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Windows 8 : May be a fake News

A Windows Analysis told the reporter that the leak slides about Windows 8 may not come from Microsoft. The announcement leads everyone to wonder if the slides that are leaked on Monday are authentic. The slides offer many insights about the new features of Microsoft Windows 8 including automatic facial recognition and etc.

Windows 8: May be a fake news

Michael Cherry said that he is not sure about the origin of the leak of the slides. He said it is possible that the leaked Windows 8 slides are created by a person that wants all the features in the interface.

Cherry suspected that the slides are from a fake source because it has a date stamp of April 2010. The slides were first posted on by a Windows fan. Later, Stephen Chapman reposted it on the blog. Many news blogs had accepted the fake news as a valid news.

Michael Cherry said that the false leak slides cause 2 dangers. First of all, the Windows fans are giving people a wrong idea about the stage which Microsoft is in. When people see the slides, they may anticipate for the features that probably won’t be made available by Microsoft.

Cherry compare the false leak with the WinFS event. Microsoft once plans to use the WinFS storage system in Windows Vista. However, Microsoft was not able to incorporate the WinFS system because of a mistake that they encounter in the operating system. Due to the error, the team has the start the work all over again.

Cherry said that the slide is very interesting. However, nobody will know whether the features listed in the slide will be made available by Microsoft. The leaked slides also have a development timelines that is not labeled with dates. Cherry had created a rough outline about the development of Windows 8. According to Cherry, Microsoft will take at least 3 years to develop Windows 8.

The production of Windows 8 will start at fall 2010. The project is expected to come into completion by fall 2012.

The Windows Vista was delivered after the promised timeframe. One of the goals of Windows 7 is to deliver it within the allotted time frame. Therefore, Microsoft is sensible to set a three year time frame for Windows 8. By doing so, there is enough time to include all the features.

Microsoft Cancels Distribution of Kin Phones in Europe

Microsoft had decided not sell the Kin phone. Microsoft had launched the phones to compete with the two big players in the market who are Apple Inc and Google Inc. Microsoft told the reporter that the Kin phones will not be distributed in Europe in Fall. The spokesman for Microsoft added that the team is currently working on improving the phone.  The phone will be integrated with Microsoft Windows Phone 7 software.

Microsoft puts a stop on kin phones in Europe
According to Microsoft, the company is partnering with Verizon to market the Kin phones. Microsoft is striving to provide the best smart phone for its customers. The company also announced that it is going to develop a tablet PC that has the same features as the iPad.
Microsoft executive, Robbie Bach is planning to retired. Therefore the senior vice presidents will be reporting it to Chief Executive Steve Ballmer. Ballmer is currently speculating on the mobile phone business to see whether it is affordable. The analyst of Directions in Microsoft, Matt Rosoff said that if the mobile phone industry is profitable, he will proceed the move forward. The Kin phone has showed that Microsoft has an interest to create its own phones.

The Kin phones will feature social networking functionalities. It also includes the Zune music player. It aims at the young generation.

It is estimated that the Kin phones will be released in the marketplace in May. The phone will be launched along with partner Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless is the largest operator in the United States. It is actually a merger between the Verizon Communications and Vodafone Group Plc.

Rosoff said that the phone was not released because a number of important functions are missing. It does not have the ability to allow users to carry out software apps installation. However, it has a wireless data service that is same with Apple’s iPhone.

The mobile phone market has four major players including Google’s Adroid phone, Apple’s iPhone, Blackberry Motion, and Nokia Symbian software. Out of the four major players, Nokia Symbian software accounted for the largest percentage of share. Nokia Symbian software had a total of 44.3% share in the market. Both Apple’s iPhone and Blackberry Motion have 15.4% of share. Google Android’s phone has the least share of 9.6% in the market. That being said, Microsoft is still in the early stages of competing with the smartphone in the market.

Apple’s iPhone 4 on sale in China’s grey market

Before Apple launched its latest version of iPhone it was already in Beijing’s electronic stores and luxury hotels. One can get privately imported iPhones for almost 17000 Yuan which is equal to 2,500 dollars.

The iPhone sellers were quite confident that the customer would readily pay any hefty amount for this new iPhone 4. This confidence came from the iPhone 4 which has high definition video, video chat and sharper screen resolution. With all this features in the iPhone it is desirable by every tech freak person. This iPhone was going to be launched officially not later than January.

People having new iPhones are also crazy to get the latest version as they consider owing a latest version is fashion.

Apple had launched this iPhone in Europe, Japan and United States last week and it was sold like hot cake in the iPhone market. Its estimated that 1.7 million iPhone 4s was sold in three days alone.

Grey market in China has been developing for years which cater to the demand of the iPhone. China Unicom is the only Chinese telecom operator which sells iPhone in the world’s largest cell phone market.

Indian Government Services are going Online

The Indian government had created an online portal for the residents to make payment for utility bills, and driving license. The portal will be accessible by citizens in 28 states in India. According to the government spokesman, it is part of the RS 2000 crore portal project.

Indian Government Online Services

The government will make the portals available to 10 states in October 2010. Indian citizens can register for the birth and death certificate through the portal. They can appy for pension. They can also apply for a domicile or residence certificate. Applicants have to fill in the online form in order to avail to the portal service. The joint secretary level official informed the reporters that he hope the portal will be available to many states in 6 months. The official added the citizen service centre kiosks will be installed in the country sides. The government plans to install more than 10,000 kiosks in the rural areas. It is estimated that the kiosks will be installed in all the rural areas in December 2010. The total number of CSC kiosks that are built will be 90,000.

The CEO of the egovernance business stated that each portal costs Rs 50 – Rs 60 to develop. Five IT companies that are responsible for building the portals include Accenture, Infosys, HP, Wipri and 3i Infotech. The consulting firms for the portal project are Ernst & Young, TITSL and PwC. The states are in the process of deciding which agencies to use for the project.

Currently, the Madhya Pradesh government has a MPOnline portal. The state is involved in a partnershop with Tata Consultancy Services. The Madhya Pradesh online portal allows customers to make payment for their insurance premium and recharge their prepaid accounts.

Review of the Specifications of Lenovo ThinkPad L412

Lenovo ThinkPad L412 is the latest laptop that is released by Lenovo. It offers an Intel core i3 2.26 GHZ processor. The model comes with a 3GB RAM. The hard drive is equipped with 250GB of space. The screen measures 14.1 inch diagonally across the monitor. It weighs about 5.2 pounds. It has a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It is equipped with a 2 megapixel webcam.

Lenovo thinkpad L412 review and specifications

Just like other ThinkPad, the laptop is not designed for people that are fashion minded. There are many ports on the side of the laptop including 1 Bluetooth port, 3 USB ports, and Ethernet port. It has an eSATA/USB combo port and Express Card slot as well.

It is optimized for VoIP so that you can save your time and money. The keyboard is not too soft but just nice for you to type on. The two finger zooming feature allows you to scroll and rotate it on a 27% multitouch touchpad.
Lenovo ThinkPad L412 is lighter than similar laptops that use 6 cell batteries. You will be able to use the laptop for up to 8 hours daily. The wireless option ensures that your mobile computer is connected.

Lenovo ThinkPad L412 is equipped with many environmentally friendly features. The L series laptop is manufactured 30% of consumer waste. In addition, it is shipped in recycled packaging. It is the greenest ThinkPad laptop because it can help you to save up to 40% of operating costs. It consumes 40% less energy compare with other laptop. It emits 50% less CO2 into the atmosphere. It is certified by the ENERGY STAR and EPEAT Gold. It offers a 3 year battery warranty.

Microsoft Release Details about Goals for Windows 8

Microsoft is in the process of making Windows 8. The new Windows 8 will offer many advance features that are not available in Windows 7.

Windows 8 feature

Windows 8 is integrated with your webcam. It can detect your presence and log you into your desktop. The user accounts are used to confirm the identity of a user. In Windows 8, you will be able to switch to other user accounts easily.

Your Windows account will be able to connect to the cloud. You will be able to login into your website through your user account. It also has a more secure system so that you can surf the internet safely.

The Reset Windows option gives you the ability to restore your computer to original state. When you restore the computer, your documents and settings will be in the original condition just like before you reset the windows. Microsoft is developing a Windows 8 app store. The app store will offer a large range of apps that works with Microsoft 8. Windows 8 will be faster than Windows 7. It will include more help topics.

Microsoft will design special software and services that are designed for the end user. Windows 8 will be targeted towards two types of audiences including enthusiasts, mainstream consumers. The new Windows 8 can be customized along with their hardware and software offerings. You will be able to create unique and branded experiences. Customers that are planning to purchase a new desktop can select a PC that match with their personality, and interest.

The new Windows 8 allows you to turn off the PCI devices when you are idle. The memory power management allows you to increase the efficiency of your computer by turning off unused portions of memory system.