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Learn the art of backing up your data and know the latest backup drives available in the market. Backup drives reviews will help you to select best drive for your server.

Western Digital Caviar GP WD10EACS Review

We have in our market several portable, energy efficient and fast performing external hard drives, especially from Western Digital in various sizes, but for people who want more space inside their Desktop or even Laptops Western Digital Caviar GP is an obvious choice. This internal hard drive fancies a 1TB storage space. Since when did terabyte internal hard drives begin to surface? This drive may be closely similar to Hitachi Deskstar 1TB. Advanced Serial ATA technology employed in the Western Digital Caviar GP enhances its performance making it a clear upgrade choice for consumers. Western Digital always provides an adequate solution to all hard drive upgrade issues but not always the perfect drives.

Western Digital Caviar GP WD10EACS


Features Description
1. Device Type   Hard drive- Internal
2. Dimensions   4 in* 5.8 in* 1 in
3. Weight   1.6 lbs
4. Hard drive form factor  3.5” * 1/3 H
5. Capacity   1 TB
6. Interface Type   Serial ATA-300
7. Buffer Size   16 MB
8. Features   StableTrac, IntelliPark, IntelliPower (5400-7200),
  IntelliSeek, Preemptive Wear Leveling (PWL)
9. Compliant Standards   S.M.A.R.T.
10. Drive Transfer Rate   300 MBps
11. Seek time   8.9ms (average)
12. Average Latency   5.6 ms
13. Spindle Speed   7200 rpm
14. Storage Hard drive/ Non-Recoverable Errors   1 per 10^15
15. Start/Stop cycles   300,000
16. Interfaces 1 *   Serial ATA-300- 7 pin Serial ATA
17. Shock Tolerance   65 g @ 2ms half-sine pulse (operating) / 250 g @ 2ms half-sine pulse (non-operating)
18. Vibration tolerance   0.75 g @ 20-300 Hz (operating) / 4 g @ 20-500 Hz (non-operating)
19. Sound Emission   24 dBA


For those who don’t like to carry around an external drive along here is Western Digital Caviar GP internal hard drive allowing you to expand your Desktop to 1TB. That’s some huge space isn’t it!
The Western Digital Caviar GP WD10EACS is a standard 3.5” 1TB hard drive just like every other drive but a little cheaper comparatively. Now you will have lots of space to store you data.
At present the Serial ATA that is SATA is gaining wide acceptance because of its blazing transfer speeds and energy conservation abilities. Western Digital Caviar internal hard drive connects to your PC through this Serial ATA-300 interface allowing the transfer speeds to soar to 300MBps. In this particular drive WD seems to have swapped raw drive speed for better energy conservation widely required by industries. WD Caviar has better energy saving capabilities but at the cost of drive speed of course.
The Disk has a whopping spindle speed o 7200 rpm combined with SATA provides blazing transfer rates. The seek time and drive latency is quite on par with other internal hard drives. The burst time is slightly higher than other drives, which is quite laudable. The very important feature in this internal hard drive is the energy savings ability that will outweigh its low speed and slightly high read write times.
The Western Digital Caviar internal hard drive packs some attractive features like S.M.A.R.T. that intelligently monitors change in data and reporting different indicators like reliability and more.


Western Digital Caviar GP WD10EACS internal hard drive costs about $210 USD.


The WD Caviar internal hard drive packs a huge 1TB storage transferring at 300MBps with a Serial ATA-300 interface. The 16MB cache is credible along with good seek time and latency. The Energy savings feature is an important feature that overweighs its comparatively low speeds. On the whole it is an economical upgrade for your hard drive, which also provides reasonable transfer rates.

Western Digital Caviar SE16 750GB Review

Western Digital Caviar SE16 is yet another addition to the long list of internal hard drives available in the market. WD Caviar SE16 may not offer the largest storage like certain drives in the market but this deficiency is overshadowed by its reasonable price, exceptional overall performances and quiet operation. WD Caviar SE16 is a standard and quite attractive hard drive for having additional or upgraded storage. It can be considered one of the best in the market.

Western Digital Caviar SE16 750GB


Features Description
1. Device Type   Hard drive- Internal
2. Dimensions   4 in* 5.8 in* 1 in
3. Weight   1.4 lbs
4. Hard drive form factor   3.5” * 1/3 H
5. Capacity   750GB
6. Interface Type   Serial ATA-300
7. Buffer Size   16 MB
8. Features   StableTrac, SecurePark,
  Perpendicular Recording,
9. Compliant Standards   S.M.A.R.T.
10. Drive Transfer Rate   300 MBps
11. Seek time   8.9ms (average)
12. Average Latency   4.2 ms
13. Spindle Speed   7200 rpm
14. Storage Hard drive/ Non-Recoverable Errors   1 per 10^15
15. Start/Stop cycles   50,000
16. Interfaces   1 * Serial ATA-300- 7 pin Serial ATA
17. Shock Tolerance   65 g @ 2ms (operating) / 350 g @ 2ms (non-operating)
18. Vibration tolerance   0.75 g @ 20-300 Hz (operating) / 4 g @ 20-500 Hz (non-operating)
19. Sound Emission   28 dBA
20. Microsoft Certifications   Works with Windows Vista
21. Warranty   3 years Limited


The attractive Western Digital Caviar SE16 internal hard drive packs a sufficient 750GB storage space with excellent performance that speaks a lot for the less space it offers compared to other similarly priced drives in the market. The WD Caviar SE16 is a standard 3.5” internal hard drive that connects through the advancing technology of Serial ATA or SATA.

Serial ATA-300 is used to interface the WD Caviar Internal hard drive for data transfers of nearly 300MBps. This SATA interface coupled with 7200-rpm spindle speed allows you to transfer data at nearly 120 to 131MBps. In addition to these top notch specifications the 16MB cache is an added advantage culminating at greater Burst transfer rate.

The Western Digital Caviar SE16 has some impressive average read seek and write seek times with 8.9ms and 10.9ms respectively. This is very strong for a drive in this category. The WD Caviar internal hard drive showed amazing throughputs of roughly 80Mb/s. Well from the performance testing we know the unparalleled throughput and transfer speeds makes the space deficiency look rather inferior.

When the drive is in operation in your Desktop you can barely hear the drive. The device is very quiet even during heavy operations.

One noticeable feature in the present tide of internal hard drive is the manufacturers warranty period. WD offers a three-year warranty for your Caviar SE16.


The Western Digital Caviar SE16 750GB costs about $249.95 USD.


The Western Digital Caviar SE16 provides 750GB storage, which is definitely a little less than what several internal hard drives provide now. But this can be clearly overseen considering its strong unequalled performance and throughputs. The read and write seek times are very impressive coupled with 16MB cache, 7200 rpm spindle speed and SATA interface makes it an obvious choice for upgrade of your Desktop drives.

On the whole the WD Caviar SE16 is also a very economical choice if you need additional storage.

Elements External 1.5 TB 3.5” Review


With a tide of External Hard drives swooping the Tech market, here is yet another external drive from Western Digital with 1.5TB of storage enclosed in a very sturdy metal enclosure. The Elements External Hard drive 3.5” provides a radical solution to store all your videos, movies, music, data and files. Most important of all, the drive is very cheap for the whopping 1.5TB storage. The hard drive provides some promising specifications that will make it a competitor in the market.
element external review




1. Device Type  Hard drive – External Hard drive
2. Width   4.9 in
3. Depth   8 in
4. Height   1.4 in
5. Weight   2.2 lbs
6. Capacity   1.5 TB
7. Interface Type   Hi-Speed USB
8. Features   Plug-n-Play,
  Power-saving technology,
  Easy formatting
9. Interface Transfer Rate   480 Mbps
10. Data Transfer Interface   USB 2.0
11. Rotation Speed   5400 rpm
12. Storage controller type   USB External – External – USB
13. Expansion Interfaces   USB 2.0, 1 * Hi-Speed USB
14. Cables Included   1 * USB cable- External
15. Microsoft Certifications   Compatible with Windows 7
16. EPA Energy star compliant   Yes
17. Power source   Included power adapter
18. Voltage Required   AC 120/230 V
19. OS Required   Apple Mac OS X 10.4 , 10.5, 10.6
  Microsoft Windows Vista/XP/ 7


Elements External Hard drive 1.5 TB 3.5” is a 1.5 Kg drive which provides you lots of space for all your data files. It although requires an external power source that might make it bulky for certain people.
Elements External Hard Drive is a sturdy black drive. It is enclosed by a very hard metallic enclosure that makes it suitable for every day use at home and office. The black color is aesthetically pleasing to use.
The external drive fancies a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface that provides rather average transfer speeds. You will find a socket to plug your AC power charger and USB 2.0 on the same side.
One sad disadvantage in this external hard drive is that it only has one transfer interface. With several triple and quad interfaces hard drives surfacing the Elements External 1.5 TB will look very inferior. The rotation speed of the drive is only 5400 rpm instead of 7200 rpm. With 1.5 TB storage space this very low rotational speed will make reading from and writing to the hard disk very slow.
Unlike certain external hard drives Elements External comes preformatted, so that you can just plug-in and use with your PC to back up data immediately. This eliminates the necessity for a software CD. The drive is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Well for use with Mac you will have to format it.
Western Digital has also incorporated Energy Conservation technology into the drive that reduces power consumption when not in use.


Elements External Hard drive 1.5 TB 3.5” is available for just $69 USD.


Elements External 1.5 TB 3.5” is a rugged black external hard drive, with a compact and simple enclosure.
The preformatted drive enables plug and play feature, which is very welcoming. The energy conservation technology is credible.
As for the performance it is not on par at all with drives incorporating eSATA and FireWire ports for transfers. Transfer speeds are rather average and could have been provided eSATA interface.
On the whole it is seriously under priced for the huge 1.5TB space it provides and might as well be sufficient for everyday home and office use.

Seagate Expansion External 2TB 8.15” Review

If you have a strong penchant to collect and watch movies in HD, store your photos for long time, flood your hard drive with all kinds of music and software you will find the Seagate Expansion External Hard disk to be a great companion. With a humungous amount of space available you can store loads of data in your drive and most importantly at a very low cost. The word expansion suits well in the world where having an external hard drive has become mandatory for every person using a PC.

expansion external review


Features   Description
1. Device type   Hard drive- External Hard Drive
2. Width   5 in
3. Depth   8.1 in
4. Height   1.6 in
5. Weight   2.2 lbs
6. Form Factor   3.5”
7. Capacity   2 TB
8. Interface Type   Hi-Speed USB 2.0
9. Interface Transfer Rate   480 Mbps
10. Expansion Interfaces   1 * Hi-Speed USB
11. Cables Included   1 * USB cable
12. Power source   Included AC adapter
13. OS Required   Microsoft Windows Vista/ XP, Apple MacOS X 10.4.8 or later
14. Warranty   2 Years Limited Warranty


Seagate External Expansion Hard Drive 8.15” is a good, rather satisfying solution for the growing need for enormous storage space. With nearly 2 TB of space you can store all the data you have. To state a fact there is not a necessity to have 2 TB of storage space.
Seagate is one of the top external hard drive manufacturers. The drive provides a comprehensive solution to the need for compact storage device. Like the rest of the external hard drives the 2 TB Expansion External is aesthetically pleasing and compact although it weighs over 1.5 kg.
Expansion External 8.15” has a standard 5400 rpm rotation speed supported by Hi-Speed USB 2.0 for transfer of data. You will find that the transfer speed is not all that fast but it provides above-average transfer speeds. With the market beginning to welcome External Hard drives with three and four interfaces, this particular hard drive may be a let down. It only has one standard traditional USB 2.0, which is not one among the fastest interfaces. But still its satisfactory for home and small office uses.
Seagate Expansion External Hard Drive 8.15” is very well suited for automatic backup features providing support for Apple’s Time Machine also which is an advantage for Apple Users.
You also have USB 2.0 cable included along with a good manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years.


The Seagate Expansion External Hard Drive 2 TB 8.5” is available for a low cost of nearly $109.99 USD.


Seagate Expansion External Hard drive is a black aesthetically sufficient providing a decent performance. If you are expecting blazing transfer speed this may not be your drive you may as well go for quad interface devices. With its USB 2.0 it provides average transfer speeds.
The hard drive is pretty voluminous with its 2 TB space and is also very economical in price. The device as such is a little bulky considering the amount of space it packs. While some may say 2 TB is too much space for a common man.
Compared to all the triple and quad interface devices the USB 2.0 interface hard drive may seem like a let down. Compatibility with eSATA or FireWire could have been provided.

The drive seems to have certain hard drive issues like some crackling sound during operation. It’s a bad news for Apple users that you will have to format your drive to be compatible with Mac OS X. On the whole it is voluminous but could have been much better with great performance and features.

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 750 GB Review

The new revolution of internal hard drives has kicked off with hard drive manufacturing big guns like Western Digital, Seagate, LaCie and more are trying to edge their way up to the top of the market. Its not just the volume of space these drives provide, it is also the power consumption that plays a very important role in rating an internal hard drive. Manufacturers are including power ratings in their data sheets trying to get an edge over the others. Seagate Barracuda is one such excellent effort by Seagate trying to strike a perfect balance between capacity, performance and importantly reliability.

Seagate Barracuda 750 GB Review


Features Description

1. Device Type   Hard drive- Internal
2. Dimensions  4 in* 5.8 in* 1 in
3. Weight  1.4 lbs
4. Hard drive form factor  3.5” * 1/3 H
5. Capacity  750GB
6. Interface Type  Serial ATA-300
7. Buffer Size  32 MB
8. Features  Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR),
  Native Command Queuing (NCQ),
  Clean Sweep,
  Adaptive Fly Height,
  Enhanced G-Force Protection,
  Seagate SoftSonic
9. Access Time  16.6 ms
10. Drive Transfer Rate  300 MBps
11. Internal Data Rate  125 MBps
12. Average Latency  4.17 ms
13. Spindle Speed  7200 rpm
14. Storage Hard drive/ Non-Recoverable Errors  1 per 10^14
15. Start/Stop cycles  50,000
16. Interfaces  1 * Serial ATA-300- 7 pin Serial ATA
17. Shock Tolerance  70 g @ 2ms (operating) / 300 g @ 1ms (non-operating)
18. Microsoft Certifications  Compatible with Windows 7
19. Service and warranty  3 years limited


Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 is an energy efficient standard 3.5” internal hard drive with unparalleled performance and throughputs. The hard drive is available in capacities not more than 1TB. Seagate is trying to provide a perfectly amalgamated mixture of performance, capacity and power consumption rather that providing humungous storage.

Seagate Barracuda internal hard drive spins at 7200 rpm ensuring great transfer speeds. The advanced Serial ATA-300 interface is used to connect the drive to the PC. Serial ATA as we know it as SATA provides transfer rates up to 300MBps, with a whopping internal transfer rate of 125MBps.

The 750GB ‘cuda’ is provided with 32MB, which is larger than several similarly priced internal hard drives. Coming to the need of the hour feature, power consumption. Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 eats only 5W when its idle and takes up 9.4W when its in operation. These stats attract industries that are focusing on saving energy.

The ‘Cuda’ employs cutting edge technologies to provide excellent high-speed performance and better data transfer rates. The 7200-rpm, Serial ATA-300 interfaced internal hard drive offers 126-132 MB/s throughputs. The latency and read write speeds are on par with other drives. Although this is not suitable for server loads, it functions well for desktop applications.

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 750GB internal hard drive costs about $137 USD.

iTechFreak Review:-
The Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 750GB internal hard drive is a power efficient, reliable high throughput drive, which is a perfect choice for an economical upgrade for you Desktop.
The Seagate Barracuda employs 7200 rpm spindle speed with huge 32 MB buffer size and SATA interfacing to provide high speed data rates. The drive operates very quiet. Overall it is an excellent internal drive and most recommended for upgrade.

Apricorn Aegis Desktop ADT1000 Review

When a layman sees this headline it may seem Greek and Latin to him. So let us first see the basics necessary to understand this. Apricorn Aegis Desktop ADT1000 is a hard drive used as a back up for computers and laptops. A hard drive is basically a hardware which stores data on permanently. Data such as software in the computer, files, documents, pictures, music etc can be stored. So a hard drive is a very important component of a computer on the whole. Let us examine the hard drive Apricorn Aegis Desktop ADT1000 further.

apricorn aegis review


The Aegis Desktop hard drive seems to the one stop backup shop for all laptops and desktops. Aegis desktop has got a serialATA (SATA) drive technology and has a dual 2.0 USB built up. It seems to be a very versatile model useful for all setups. Either SATA or USB 2.0 port can be used on the computer using Aegis Desktop. The Aegis Desktop is so fast that it can transfer up to 300 megabytes backup data per second when it uses an eSATA interface. The exact specifications are given below.

• The drive size of the hard drive is 1000 GB.
• The interface connections are supported interface of 2.0 USB and external SATA up to 300 megabytes as mentioned above.
• It comes with an installation kit hardware comprising of an AC power adapter, external shielded eSATA cable and a USB cord.
• The software includes
• Windows backup and disaster recovery software (EZ gig II).
• Apricorn SMART error reporting software
• Microsoft sync toy
• Macintosh: Shirt Pocket Super Duper!
• Idea Synchronize! X,
• Apricorn Encrypted

External Features

Aegis desktop has strong aluminum outer base which is very good for heat dissipation. There is also a fan which helps in cooling and maintaining the right temperature inside thus helping to keep the shelf life of the hard drive and the data stored inside. The design of the Aegis Desktop is such that it can be kept either vertical or horizontal and used accordingly as the configurations are such. The 3.5 inches SATA hard drive of the Aegis desktop is designed in such a way that it is feasible to use inside a notebook, desktop, palmtop or laptop.

How to Use

It is very easy use an Aegis desktop hard drive as all you have to do is connect the hard drive to the enclosure plug in the external hard drive to the USB port. The power voltage required is AC 120/230 V (50/60 Hz) all this done everything is now set and all the data are now securely backed up.

Apricorn Aegis Desktop comes with a one year warranty for service and parts. It also comes with a shock tolerance of 300 g @ 2ms (operating) / 1000 g @ 1ms (non-operating).

The connectivity is one high speed USB interface and two eSATA interfaces of 300 megabytes which require a 7 pin external serial ATA.

This external hard drive has been accepted and used widely with no reported problems so go ahead and pick up your Apricorn Aegis Desktop 1000.

Seagate Barracuda 1TB Review

Seagate one of the top manufacturers of External and internal hard drive brings its new and large Seagate Barracuda 1TB internal hard drive. Seagate is well known for providing excellent storage devices at very reasonable prices maintaining a perfect balance between capacity, performance, reliability and power consumption. For extensive gamers, and data collectors here is the perfect drive with 1TB storage and impressive throughputs. Lets find out what Barracuda provides.

review of seagate barracuda 1tb

Specifications of Seagate Barracuda

Features Description
1. Device type Hard drive- Internal Hard drive
2. Width 4 in
3. Depth 5.8 in
4. Height 1 in
5. Weight 1.4 lbs
6. Form factor 3.5” * 1/3H
7. Capacity 1TB
8. Interface Type Serial ATA-300
9. Buffer Size 32 MB
10. Compliant Standards S.M.A.R.T.
11. Drive Transfer Rate 300 MBps
12. Spindle speed 7200 rpm
13. Expansion Interfaces 1 * Serial ATA-300- 7 pin Serial ATA
14. Compatible Bays 1 * internal -3.5” * 1/3H
15. Service and warranty       5 Years Limited


The Seagate Barracuda 1TB is a standard internal hard drive that packs a whopping 1TB storage space with the standard form factor of 3.5 in. The Barracuda is on par with the very first commercially available 1TB internal hard drive Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000. 3.5 in form factor will give you a hint that it can be installed into any of the bays of your Network storage device for a hone server.

With a capacity of 1TB on Seagate’s shoulders it is a necessity that its throughput must be excellent for the drive to survive in the market. Well nobody like slow computers and slow noisy hard drive.

In an effort to satisfy the growing consumer needs Seagate Barracuda comes with the High speed advanced Serial ATA-300 or SATA interface providing incredible data transfer rates. As we all know SATA-300 enables data rates up to 300MBps. Benchmark tests indicate that Barracuda 1TB hit transfer rates of nearly 112 to 131MBps.

If you are talking about throughputs and performance Seagate Barracuda is very competitive. With spindle speed of 7200rpm and a large 32MB buffer size, its no wonder that is has such spectacular throughputs. These statistics are a little more for the price tag it carries, which brings a smile on all our faces.

Seagate Barracuda 1TB internal hard drive also has low read seek and write seek times and a high burst transfer speed. All these stunning stats make the drive very loud during operation.

The service and warranty Seagate offer is very impressive. The Barracuda comes with 5 years limited warranty, which is expected of Seagate.


Seagate Barracuda 1TB internal hard drive costs only $79.99 in Amazon.


The Seagate Barracuda boasts some breathtaking stats in terms of throughputs; transfer rates, latency and access times making it a fierce competitor to the first 1TB drive, Hitachi Deskstar.
The annoying part of this drive is that it is very loud which may shadow its pros. During heavy operations you can actually hear the movement of read-write head, which is very disturbing.

The noisy drive provides the much needed, speedy data transfer and is available at a comparatively low cost. For people who are not intimidated by a little noise this drive will serve your best interests as additional storage or even as a drive for NAS devices.

My Passport Essential Portable External 500GB 2.5″ Hard Drive Review

Western Digital My Passport External Hard drive is as the name suggests a fancy, slim and compact half a terabyte external hard drive. This attractive passport sized hard drive is not just an external drive, but also a fully featured Backup solution for all you data, videos, music and more. With your beautiful compact hard drive you also get comprehensive backup software. Finally Western Digital have put an end to the need for third party software to backup your data.

Review of my passport essential portable external 500 2.5


Features Description
1. Device Type Hard Drive- External
2. Width 4.3 in
3. Depth 3.3 in
4. Height 0.6 in
5. Weight 7.1 oz
6. Enclosure color Black
7. Capacity 500 GB
8. Interface Type Hi-Speed USB
9. Features Password Authentication
10. Interface Transfer Rate        480 Mbps
11. Interfaces 1 * Hi-Speed USB 2.0
12. Cables Included 1 * USB cable- External
13. Microsoft Certifications Compatible with Windows 7
14. Power Source USB bus
15. Software Included Smartware
16. OS Required Apple Mac OS X 10.4, Microsoft Windows Vista/XP/7, Apple Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.5
17. Warranty 2 Years


The all-new My Passport Essential External 500 GB external hard drive is merely 1.5 cm thick with a black durable enclosure. On the outside looks very amusing, not just on the outside it is also highly performing on the inside.

This 500Gb external hard drive connects to your computer with your Hi-Speed USB 2.0. This drive is so compact that it occupies much less space that most hard drives in the market. This drive can be stated as all in one backup solution. This will eliminate the much laborious work of buying a hard drive and installing third party software to create a backup image. All you need to do is plug in your external hard drive and run the software provided. Setting up is as simple as plug and play allowing you to start transferring immediately.

One disappointing feature in this otherwise perfect hard drive is that it has only one interface and that too it is the slow USB 2.0. USB 2.0 provides average transfer rates and the hard disk would be complete with support for eSATA provided. The mini-USB port delivers data and also power to the device making it very compact and good for carrying along with you.

When you plug in your external hard drive for the first time you will find two partitions- one is the empty storage space and the next is the Smartware software.

This complete and user-friendly Swartware software has a range of tools provided in a very lucid manner. This software provides an automatic backup solution that is flawless. After you have backed up your data the first time, Smartware will schedule backup and constantly altering the backup according to the changes made in your drive.

Certain features provided by the Smartware are SMART(Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology), Encryption, Password authentication and more.

You can encrypt your drive or also password protect it to avoid illegal use or loss of your data. Smartware provides a powerful 256-bit encryption algorithm that protects your data. Your backups are stored as images on your drive that does not allow you to view your backed up data.


My Passport External Hard drive 500 GB is available for $120 USD.


Western Digital My Passport External hard drive is your solution for an automatic backup hard drive. It is compact and sleek and occupies very less space that is definitely an advantage. Although it could have been provided with faster interfaces, the USB 2.0 provides average performances.

The Smartware software is the most credible feature in this external hard drive that has a lot of native features. The Backup is stored as images that cannot be viewed which could be a possible let down for certain people, but in case of a device crash the image can be restored only with Smartware.

Finally I would say My Passport Essential is very portable and well suited for people who are on the move and comes with a reasonable price tag.

V2 ABS plus Desktop Backup system 1TB

CMS products has sold more than two million units of softwares. Regarding installation of softwares provide a success in about 90 plus countries and above. The product offering includes automatic backup solutions for both desktop and portable computers.
review of cms products


The CMS V2 ABSplus 1TB is said to be the quickest among the backup drives. It was released on august
31,2009. It also has a versatile software which helps in automatic backup. ABS performs fast on USB 2.0. It took only 25 minutes to backup 50GB of data. The another facility it offers is is the
bounceback option. This bounceback is used normally for a mode called continuous data protection. This kind of protection protects our files in a real time.

To protect from disaster recovery we have an option called as an instant disaster recovery handles .
this feature of CMS Products V2 ABS 1TB said to be the best feature among all the other as this was lacking in many competing backup drives.


It is fast due to the presence of eSATA interface. The new interface is easy to navigate. An external hard drive with 1 TB capacity suited for plug and play with desktop or notebook computers. The hard drive has a 16Mb buffer which is considered as larger than the other hard drives. It can be connect via either firewire or USB 2.0 for increased flexibility. ABS is able to connect to older USB port also. V2 ABSPlus products are available in 250GB,500GB and 750GB capacities.


Type: hard drive-external hard drive
Width: 4.6 in
Depth: 8.3 in
Height: 1.3 in
Weight: 2.4 lbs

Hardware specification:

Installation kit hardware
eSATA cable
USB cable
Hard drive

Software :
Bundled software: Bounceback ultimate backup9 software
OS required: Microsoft windows 2000/XP/Vista/7,Apple MacOS *10.3.9

Interface connections:
Supported interfaces:
Hi-speed USB 2.0
External SATA-300

1TB of capacity.

Compatable bays & slots: None

Seek time: 8.9 ms(average)

Spindle Speed:
Maximum rotational velocity 7200 RPM

Drive size : 1000 GB

Power source: AC adapter is included
Power device: Power adapter is available.

Voltage required:
AC 120/230 V(50/60 Hz)

Compliant standards:
FCC class B certified,RoHS.


It is fast with the presence of eSATA interface. More Storage capacity.


Absence of user-error fail safes in the software and Presence of few design issues.

All- new
Hard drive has good features despite its price


3 years warranty.

Bottom Line

It is a flexible backup software applications.though the interface needs improvement it is\ said to be fast
by the presence of USB/eSATA.

User Review

It is fast in action but if CMS want to improve the confidence level of the users it needs to add
confirmation dialog boxes in some locations and has to do the rework function of the bounceback
Interface. Compare to the other hard drive in markets it is expensive at around $195

iTechFreak Rating