way of making use of these new features from HTML5.

6. Impact of Adobe on HTML5?

Adobe with its Flash will work along with HTML5 to create better dynamic, interactive, consistent websites and applications.


It is sure that this HTML5 will provide better opportunities for web professionals to build highly interactive, dynamic, consistent websites and applications.

Use RitePen to write on your computer screen with your hand

Ritepen is an amazing tool to which helps you to write on your computer screen. By using computer you can type your words into documents. But in practical we use our fingers around pen and papers as a more convenient platform than using the windows application. Thanks to the tool Ritepen ($40, 30 day free trial), however, You can use pc that has graphics tablet or you can use your tablet PC to write notes, sign contracts, mark up documents and do a 100 other stuffs, for all their advantages, the pc’s doesn’t handle very well.

Use RitePen to write on your computer screen with your hand

Use RitePen to write on your computer screen with your hand

RitePen uses any manual input devices, like your finger on a touchscreen, graphics tablet or even mouse also. RitePen’s primary function is that it runs in the background waiting for inputs. If you make use of a graphics tablet or a tablet PC, just placing your finger on the screen engages RitePen. When you run a word processing application you can simply write whatever you like anywhere on the touchscreen and the RitePen will be turning your handwriting into an electronic texts in the doc. Obviously it will not be perfect, so the program lets us to review the words which it has converted, and make the corrections if RitePen was not able to fully convert the chicken-scratch handwriting. If the program doesn’t precisely guess the letters, simply scratch out the incorrect letter and the RitePen offers us a list of words from which you get the exact words.

In 64 bit version of Windows Vista the RitePen works swimmingly, but I got a problem when I tried to annotate a doc in writer: A default settings present in the word processor responds to a long mouse-click, where it pops up context menus. Some of the program also does this, so I turned off the feature in just in order to trigger RitePen, and pops up the context menus. But these kind of problems are exception ones. Word, Adobe reader and excel takes the inputs from RitePen very easily as if I was typing the letters or words or numbers directly to the programs.

RitePen also offers you to mark up the text with the handwritten notes or highlighting the paragraphs with a translucent highlighter marker. When you are using the Microsoft Office the program automatically start inserting the mark ups as comments, so that they don’t mess the body of the document.

This RitePen is sold by Vendor Ritescript, a division of Evernote Corporation for $40 and gives forthcoming customers a 30 day trial. However, there is an alternate way offered by the company to get this program: using a service called TrialPay, where you can sign up for other services or products via a website. Some the services offered are very much useful than others and some are just the trial versions of the other products. TrialPay cautions you that they could stop your access to ritepen when you cancel the trial, but a spokesperson of Ritescript clarified that, “once a person got the free licence for the entire copy of RitePen, he can/she can use that licence continuously.” It doesn’t matter however you got the license key, the RitePen does its works very well, you may just wonder how you managed these days without it.

Awesome Nokia N8 – Alternative for iPhone and Android phones?

Nokia N8, the handset that has got both the style and performance that can even challenge the Apple iPhone. The Nokia N8’s body is made up of anodized aluminium, single piece structure that embeds a battery that is irremovable, and a front side having only one button. The Nokia N8 sports a 3.5” inches AMOLED Capacitive Display Touch Screen that is built with Gorilla Glass, making it completely scratch free. This will be the 1st Symbian OS running handset to support the pinch to zoom feature for both the Photo Album and the Web Browser.

Nokia N8 review specifications and features

The Nokia N8 is fully loaded with exciting features including the 12 MP Camera featuring Xenon Flash and Carl Zeiss Optic Lens that makes it better from the others. The Photos taken using that 12 MP camera matches the quality of the photos taken from a Point and Shoot Digital Cameras. The Camera also supports 720p Video Recording at a speed of 25 frames per sec. With the High End inbuilt graphic processor, you can even play High Definition videos. You can share/view the videos and photos with your friends via the HDMI port on your phone to a HD television.

You can experience a complete theatre effect of Music and Video Playback from Nokia N8, as it features the surround sound Dolby Digital Plus capability. Either on your Home Theatre or on your headsets, you can always have 100% guaranteed entertainment.

The inbuilt memory of 16 GB from the Nokia N8 can be extended up to 48 GB, the maximum so far from any SmartPhones that have come from Nokia.

The striking feature on this N8 would be the USB on the go. You can use any pen drive on the USB port and view the files on the pen drive pretty fast. The contents can then be played or can be sent to the phone. You can also connect it with a printer or a portable hard drive that has got the electric power externally.

Social Networking can be enjoyed via the Social Networking Apps like Twitter and Facebook. But, the widget on the home screen does not notify multiple status update at the same time.

Symbian OS is well known for its multitasking support that lets you to work on many apps simultaneously with the same good performance (scalability). The Symbian ^3 Operating System is an improved version of (5th edition) S60, but though needs more improvement to match the Android and iOS. The Menu navigation and common tasks like messaging takes bit more time – Write the message, verify and send it, while in other OS you can just write and send directly.

Battery backup is awesome. Just charge once and you can make outgoing calls, surf the internet, do multitasking with apps, and the charge will last for the next 36 hours.

The Nokia N8, priced at Rs 26, 259 is reasonably the best handset to come from the Nokia and is sure to attract all the Nokia Fans, but though the Android running Samsung Galaxy and the 8GB Apple iPhone 3GS might outscore this Nokia N8. Let us wait and see!!!

Alternative Options for PayPal :PayPal Alternatives

For so long, Paypal has been a boon for individuals for their secure money transactions for e-commerce businesses. This gives you the advantage of not having to share your bank account or credit card details with the merchant or recipient. But, everybody should know that they are not the only ones who provide such services.

Person-to-Person Payments

Popmoney was launched during the end of the year 2009, whereas ZashPay was launched during this summer. Both these payment services works just like PayPal, as you need only a recipient mobile number or the email address.

The difference between Paypal and the other two services is that PayPal allows money transactions through your PayPal account, whereas the other two (Popmoney and ZashPay) allows money transactions directly via bank account itself just like an electronic bill payments.


You will never be able to send payments via its online site, unless your bank supports such a service. So, for sending money via such a service from your bank, you would require a Popmoney account.

Pros: You can establish a Popmoney account for free and can receive money without any transaction fee. Nearly 175 banks provide free accounts for their customers.

Cons: You will never be able to send payments via Popmoney’s site, unless you have a bank account that supports Popmoney services. You should provide sensitive information during the verification process in order to create an account.


The ZashPay account setup will take some days that includes the time for small verification deposits to feature in the bank account. You can send the payment amount to the recipient email address like in PayPal. When you receive the payment, you will get notifications via your email and SMS on mobile phone.

Pros: You can send money through SMS or email. No 3rd party account is required, but can send payment between bank accounts directly. Free account set up and no fee will deducted for receiving money. Fee for sending a USD 500 will be USD 0.75 only.

Cons: Setting up an account consists of a verification process wherein you have to give lot of sensitive information. Number of banks that supports ZashPay is limited only to 70 till now.


Obopay and AlertPay are other online payment service providers that are similar to the PayPal working strategy. Create an account and specify a bank account to take care of the payment transactions. Obopay working depends on mobile devices. AlertPay provides additional services like funding sources through money orders, providing services to more than 190 countries which PayPal doesn’t provide.

Business centred

PayPal revolves on the fees which they get from their customers during the money transactions. PayPal acts as a 3rd party who works between 2 customers who wants to transfer money between them. Not everybody is happy with PayPal way of dealing things. PayPal has frozen million dollars from the account of a game developer Notch, stating the suspicious activity as a reason.

Google Checkout

It provides users with a better way of handling the online transactions. No monthly or gateway fees, no fee deduction for buyers. The fess they get is (1.9 % + USD 0.30 )/transaction based on the monthly sales quantity.

Pros: More secure, good customer support, works on email only.

Cons: Google is a giant with more information about us already and so further sharing of sensitive information could back fire us.

There are other means of payment services like Amazon Payments, Revolution Money Exchange, MoneyBookers, DigitalRiver, etc. But though, PayPal with lot of customers up its sleeves and excellent services is likely to outscore others.

Google Added new features in Webmaster tools

Google is known for its innovation and every month they bring us some new features which amaze us. It has been a month since Google launched ”Google Instant Search”. Now, they have worked on webmaster tools.

Google webmaster tools got a new feature which shows the webmasters about the change in their keyword ranking. It helps in deep analysis and search engine ranking of keywords, Click through Ration and Impressions.

Check more at Google webmaster tools

Top 5 malicious internet Places which can hack your PC

Lot of people depend on the Internet for all their basic or complex needs which includes studies, entertainment, businesses, researches, shopping, etc. The benefits that you get are actually shadowed by the malicious attacks that arise from the Internet. Even if you secure your system with Antivirus programs, it is not enough to safeguard your system from virus affected malicious sites. Listed below are threats and some of the ways your system might get affected, so make a note of it.

Threat No. 1:  Malicious Flash Content Files

Origin: Sites having Flash Contents

Adobe flash malicious hackers
Recently, Adobe Flash has been used by hackers to transport malicious viruses. Adobe has released several patches to provide more security. The Small bits of data that are stored in your PC when you access Flash content sites are called Flash Cookies that are used to store Flash settings. These Flash cookies can keep track of the sites that you browse. The worst part is, if you delete the cookies, only the normal cookies are deleted and the Flash cookies are not.

To avoid this, you will have to keep your browser plug-ins updated or set up the Flash Plug-in setting to notify you every time when it attempts to download Flash cookies.

2 Threat: Short URLs that targets you to malicious sites

Origin: Twitter

List of URL Shortners
Twitter is a place for Hackers, as it revolves around URL Shorterners that would mask long URLs with brief URLs. So, it is really easy to hide a malware or Trojan horse behind the shortened URLs.

You can make use of Twitter Client Apps like Tweetie (Mac) or TweetDeck that has a preview function that shows you the complete URL before you click the shortened URL. lets you to remove malicious URLs manually and tinyURL has preview services.

3 Threat: Email Attachment or scams that installs malwares or acquires confidential info

Origin: Email Inboxes

List of email inbox providers
This attack has been there for ages and is always evolving. The spamming emails looks to be real and targets you to the malware sites, but it can be differentiated easily from the sender’s email address.

It is better to go directly to the main website itself rather than clicking on the attachment link on the email.

4 Threat: Malwares present on software or multimedia downloads

Origin: Files from Torrent related sites

List of Torrent Websites
Torrents sites allow you to download pirated multimedia files like music, video or software that might have malware content. Torrent is considered to be the best place for the hackers to send malwares through the torrent files, as there is no security provided by their torrent websites.

If You Have to Go There: It’s probably best to avoid torrent sites entirely, given their untrustworthy content, but if you must visit, use a secondary PC to protect your main system. Use antivirus software, and keep it up dated. Scan downloaded files and wait a couple of days be fore opening them. Brand-new malware can be tricky to catch, but the delay in opening may allow your antivirus software to get the necessary signatures.

It is best to avoid using torrent sites completely. If it is a must, use a computer other than you main PC and download the files. Scan the downloaded files using updated Antivirus and don’t execute them for the next 2 days. This gives your antivrus to catch hold of the malware contents.

5 Threat: Malware in videos or  image on porn sites

Origin: Porn content sites

Porn websites
Porn sites contain lot of malware contents, which will automatically gets downloaded to your PC. Porn sites take you to other porn related sites and leave you as a target for malware attacks.

If you have to view those porn sites, Make use of McAfee Site Advisor and Link Scanner to filter out malicious sites and have concern while downloading files like videos, images, etc.