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How to publish an article in wordpress

I am specifically writing this blog for our guest bloggers who are unfamiliar with WordPress. Here, I am going to present you the simple steps through which you can write and submit your articles at iTechFreak or any other WordPress website where you have the permission to publish the article.

Step 1 : Register at iTechFreak

Go to Guest Post Registration Page. It will ask you for username and email address. Simply enter the username you desire and your email address.

Wordpress Register Image

You will receive an email from us containing your username and password. You can login in the website and submit your article.

Step 2: Complete your profile

After you login we will need some certain details from you. Please fill up all the details and do not forget to fill out Biographical Info. This is the area where you can tell more about yourself and can add a link to your business.

Step 3: Fill out your Adsense information

If you have an adsense account, you need to fill out your adsense information. We share 100% of adsense revenue with our guest posters.

  1. Click on dashboard and go to My Advertising
  2. Enter your publisher ID in “Advertising ID” column
  3. Next you have to enter the Ad slot ID. We recommend you to create new adsense ads for our website, so that you can measure the performance. Create a new adsense advertisement and enter your Ad slot ID, value of “google_ad_slot” in the javascript.

    For example,
    if your adsense code is

    google_ad_client = “pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”;
    google_ad_slot = “6355805927”;
    google_ad_width = 728;
    google_ad_height = 90;

    The your Ad slot ID is 6355805927.

    Click to open image

  4. Since we allow two ad slots per article. You need to create two different ads and enter the Ad cods in the box.

Step 4: Post your article in WordPress

Click on Posts -> Ad New and then you are all set to enter your post. We recommend to write the post in Microsoft Word and the submit the article later.

Check out these images for how to publish article in wordpress.

Click to open image

  1. Click on Add new and a new page will open
  2. Add Article title and article body
  3. Select the appropriate category for your article.
  4. Add tags to your article. Tags are the keywords related to your website.
  5. Fill the Details in All in SEO Pack Box

Click to open image

This is it. Just hit the submit for review button. We will review your article quickly and publish it.