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Kodak Playsport, a Waterproof Camcorder Up To 3 Metres

The Kodak Playsport is offering something very much special to all the people who enjoy the outdoors. The special thing of Playsport is that it is a waterproof camcorder.

The appearance of the Kodak Playsport is rugged and has a rubber casing. This Playsport comes with a 2 inch screen. It can be obtained in 4 different colours and they are purple, brown, white and blue colours. The front part of the Playsport is made up of plastic and which has 4 function buttons and they are 4-way navigation buttons, pictures, videos and record in addition to it review and delete. On the side of this camcorder there is a flap for charger and battery pack and HDMI input. The flap is really stiff and keeps out all the water. This camcorder is waterproof up to 3 metres, but we can’t say that whether the water seepage into it or not if it is under the water for such a long time.

Caution: Once after every use of the camcorder transfer all the videos and switch off the camcorder and dry it.

This Kodak Playsport waterproof camcorder set comes with a HDMI cable which is used to connect to your television. The HDMI cables which is quite expensive which costs around at least 1000.

Although the camcorder is not claimed it has a shockproof device. We did some test and it worked perfectly. In our test we tested its waterproof capability; we submerged it into a backed of water and also placed in a shower and also even tried in the rains. In all the 3 cases there was no problem in the camera.

This camcorder comes with a 5.3 MP camera, 4x zoom where you can take high quality pictures and also videos in 1080p full HD. The internal memory of this camera is just 128 MB where you can shoot a 5 sec of HD video. The video quality is excellent even while taking moving shots. The various other features of this camcorder are face detection, a glare shield to cut off the extra sunlight for the daytime video capture and an underwater mode.

The videos can be easily transferred by simply doing drag and drop and it is well-suited with the PCs and Macs. It comes with preloaded video editing software which makes it easy for you to upload the videos and pictures to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

This Kodak Playsport, a waterproof camcorder is available at a price of Rs 7,300.

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3D Television – Next Level of Home Entertainment

3D Television. The processing power of computers have been grown rapidly and thus the functionality of the electronic devices as well. The introduction of 3D TV’s has attracted all the Television lovers. Lot of them knows what 3d Televisions really are and some doesn’t know about it. Continue reading to understand about this awesome technology. Ordinary TVs that you have been watching so far is 2D (two dimensions), which means that the picture on the TV will be displayed with two dimensions, Width and Height. The latest 3d TV technology will showcase the picture with an extra dimension called as Depth to provide you with an imagination of the images emerging out in front of you. So, when you watch Jurassic Park, the dinosaurs are going to come from the screen right at you.

With this 3d view, the living room entertainment will take you to a greater level of experience. The 3D TVs will be have to do lot of processing works to the pictures, in order to make your mind to believe what you see is actually coming out at you from the screen. At present, for watching these 3D TVs, you require 3D glasses. But, 3D Television producers are taking one step more to manufacture 3D TVs that can be viewed even without the 3D Glasses. To enjoy 3D movies, gaming, you will have to buy a blu-ray player having 3D support. For this, Sony has released a patch that can be applied on the Sony PS 3 gaming consoles to add 3D capability to it.

But at present, you will have to buy 3D glasses for your whole family to enjoy 3D movies at the same time. The prices of these 3D glasses are not less, as some manufacturers charge nearly 200 $ for each pair of 3D glasses. Several people insist you to use their own 3D glasses in order to get better 3D experience, without which the 3D TVs will be of no use. The technology of 3D viewing without 3D glasses in 3D TVs is still in the development stage. So, have to wait for a long time until these newer 3D technology TVs are released.

Advantages of Flash Memory Card Reader

Advantages of Flash Memory Card Reader. With the increase in Data usage in everyday life, Data storage has become an important factor. You may access your data with Handsets, Digital cameras, PCs, Camcorders, iPads, iPods, e-readers and gaming devices. You can store huge data on these devices and so you will have to make use of other external devices to store huge data and one such device is Flash memory Card.

These Flash Memory cards are small and compact chips that are commonly used in cameras, gaming peripherals, handsets to extend the memory capacity for storing multimedia files like photos, videos and music.

These Flash Drives comes in various ranges like SD (secure digital), CF (compact flash), MS (memory stick), and more. But, SD is used widely.

The SD will be available in various sizes like 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and so on. It is up to you to buy the one that suits your need. The price of the SD card depends on the SD card size that you are opting for.

You should manage and use Flash memory card effectively by transferring the device from your memory card to system and vice versa. By doing like this, you can use the memory card for future use. The Flash Memory Card helps you for reading or transferring the file from memory card to PC or vice versa. You can use the memory card in any System (Device) and read or transfer the data.

Some systems will have this card reader feature built inside them. You can buy desktops or laptops that have got this card reader feature. Else, you will have to buy an external card reader device to use them for other purposes.

Modern Flash Card Readers comes with several slots that could be used for several kinds of memory cards. The cost of the drive depends on the capability of the memory card reader.

If you have an idea of purchasing any memory card reader, you will have to first understand the applications of flash memory card reader. You have to understand its uses and the areas that you want it for use. After that, you should buy the readers that best satisfy your requirements.

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A 17 year old boy designed a Cyber Safety Curriculum

The 17 year old teenage boy is quite different from his neighbours and classmates. Most of the kids under his age will be mostly chatting out in the social networking sites but he is quite different.

Now he is making out a curriculum on the cyber security with the aid of Infosys which will be 1st taught in his schools and then later will be adopted by CBSE.

Shourya Saluja, a student of 12th who is studying in Bangalore’s Indus International school is making out a curriculum for 9th to 12th classes which will be creating awareness about the cyber safety.

Its 3 components will be focusing on 3 safety matter of the social networking sites. Children are revealing too much info on their profiles; they share photos and accepting randomised people as their friends just in order to increase their friend’s list. Shourya said that they don’t know what hazard this will lead to. Children will be taught how to be protected by themselves from the hazards like phishing messages, things to look after LAN, internet security.

The other subject is Cyber ethics and the children will be tutored on how to be a very good cyber citizen.

After a period of 6 months Shourya planned to rate the triumph of this program and then ask for the approval to include this in the curriculum to the Central Board of the Secondary Education. He said that he got the idea when his sister, 10 year old, asked me to make a new Facebook profile with all her info’s. “I have realized that many Kids were unaware about the penalty of this”, he said.

Shourya approached the Punjab College of engineering which has the cyber security research centre. “When I said teaching the cyber safety in high schools, they said me okay. And there I did a 3 week, internship, conducted many surveys, did research and presented many papers on the gap between the current curriculum and I proved the need of this course. “In the second week of June, Shourya presented the papers to Infosys and convinced it to assist him in the course content.

Browser Wars Entered into a New Round with Safari 5.0.1

A few week ago Apple launched version 5.0.1 of its Safari browser. It fixes the major security weakness. It turns on the support for the extensions, where Apple is gathering in its new extension. The amount of available add-ins is meagre when compared to Google Chrome or particularly Firefox, but already there is some good stuff – The one I like is the Gmail Counter, which adds a button which indicates the number of emails that has been arrived since you did the last check on your inbox, along with a banner which rotates through the recent subject lines. Safari extension is the most flawless installation process.

Until now, when people asked me that how does the major browser stack up, I have mainly commend Safari but that the short of extensions made it to be less suitable working environment. But now it has got all of them. The other reason for considering the Safari is one less main unique characteristic for the competition.

Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera are all really good browser and they are developing more similar.  The overarching objectives are mostly industry wide ones like cutting edge HTML5 support, slicker frameworks for extension, more modest interfaces and zipper performance and other customizations.

An awkwardness of best browser to opt from is great news, of course. But on some odd level, it leaves me offhand about the entire topic. Most of the majority browsers are roughly comparable. And I am unable to remember which browser that I am using at the moment. (at present I have chrome, safari, Firefox open.)

At some point of time the interfaces will get as smooth as they are going to get, it will be tough to get more speed out of the JavaScript engines, and HTML5 will be all over the place. The browser developers must have to fastener onto new ideas and when they do; their products may again feel more characteristic than they do at the moment..

I am not asserting that there is nothing distinctive in the current browsers. A few e.g. of new ideas currently on display: Opera’s Turbo browsing, Safari’s easy reading mode, Firefox’s “tab candy” and all the social characteristics in my favourite underdog browser, Flock. I looking forward to see more stuffs like this and I keep my fingers crossed.

6 Useful Linux Applications

Like any valuable OS, the famous Linux distributions describe themselves not just by the default desktop manager in use, but also by using the software chosen to be included out of the box.

I am going to provide you a rundown of the app for the Linux desktop which I feel must have ones.

Useful LINUX applications

Useful LINUX applications

1. Evolution

In the past I have tried the KDE PIM app but now I discover myself getting back to the Evolution as my MS Outlook choice, because this offers me all support that I am in need of. Peoples new to this app find themselves switching to this PIM is a snap, if for the reason that it just feels user-friendly to use.

Why is this a must have app?

I feel that people who like to have it all in a single app, Evolution is the best match. Contacts, calendar, email while taking things into air with the MS Exchange for those who’re still fixed using Microsoft’s Exchange servers at work.

2.            Gscan2pdf

It is factual that both KDE and GNOME desktops offer their own idea on the finest means to handle the scanned docs; the fact of the stuff is that scanning them to a PDF is another substance entirely. Due to the ability of the gscan2pdf app made me to bring this to 1st place.

Why is this a must have app?

This app has the ability to send the scanned documents to PDF very rapidly.

3.            Parcellite

Having the right type of clipboard manager in Linux makes or breaks the user’s ability to copy and paste the contents from one test source to another. The Parcellite is the least bother for my Ubuntu desktop.

Why is this a must have app?

You can easily copy and paste the contents or numerous phrases as if you are having a copy machine.

4.            Open Office Writer

No other apps are used than Open Office write with the exemption of Evolution. I uses the various application offered with the Open office like calc. I mostly inclined to rely mostly on this app.

Why is this a must have app?

This app is installed in the Linux distributions, and Open Office Writer offers intermediary access to word processing which is even well-suited at most points with those who want to edit text docs created by MS Word user.

5.            Filezilla

After attempting so many otherwise great FTP clients for the Famous Linux, Filezilla offered with an User Interface and level of File transfer Protocol access that didn’t left me blaring at my screen in aggravation. Most File Transfer Protocol clients are either liked or hated. I like this one definitely.

Why is this a must have app?

This is able to store number of website FTP logins, having the software available for both Linux and Windows. And also i won’t lose my settings when I upgrade the software.

6.            Pidgin

While I tried much not to spend many hours in IM, the fact remains that I am doing some of my business in my favourite Instant Messenger. And that Instant Messenger of selection is known as Pidgin.

Why is this a must have app?

Pidgin offers protocol support to about everything. Not just MSN, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ. No, Pidgin use add-ons to offer support for my twitter updates and also chat in Facebook.

Samsung Epic 4G: Pros and Cons

The Android running Smartphone, Samsung Epic 4G is the 2nd handset in the Sprint’s list to have WiMax support(1st is a slider QWERTY handset HTC Evo 4G), will be ready for launch at the end of this month.

Pros of Samsung Epic 4G

  • Notable features of the phone are 5 MP Camera, the front end VGA camera for video chatting, an mobile hotspot functionalities.

    Samsung epic 4G

  • Unpredictably light: The Epic 4G weighs only 5.5 ounces because of the slide out keypad adding an extra ounce and the thickness will only be few tenths of an inch. Its a reasonable sized mobile that weighs unbelievably less.  It will be launched on August 31 and you will get a 2 year Sprint contract for 249$, after mail in rebate of 100$.
  • Dazzling display: The Epic 4G sports 4” inch screen size that works on Super AMOLED technology, which gives HQ colour images better than a Standard AMOLED technology. Super AMOLED images look well indoor but outdoor it looks dim.
  • Soft, Silky performance: The 1GHZ powered Hummingbird allows you to swap across the home screen and menus real fast. Windows opened swiftly and Switching between portrait and landscape mode will happen pretty quick in no time.
  • Lovely QWERTY keypad: The QWERTY pad slides across in soft and elastic way. There are 5 rows of keys with a row for numbers alone. There is no dedicated @ key and the space key looks small.
  • You can have them for sure: The executives from Sprint say that the Epic 4G may not be able to beat the sales of Evo 4G. The interest shown by people is not the same like before (during the launch of Evo 4G). So, all the demands of customers can be satisfied(everybody can get their handsets without any delay).

Samsung epic 4G picture

Cons of Samsung Epic 4G

  • Ships with Android 2.1, not 2.2: Epic 4G runs on Android 2.1 only and not on Android 2.2, which means it has no Flash support. It seems Samsung and Sprint has not taken any steps to upgrade the Epic 4G to Android 2.2 Froyo, as the release date is nearing.
  • Cost is high (50$ more): Be ready with 350$ to buy the Epic 4G (249 $ for contract and 00$ for mail in rebate). This is 50$ more than HTC Evo 4G. The reason given by executives for this is that the Epic 4G has got premium hardware making it a premium handset.
  • Add on fee of $10/month “Premium Data” 4G tax: It will cost you 69$ for voice and data plans and for the 4G add on fee of 10$ will have to be paid every month, regardless of any place you are situated. The reason for 10$ extra was that the Evo and Epic users use more data compared to other handset users.
  • Battery life: Just like the Evo 4G, the Epic 4G handset’s battery may get harmed when the handset is used in areas having weak 4G signal. If you live in 4G coverage area, no problem, but if you are in a place having 3G coverage only, it is better switch off the 4G antenna to conserve your battery charge and life.

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Nintendo 3DS – Experience 3D gaming

After the press conference of the company ended at the E3, I got a chance to take a look at the new Nintendo handheld gaming console referred as Nintendo 3DS. The thing that I saw was a demo presentation only, even then the 3D display itself gives a reason for the gamers to purchase the Nintendo 3DS Gaming console and is sure to stay here until or otherwise other devices like Android, iPad and iPhone begin to provide features for 3D.

Nintendo 3D games Enjoy 3d gaming experience

The Nintendo 3DS is surely better than its previous 2D game play handheld consoles. The Nintendo 3DS comes with exiting customizable option that will give the gamer new functionalities that are not present in other handheld device console. Some important things to note in this Nintendo 3DS are the 3D slider that allows you to customize the camera angle and the 2 VGA cameras that are capable of recording and capturing 3D contents, the Wi-Fi connectivity and other functionalities are yet to be released by the company. The main feature of the Nintendo 3DS’s 3D game playing is that you do not need any 3D glasses while playing.

The main attraction found in the Nintendo 3DS is the 3D slider. When you want to ‘Zoom’ into the higher levels of 3D display, you will have to toggle upon the right hand side of the Nintendo. The visual display of the device looks awesome and the ability to play various games on several 3D depth levels of customization, will take you directly from the 2D to 3D experience.

There is a slide pad present on the bottom left side of the Nintendo screen, which can be used to control the angle of the camera with respect to the scene that you want to capture. This customization feature cannot be found on ordinary 2D game consoles. It lets you to view several vantage points that are present in the camera display while capturing the scene around you.

Additionally, when I was having the Nintendo 3DS on my hands, it brought memories about the DSi and the DS Lite. My first feel about the Nintendo 3DS is that it was looking like its predecessors. During the press conference, the Nintendo has not released full specifications about the Nintendo 3DS. The company said that the final design of the Nintendo 3DS’s Hardware details is still to be announced. Also, the other main details that everybody is looking for, the release date and the price of the device are yet to be announced.

We will just have to wait to know more on the 3D features and capability of the Nintendo 3DS like 3D game play, 3D video play back, and 3D still photos that are taken from the 2 VGA cameras that are present in the outer side of the device. There is also talk that the device works on Wi-Fi network as well, which means the device can download contents automatically when the device comes into contact with the hotspots. With all these customizable features in the Nintendo 3DS, it is sure that all the gamers will be awaiting its release to experience the new way of playing games in 3D.

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‘Knight’ Flash Drives from Moser Baer – Safer than Ever

Moser Baer is known all over for its empty or movie CD’s. But now, Moser Baer comes to the headlines for a different product. Moser Baer for India has announced USB Pen Drives called “Knight”. These Flash Drives lets the users to customize the memory space based on the needs. The ‘Knight’ pen drives has got some features like LED light and MyZone.

Knight flash drive moser bear

The name “Knight’ refers to security. The Data stored on Pen Drives can be viewed, deleted or modified by anyone as it has got no restrictions. There are some ways that you can use to secure your sensitive information like making it hidden, by using winrar to archive (compress) it and protect it with a password, etc. By using these methods you cannot fully secure the sensible data. The best way is to password protect the data.

The Knight USB pen drive’s MyZone feature is helpful for business users as it allows the users to manage the pen drive memory space by isolating it as public and personal memory storage, which can be password protected. The software used for security can be used to manage the private memory space. The private memory space can be defined by allocating any percentage from the total pen drive storage. These ‘Knight’ Flash Drives are password protected drives, which guarantee that the user documents remains safe making it best for storing confidential data. The other feature of the Flash Drives is LED light. These Flash pen drives will work in all kinds of Operating Systems like Apple’s Mac, Windows operating systems, Linux and also in Windows 7.

The USB Flash Pen Drives termed as ‘Knight’ is just like other flash drive models due its Cap based model and also a Dark Red LED light at the back end. These Knight drives are available in various memory storage capacities like 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. At present only 2 GB and 4 GB are released, which costs Rs. 525 and Rs. 700 respectively.

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Explore the world with Kayak’s iPad application

A new app for Apple iPad from Kayak will help users to select the best flights, which offers best fares to go to their destinations. There was a recent update made to the app which helps the users to know how far their budget can take them.

On Monday, the Kayak’s iPad app has got a recent update 12.2.0 which has reached the App store which has a new feature termed as Explore. This will guide the user in estimating the place where they can go based on the amount of cash they are ready to spend, the type of weather that they want to enjoy and the actions that they want to do after reaching that location.

Explore the world with Kayak’s iPad application

Kayak has changed its app name after the new update in order to show the app’s real function. Before the update, it was referred to as Kayak Flights and now after the update it is called as Kayak Explore & Flight Search.

Working of Explore: Once you start the application, you can select the destination place by selecting a button on the screen at the top right end. There will be 3 pop down panes at the bottom, where you can select the place you want to go, the type of activities that you want to enjoy and the weather condition of the place you are looking for, and an option to allow to pick a nonstop flight or not. When you have given your requirements, an orange coloured dot will emerge on the world map and on selecting the dot, will give you information about the destination and the cost for travelling to the point in flights. You can zoom in and out of the map by using the zoom feature on the app. You can refine your search with the slider at the top, by specifying your maximum and minimum cost that you are willing to pay. While you move your slider various dots may appear or disappear on the map.

The multi pane look on Kayak application will allow you to look out for flights, rooms and rent cars. You can activate the view by clicking at the flight button at the top. The update will allow you to do multi city searches.

This newly updated app is free and works on iOS 3.2 or higher.

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