Flip Video Mino HD Review

This ultra-slim camcorder i.e. Flip Video Mino HD which comes in a highly functional design is not only easy to use but also allows the shooting of solid 720p videos. Its feature of one-touch video uploading to YouTube, AOL, and MySpace gives easy access and sharing of various details online. The FlipShare software is compatible with both Macs and Windows machines thus making it extremely portable in and out.

review of flip mino video


Features   Description
1. Brand name   Flip Video
2. Product type   Camcorder
3. Design highlights  
Color Generally available in:
Weight (with battery and media)   3.3 ounces
4. Photo and video quality details  
Focus   2x digital zoom
Recording Format   H.264 video- MP4 format.
Stereo AAC audio-   MP4 format.
Mode   Audio- Digital mode
5. Video- Digital mode in High Definition  
Resolution   Video- 1080p
Focusing   Fixed Focus
Recording time   Maximum of 2 hours recording time at its highest quality
6. Menus and control details  
Technology   LCD display technology
Menu Navigation Touch sensitive buttons  
LCD details   2-inch LCD
transflective (antiglare)   LCD
Resolution   960×240 pixels
7. Connectivity  
Connectors (Available)   Upgraded USB connector port- 1 nos.
Mini HDMI connector port (optional)  
Memory   8GB of built-in memory
Allows storage of   2 hours of HD (High Definition) video


Immediate Buy Price of Flip Video Mino HD is: $ 69.00


  • It comes in a slightly slicker ultra-slim and highly functional design.
  • It allows shooting solid 720p videos.
  • A large 2-inch LCD provides a good High Definition view of videos.
  • The available FlipShare software is compatible with both Macs and Windows machines.


A very pocket friendly electronic item that provides videos of high definition and wonderful clarity, which is pretty shocking for this size. It is also compatible with a number of platforms and works on a number of operating systems, thereby allowing easy access to the net for sharing videos.

This is one of the nicest models available, and this generation of the Flip Mino HD (High Definition) offers an improved design, double the memory, and an HDMI output for a price that is very affordable.

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