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Used Rolex from Time and Gems


In this time and age, if there was ever a smart and safe way to save some money, that way can usually be found on the Internet. With so many information found online for pinching those hard earned pennies, it’s no wonder that even luxury items such as expensive watches and other jewelries have found their way on the World Wide Web. While it’s true that there are also a lot of scams going on, it cannot be denied that the Internet has made shopping easier and economical. Have you always wanted to get yourself your very own Rolex watch? Worry not. There are online shops for you that will give you several alternatives so that you can get this coveted item for a fraction of its original cost. One of these many alternatives is for you to opt to get a used Rolex from renowned retail shops like Time and Gems. Not only is it practical it’s also been made convenient and hassle free, much like going to an actual Rolex outlet.

Griffin Evolve Speakers System Review

“Without music life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. But what if your music system is quirky listening to music becomes a mistake. To enjoy the sheer joy of beautiful sounds it is worth investing in good music gadgets. With digital technology revolution a lot of new advanced gizmos and gadgets have evolved in terms of designs, features, performance and quality, one such wireless speakers system is the Griffin Evolves Speakers System.

Griffin Evolve Speaker System is a wireless speaker system having iPod dock with basically strong 12 watt powerful cone speakers designed aesthetically for a high quality performance. It is a remarkable wireless speaker system with movable speakers, remote control, stereo separation and line in for exterior audio sources.

griffen evolve speaker system image


Technical Specifications

The Griffin evolve consists of two basic units a set of cube shaped speakers and a base station. The speakers are solidly designed with plastic body and only one woofer present with no reflex port at the rear. The base is light in weight with glossy enclosures with inputs for various ports for devices other than iPod although it does not have a headphone jack. The griffin evolve speakers system have speakers with 12W power integrated amplifier and a long battery hours play of 10 hours when charged fully and a power adaptor. The griffin evolves speaker system works on wireless technology and an additional feature of broadcast transmission latency that gives uninterrupted seamless transmission of sound quality.

The speakers can be controlled by remote control, the lithium ion batteries are reachable and you can switch transmission to monaural for separate stereo speaker sound from a single speaker to other different rooms. The griffin evolve speaker system is revolutionary wireless sound system product with absolutely no wires involved and is iPod compatible with 2 wireless speakers, remote, nine dock adaptors, power supply and manual.


The prices of griffin Evolve speaker system are on the higher side but are worth the money for its great features incorporated in the system, and on some online stores the price range starts from $ 150 or more. 


The griffin evolves speakers system is an amazing wireless speaker system product, with sleek integrated design and movable and portable wireless speakers. The speaker system has a base and speakers in its unit that gives interruption free transmission with a high quality sound with a great wide range. It is IPod compatible including the touch screen technology IPods. The active cube shaped speakers have a great sound quality, power inputs, and long play hours with rechargeable lithium batteries. The two speakers set have on/off mode and sleep mode features for longer battery life. The sound clarity is further improved by integrated amplifiers in the charging base. The griffin evolve speaker systems comes with a wireless range remote control, output connectors for various audio sources like video and other connecting audio devices. It comes with a 1 year warranty and easy to set up instructions manual for users.

The hitches are it cannot be used for mobiles phones; the quality of material used is light, basic features on remote and at times with wireless system can cause distortion of sound with other home appliances. Apart from this, the griffin evolves speakers system is a remarkable wireless system with high quality performance and value for money buy.

New Progresses in Cell Phone Industry

Now a day mobile phones have become the most essential thing in everybody’s lives. Many individuals have started buying mobile phones and started entering into the cell phone community. The chief function of a mobile phone is that it allows people to communicate with anybody in this world at any point of time.

Latest Technology In cell Phone Market

There are plenty number of features shown in mobile phone which are found in the cell phone market. Still humpty number of superb features are added up and there is continuous researches are carried out in this filed. The features that you relish on you mobile phone will really depends upon the type of mobile phone that you have. Initially the basic functions that are found in the mobile phones are storing up the other person contact info and for communication. And now MP3 player, GPs, etc are part of these sets. You can make use of the internet facility present in your mobile phones to check your emails, surfing to know about the latest news, playing games and can do much more things with it. It is essential that the new technology enthusiasts are conscious about the latest mobile phones which are available in the market these days. Now you can see that new type of mobile phones are released by all the producers by every month. Only rarely a month goes without any latest feature mobile phone launched in the market.

The function of a mobile phone is similar to a radio operation. Wireless Communication technology is been here for quite long period of time. But the efficiency of the latest communication technology is more efficient than the older wireless communication technology. In earlier days the technology that was used is 1G. That technology makes use of the analog signals system for communication.  Then in mid 2G technology was used. With this arrival of technology number of channels enhanced.

And now the technology that is used in most of the country is 3G. 3G let the users to make use of superb features such as video calling, high speed audio and video downloading and high speed internet. In few countries 4G technology are peeped into the market. The power consumption of these devices is not truly high and this makes it affordable to go on.

The competition in this business is very vast. This has truly made the market condition pretty favorable for the clients.  The companies are occupied in an extreme struggle with each other to track down the utmost clients from the available pool.

In making it short mobile phones have completely enthused the way we communicate with each other. It has truly made simpler to contact anyone in this world at any time. This technology will keep on growing and there will be more inspiring things coming out in the future

Latest mobile phones have improved the rivalry within the already existing mobile phone retailer merchant hence there’re low-cost mobile phone deals are available in the market. Comparing the mobile phone dealings can boost your savings and an opportunity to get free gifts or accessories as a bonus for you.

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Asustek – Low Priced, Eee Note E-Reader, EA-800 Released

On Monday 29 November 2010, Asustek Computer released the Eee Note EA-800. It is an 8” inch touch screen E-Reader that can be operated or can be used for taking notes with an help of a stylus. According to the Executives from Asustek Computer, this Eee Note EA-800 will be available in Taiwan for an expected cost of USD 228 (NT$6,999), later this week.

The Eee Reader DR-900 from Asus that is already on sale, is a 9” inch Digital Ink Screen that is available for a price of USD 391 (NT$11,988) in Taiwan.

Asustek ereader

The major difference between these two models which also resulted in the reduction in price is the Eee Note EA-800 E-Reader’s cheaper screen. The display screen is made of monochrome touch screen LCD that has resolutions of 1024 x 768. Whereas, the Eee Reader DR-900 made of an E-Paper screen made up of Sipix Imaging, a competitor to E Ink Corp’s famous screens.

The General Manager and the Vice President of Eee system business unit, Samson Hu from the Asustek said that, “The total cost pattern for the Eee reader is really costly”. He added that, the Eee note is constructed with the basic parts of a PC and thus resulting in a lower price compared to the Eee Reader.

Along with the cost, the other major difference between the two is its battery life. When the Eee Note is used continuously, the Note will be run only for 13.5 hours or less.  Whereas, the Eee Reader can work contently up to 2 weeks without having to charge it up. The reason is that, LCD screens requires more power for its image displaying, whereas the E-Paper display needs only small power for displaying images.

The features of the Eee Note are the Linux OS, software to view E-Books, taking notes, recording the class notes, drawing, a 2 MP camera that lets you take pictures, listening to songs or class notes with a help of a 3.5 mm headphone jack and lot others.

This device can get connected with the internet with the help of Wi-Fi and can download contents from different service providers local to the location sold or globally anywhere. The island’s United Daily News group is responsible for the devices sold in Taiwan.

Based on the info from Asustek, the Eee Note is already on sale this week and will be available for sale in Hon Kong soon. The device is expected to be sold during the end of this year or the start of the next year in the European Countries like Russia, Germany and Italy. Later during the 1st quarter of 2011, the device will be on sale in China. Also, the U.S can have it from the first quarter of next year 2011.

During Mar 2009, the Eee Reader was launched. Just like the Eee Note, the Reader was featuring Wi-Fi and can be connected to a PC in order to charge the batteries or for providing sync with a PC.

You can use additional memory SD cards in both device, in addition with the 4 GB inbuilt memory for Eee Note and the 2GB inbuilt memory for Eee Reader.

5 Best Social Media services for Small business owners

We have enquired with many small business owners through out the year about what are the best practices, suggestion and the success stories in the social media.

The social platforms must be chosen based on the type of the content that your company producing, the goals you are looking to obtain and how do you plan yourself to add value for your business followers.

Even though the social media platforms are used for business, all the social media platforms will not suit for every business. Here in this article you can find the best social media services for all small business owners.

Social Media for small business

1. Communications Service: Twitter

When you ask any business owners about the social media strategies, the first words that come out from their mouth are Facebook and Twitter.  These two platforms are the entry level platforms for all small business owners looking to get more social.

For the quick and effective communication the maximum votes goes for Twitter. The Micro-blogging service allows the small businesses to speedily and efficiently enhance customer service, public relations, business development and even lead generation.

Twitter is a social site which is very easy to setup due to its minimal approach. Twitter makes a very big win for the small businesses.

2. Video-Sharing Service: YouTube

Even the CEO’s are getting themselves involved in creating videos for their small business. The top way for small business is the YouTube where you upload the videos of your business.

YouTube exceeded Yahoo as the 2nd biggest search engine in U.S. in Nov 2008. It still has this spot and it also maintaining to have this spot. By posting your Videos in YouTube your videos has more chance to have more familiarity and much audience.

3. Twitter Photo-Sharing Service: Twitpic

There are many Twitter photo-sharing services to sift thro’, but the most familiar and also the most popular one is TwitPic.

The great way in which you can showcase your products is by Photo-sharing on twitter. It is very easy to use it just requires the users to sign in via Twitter oAuth, and showcase photos in a timeline. TwitPic adds up the additional value of being recognized with your twitter stream.

4. Blogging Platform: Tumblr

Many corporate blogs are catching on with many companies of all size and types. In order to make a corporate blog you must have a convincing content, many dedicated writers and obviously a blogging platform.

You can make use of Tumblr to make blogging. This is as easy as tweeting. This is also very easy to use and also there are tons of themes and re-blogging features which make it easy for the users to share the contents.

5. Social Media Dashboard: TweetDeck

There are many social media management tools are available for small business owners. The best one is TweetDeck and this used by many small business owners. It is free and it enables you to connect across various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, MySpace and Google Buzz.

The dashboard is very clean, customisable and also easy to use which allows the users to organize feed, messages, mentions and searches across multiple columns.

Apple iPad – 5 useful Tips and Tricks

The people who doesn’t like to see the owner’s manual can read this article to know some tips and tricks about Apple iPad, which helps you to get the most out of your tablet.

Here in this article I will be speaking about few points on how you can use your iPad very easily and also quickly. In this article the apple ipad tips that you find are all tested and thus you can share these tips to your friends.

Apple ipad Tricks

1. Open Links in a New Window

Remember that in Safari you can simultaneously load multiple pages. If you see a link in page and if you want to see that link without affecting the current page you can open that link in a new window.

In order to do this step you must press and hold on the link until you see “Open in New page” and thus doing so Safari will be loading that link in a new window.

If you want to move on to another page or to return to the previous page you can click on the icon which looks like a 2 overlapping boxes or pages. Thus when you click on this icon you can see view all the pages you have opened. Form this you can click on any of the X buttons to  close the page.

2. Activate AutoFill option in Safari

The person who allow only trusted persons to use their iPad can make use of the AutoFill option which is really a wonderful time saver which automatically remembers all your user Id’s and passwords.

In order to activate this option you have to save all the details in your contact then click on the settings and click Safari and then click on the option AutoFill and then keep both the options ON and then choose the files form the contacts in the My Info field.

3. Quick Mute on Your iPad

Though there is no mute button in iPad, you can still rapidly make your iPad silence by just pressing the volume button. By doing so the volume in your iPad will quickly reduced to zero within 2 seconds.

4. Make Use of the Home Button

There is a button in iPad called Ipad’s home button which will direct you to your homepage, but this also has other functions and it is worth knowing about it as well.

In order to access these functions move to settings and click on the General and then choose Home. Here you can choose which functions you like a double click on the home button to carry out, such as accessing the iPod or opening up Spotlight Search.

Here in this area in settings you can make the iPod Controls to ON, which means that while you the music is playing and you are in accessing another program or application, a double press of the Home button will direct you to the basic music controls.

5. Add a Website Shortcut to Your Home Screen

In iPad there is quick way by which you can add your favourite sites as a shortcut directly to your home screen.

Go on to the webpage which you want to create a shortcut to, click on the + sign which is at the top of the page and then click on the “add to Home screen.” This shortcut offers you one click to your frequently used sites.

Google Added new features in Webmaster tools

Google is known for its innovation and every month they bring us some new features which amaze us. It has been a month since Google launched ”Google Instant Search”. Now, they have worked on webmaster tools.

Google webmaster tools got a new feature which shows the webmasters about the change in their keyword ranking. It helps in deep analysis and search engine ranking of keywords, Click through Ration and Impressions.

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Safari Extensions – Wonderful 15 Add-ons

Safari Extensions. On June, Apple launched the Safari 5, which was having support for Browser extensions. This gives the freedom for developers to create add-ons in order to boost the Safari’s browser experience.

During the end of July, the Safari extensions gallery that were composed by various best developers was released by Apple. The additions to the gallery are just a starting step and there are more to come.

The 15 wonderful safari extensions are listed below.

1. TabLinks

This extension lets you to list the URLs of each tab that are open in the browser. This list can then be copied to an editor or can be emailed. So, keeping track of history is easy for addicted internet users. The text output produced will be markdown compatible.

2. Procrastinate

This extension provides a one click access that takes you to Delicious, Instapper,, and Read it later. It is essential when you are not able to remember which ‘read it later’ takes you where.

3. Safari Duplicate Tab

When the duplicate button is clicked, this will present you a duplicate tab of the currently active tab.

4. Widgets Bar

Widgets like a news RSS ticker, the date and the World Time all in one toolbar.

5. Google Reader Snow Leopard

Google reader having this safari extension would give awesome experience and look. The Google reader has got many stylesheets like Helvetireaders, but this style looks apt for the Google reader.

6. MeasureIt

You can measure the pixel metrics of each component or element of a website. It helps you to find the metrics of a picture or image.

7. AutoPagerizer

This Autopagerizer will present the full text contents all in a single page, saving you from having to click the ‘next page’ each time to move from one page to the other. This will be useful when browsing on instapper (having large sized articles).

8. Coda Notes

The developers of Coda for Mac operating system X has developed this extension which allows you to annotate on a website. The webpage can be modified by adding or editing text content, highlight contents, draw notes, and modify the page structure and finally send them to your friends, team or designers. This is useful for users to give feedback for live sites easily.

9. FastestTube

The extension will add a button on the right side of the “embed” in the video pages of YouTube. You can download raw YouTube videos in any formats.

10. Add-to-Reader

This saves your time by adding the current (active) page directly to your Google Reader.

11. Better Source

Getting source code of page is already available. But, this extension will present the source code in a new tab with line numbers and coloured highlighting of syntax, which means you can also switch between the original and modified source code.

12. Google Apps Extension

This will let you to have a one click access (toolbar) to Google Apps tools and accounts like Docs, Calendar and Mails. You can access non Google apps, Google Voice accounts or Google reader. You can also have several Google account sessions simultaneously.

13. BuiltWith

This will display the profile about the currently viewed website like Web Server type, Scripting language used, Flash modules or JavaScript details and other details.

14. Flickr Original

You can view the original or custom size of the picture by just right clicking on the picture.

15. Gmail Counter

A toolbar button will display the number of unread mails in the inbox. When the button is clicked, the Gmail inbox will be opened.

Microsoft Aiming at Tablet Market

Right now, more than anything, Microsoft needs your money for your tablet PC.

This week in Redmond, Steve Ballmer, CEO said that company will “come full guns” at the mobile technology market, kicking to the control view that the company have become dreary and predictable — views that have many in the industries speculating if Steve has live longer than his value to the company after thirty years as a chief executive.

“We are gonna sell like crazy; we are gonna market like crazy” said Steve Ballmer.

Steve is going total nuts on the overnight success of iPods, and he is anxious to see that Microsoft returning back to relevance in the market which already worth billions.

Now the aim is to get into the tablet market as fast as possible and Microsoft says that the number one job now is tablet business at the company.

Ballmer didn’t gave any indication on how does the tablets look like and even when it will be arriving.

Microsoft did have the models of the cell phones which runs on Win phone 7 OS on hand, but not yet there is no release of any photos of them, citing how the company had loads of works to do to get ready for the launch.

But it is really too much works for the company to handle. Already Microsoft is too late to the Tablet party and each day it delays – or allowing other company to launch substandard hardware in the market with the Win running on it — it falling well further behind iPad.

And the cell phone business might actually be even worse. Microsoft is staggering from the terrible terminate d launch of the KIN phone which is thought to be the initial waves for the Win Phone 7, which had done not anything to improve its reputation as a player in the space of cell phone.

Right now “Getting Crazy” is the Microsoft’s only choice.

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Apple Iphone 4G

When choosing the best mobile phone to buy, it is important to consider a number of things—one of which is its functionality. When it comes to performance, iphones might be the best options. Aside from the many features and applications they offer, they also facilitate free conference calling service through the help and partnership of different network providers. This feature is really advantageous and quite important especially for those who run their businesses. Through this, anyone can hold and conduct meetings without being physically present. Know more about apple by reading its other features below.

The apple has been known for its unique functionality and features. When Iphone 3gs hit the market it out numbered every cell as far as selling is concerned. Apple has made its mark regarding the technology and its innovation and with the release of Iphone 4G, Apple has once again proved its name in the field of technology. The technology being used by Apple is no different from the rest of the cells but the thing which really makes a discrepancy is the quality and more smoothness of the technology.

As expected the Apple iPhone has sleek stylish design, simple but cool. As far as the display is concerned the whole eulogy can be put in one simple word ‘fascinating’ with out of the box multitouch user interface. iPhone 4G offers high speed net surfing with its Safari browser and the applications are not that hard to comprehend.

Now let’s look at the some of the drawbacks of it. Well, there are some receptions glitches in the phone and lacks some of the basic features such as 3G compatibility and stereo Bluetooth support. Regardless of lacking some basic features, call distortions and sluggish data network, the iPhone 4G has set standards for the integrated mobile phones and MP players.