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Here, you will find download links and reviews of free android games. We pick up free android games available in the market and review it for you.

Top 10 Android Brain Games

The Android era, has led to the development of an increasing multitude of games that provide a means of pass time and renewed learning.

In this forever expanding market of games are a treasury of brain related Android games that have been developed for players to train their brain and develop their inner grey matter. These brain teasers not only boost your memory capacity but also enhance the functionality of your brain, along with working out the spatial and working memory, focus, chunking and concentration skills in an individual.

A few of these fun-filled games are as follows:
1. Wordfeud:
Wordfeud android brain game
Wordfeud is a Scrabble-like crossword puzzle where you must make words either vertically or horizontally with the letters that you have been given. Each letter has a numeric value and the cumulative value of your word is added into your score. This multi-player game is played in turns. The winning secret in playing this game is to construct long and difficult words.
2. Unblock Me:
UnblockMe android game
This is a great and challenging puzzle game that demands smart thinking and various tactics to slide over the puzzle pieces and blocks the finish a jigsaw piece.

3. Brain Genius Deluxe:
Brain Genius Deluxe Android Game
Brain Genius Deluxe is a free brain trainer for Android users. It provides a number of fun and engaging brain teasers and riddles. Some of these are the familiar games like Sudoku and mazes, accompanied by a wide variety of numerical games and puzzles.

4. Chess Free:
Chess Free Android Brain Game
Chess is a great challenging mind game that can be downloaded for free from the Android market store. There are a number of levels such as: novice, beginner, expert and so on to give different gravity of challenges to the player.

5. Word Search:
Word Search Android Brain Game
Searching for words!!! Another unbeatable game to add to your kitty.
It not only helps to improve memory skills, enhance the usage of words and improves grammar. It is a game where you have to search for various words in a number of directions: horizontal, vertical and diagonal, from a pool or a matrix of jumbled alphabets.

6. Craniati Enigma:
Craniati Enigma Android Game
Craniati Enigma is an Android implementation of a number of popular browser-based riddle games. This game consists of a number of successive pages and you will be able to proceed from one level to the next one by solving a riddle. The solution is often right in front of you and a straight forward question, but very easy to miss.

7. Memorix:
Matrix Memory Game Android Game
This is the highly popular matrix memory game that has been ported to Android to tease your brain. Here, the player is required to repeat a sequence of patterns that briefly appear on a matrix, in order to finish each level. This game lets you to exercise your Spatial Recalling and Working Memory with fun and proves to be a good exercise for your brain.

8. Brain Age Test:
Brain Age test Android Game
The Brain Age Test is a perfect game to test the ability and maturity of your brain in terms of memory and usage. In this game you are expected to arrange the jumbled numbers in a sequential order according to the given specification. This game rates your brain at the end of each level, thus handing you a report card to have an analysis of your brain.

9. Scrambled Net:
Scrambled Net android game
This is a very challenging and creative thinking game in the Android market for which you will have to put on your thinking caps. A game for those who love computer networks, as it involves a single server and multiple computers. A connection must be made among the server and the other computers in such a way that each and every computer is connected to the server.

10. Letter Scrambler:

This game puts your neurons to work by giving you a set of random letters from which you have to list out all the possible words that you can coin together. This game also helps you to improve your vocabulary by teaching you new words.

Elite Force Android game arrives

Elite Force is an action game with stuffs like guns, defense team, soldiers and etc.

This is a good pastime android game which can be loaded on to your  phone. It is absolutely free and can be easily installed. It has more than 60 levels. The environment in which the game is taking place is lively and pleasant. All you need to do in this game is to kill the soldiers who are nearing you, since you are a part of a defense team.

The version of this game was updated on October 19th of this year with high resolution graphics and increase in number of levels.
Many reviews say that this game has nothing other than awesome graphics but this game can attract the children as it is attractive.This game promises that you say “It was…fun…

Click here to Download

Cricket IPL T20 Fever for Android

The exciting official game of India is Indian Premier League season 4. We will look at the exponentially increasing popularity of the T20 format of Cricket in the form of an android game. The IPL T20 game is experienced on the computer live with HD 3D graphics. Numerous modes are available to play tournaments, ODIs and T20 matches and also the power play style match.


To be said as history, the BCCI Board of Cricket Control in India organized IPL and IPL T20 is the major revenue source for BCCI and ranks sixth in the world sports event .So the computer gaming events for IPL T20 entertains the people and also makes profit to the contributors of the gaming events.

Features of Cricket IPL T20 fever:

Cricket IPL T20 Fever

The features are stunning 3D graphics and art of 3D physics engine for real pin action.

Game rules and Updates:

The permissions needed are full internet access, read phone status and identity, storage which lets users to modify/delete USB storage contents on the SD cards. It needs the network-based locations to determine the presence of a user.


The best realistic 3D bowling power on the android phones is the IPL T20 fever. This game fully embraces the incredible 3D physical effects. Here you can also add up online leader board of total scores.

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Animal Tetris : Free Teris Game

Tetris is one game that never goes out of existence. It’s been generations since people are enjoying this block game. You too belong to the fan club of this game – Tetris??? Then this android platform of the game can be a real party for the game lovers. The game is easily apprehensible by people of all age groups. In this technology, the same procedure is done of placing things or rotating the block as desired using your phone’s trackball or pad.

Tetris free android game

So it’s now the responsibility of ours to keep this game alive with all the new possible features so that the next generation too can enjoy it equally..!! Right??

Click here to download Animal Tetris gae

Open Sudoku : Android Suduko Game

It is found that a person solving a Sudoku in the morning can help your brain stay active the whole day. Solving the Sudoku’s on newspapers like a routine everyday gets you bored of them. For change in life, playing the new Android’s Open Sudoku which lives up to its open tag thanks to letting users install packs of new puzzles generated by Sudoku makers.

android games

It is one game that you can enjoy through out the day swallowing all the fun you can make out from it. If you don’t like such wit testing games then it is better you stay away from it!! Not of your type!

Click Here to download the Open Sudoku Game.

Drop Game, Enjoy Falling

The platform of the Android development is the working of an accelerometer. It is a device specially built in Android phones. Drop- by the name it’s as easy as you can say the word. You just need to fall off the characters through the gap.

drop game review

Knowing Android, tilt your phone as and when you need to drop the characters through the gap. This game is not only fun but also lets you unmask how good the accelerometer in your phone works!! Is that not revealing?!

Click Here to download Drop Game

Gem Miner : Most Addictive Android Game

The Gem Miner game by the name suggests you to pull out what ever you find out of the ground. You can play it with a mole character that micro-manages the stuffs you find while digging through the ground. This game does sound very ample as the raw materials underground are lots and lots in number. Adding to this, you can upgrade your powers, buy bigger and better tools and maps.

android game

This is not just an old boring digging game, here you may find huge amounts of lively stuffs out of the ground. Seems cool! Isn’t that??

Click Here to download Gem Minor

Coloroid : Colorful Android Game

This game is one of the simplest among the Andriod collections. The idea behind is to just expand the coloured areas, filling them in with colors in as few as possible. It works alike the paint’s fill color tool or the Photoshop’s fill tool.

android games

Imagining this you can decide it yourself how simple this game could be..? So, if you enjoy games that work easy rather those complicated ones…! Then what are you waiting for play it, experience it, and rejoice it..!

Click Here to download Coloroid Game.

Jewels Game : Pattern Matching Game

Every phone has this game irrespective of what kind you buy.. not fake that the Andriod too has it. The coloured gems game that we are all experts playing by about-facing the pairs of coloured gems to make large groups which can then disappear. The jewels are amazing in size and representation giving them a professional look making you eager to own them for yourself for free.

android games

If everything were in my hands, I would really snatch out some directly out of the screen!

Click Here to download Android jewels game.

Cestos Game Review

This is a great, awesome game that can be played online. The game gives a superb futuristic recreation. Playing online with real people on the either sides of you, each one throws marbles at others to try and smash everyone’s balls or gems down the drain and out of the zone. It will be more and more of amusement if there are people with right attitude playing against you.

android games

It would be fun cheating and paving way for your opponents out of the game. So go relish this game instead of hobnobbing online all the time…!

Click Here to download Cestos game.