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Iphone 4: A success or failure ?

iPhone 4 : A success or Failure

Apple has always known to set benchmarks in the technology era. Blending style, innovation and latest technology can be done best by “Apple”. The launch of any new products by Apple brings along a chill of excitement and anticipation. And when the product is launched every eye becomes stagnant on it, such is the magic of Apple. Thus, the launch of iphone 4 was no different; it bought turmoil amongst all the Apple/iphone fans. With a ravishing new design, new LED display, some more additional features, Apple’s iphone was launched with a bang giving a high-end competition to all the Smartphone’s in the market. The new iphone showcase the apple’s new OS 4.0 which in itself has a long list of add on features.   But, here I’m not going to give you the review of iphone 4 but will see some of the setbacks, some of the problems with the iphone 4.

  1. Design: Let’s first see the design aspect of it. When you first take the new iphone in your hands you’ll actually take time to adjust. The new design is no doubt more sophisticated and compact but will not impress the iphone lovers to the level which was expected. All the curves which gave the iphone a stylish look have been made to thick edges which are one big letdown on the industrial design part.
  2. Camera: Apple’s tried to improve its camera quality from the first version of iphone till now without degrading the other features. A 5 megapixel camera and VGA front camera clearly shows the efforts put in to improve the photography system and its clarity. But, what is still lacking is the camera button on the side panel which if would be present would have become a photographer’s delight.
  3. Speed: Though Apple has replaced the internal Samsung chip by its own designed A4 chip but the processor is the same ARM Cortex A-8. There is no noticeable difference in the speed than the previous iphone (3G).
  4. Multitasking: Though surely multitasking is the key feature which Apple initiated with its new OS 4.0. But, we cannot say its true multitasking. When you switch from one application to the other it pause’s the previous application and gets resumes when we move back to it. There are very limited applications which can run in the background while you’re using some other applications like music, VOIP calls, GPS etc.

So we can overall say not a bad move by Apple though. The new iphone will where fail to meet the high expectations of the iphone fans to some extend but the new range of features added with the new OS balances out the retires. Though we cant give a thumbs up due to the design aspect of iphone 4 we definitely can say an honest and stylistically innovative product by Apple once again.

Top 10 best iPhone applications

‘Apple’ is a name which never stops in the field of innovation. With its innovative, stylish and yet technologically sound products like macbook, iPods, iphone etc. All of them have some or the other additional software’s and applications which makes them different and stand apart from other products. Apple launched a new istore for software’s and applications for iphone and iPods. At present istore has over 1,00,000 applications for iphone and iPods. But, we are gonna talk about Top ten best iphone applications which I like the most.

1. Read it later and Canon

These are two different applications, the first one ‘Read it later’ allows you to store any web page for offline reading and will replace bookmarking of articles in the near future. Second one ‘Canon’, canon printers are the widest used printers and now it is of much use for iphone users via this application, which allows you print from a Canon PIXMA printer using the Wi-Fi feature of iphone.

10 Best iPhone applications

2. Run keeper

This is a very interesting application. This application utilise the GPS system of iphone to track your jogging route and yield details of your pace and calories burned in your entire run.

3. Dropbox

This application you can say is a step ahead towards device interface. As dropbox allows transferring of data between computer and iphone. The files you want to sync are just dropped in a folder on your system and dropbox in your device which will give you access to all the data transferred at one go.

4. Drinkfit

Do you want to know how much calories are you consuming with that drink..? So drinkfit will help you find out. Drinkfit gives you all the nutritional details of more than 1,600 drinks (including beer, cocktails and wine). It also comes with a very unique ”My night” feature which will help you tally your caloric consumption for one evening. It’s a great application for anyone who is conscious about their dietary intakes.

5. Beer Match

Are you a beer lover and love different kinds of food..? Then this application will surely help you to find out that which beer goes with your food.

6. Social networking

iPhone supports various social networking sites like facebook, orkut etc. But there are some sites specifically designed for iphone like iRovr, ipling and iphone colony. So stay connected to your loved ones on your iphone on the go.

7. Mundu

This is a built-in instant messenger for iphone. Mundu is different from other messengers as this allows the iphone user to chat on four different IM’s at a time i.e. AOL IM, Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger and Gtalk.

8. Movies applications

For movie buffs this is dedicated application to you all. As it allows you to keep track of which movies are showing in the theatres near you as also lets you track the route via maps. Not only this you can also buy tickets online via

9. Jiwire Wi-Fi

This application allows you to track hot wi-fi spots which may be free or paid. To list all those connections all you need to do is enter the location or zip code.

10. Best camera

This is one of the best applications for people who love to capture their movements into the camera. Best camera provides you 14 different kinds of filters which will enhance you photos. Like ‘jewel’ for a warm and textural look, ‘paris’ for a high contrast look, ‘candy’ for a highly saturated look etc.

So, I hope you like the information regarding ten best iPhone applications and will do use them and see for yourself.

Go : Google Programming Language

Go Google programming language
When Google is bound with any product, it is ought to be efficient and unique in its own way. Google has always been in for the excellence they render in whichever domain they enroll.

In the era when cloud computing and open sourced development is in progression, Google has launched a new programming language “Go”. This is an open sourced language based on C programming family. As also it incorporates elements of python and Pascal, which will help make the web pages faster and dynamic.

The computers are becoming more and more compact and advanced but the software development is far more sluggish. Today when web and computing have changed so dramatically and have reached upto cloud computing yet the languages empowering these developments are the same. Thus, “Go”, an amalgamation of python and C++ is expected to bring a revolutionary change in the computing world. Go seems to be more inspired by python , as python being one of the favourite languages practised by Google since the time, Google search engine was launched solely using python.

The “Go” language has been in development since Sep 2007, but is supposed to be revealed by Google along a free open source computer. One feature of ‘Go’ which makes an excellent innovation is that it has all the commonly used features like trash collection, maps, referring different parts using a single syntax etc. In the existing languages one had to choose efficient compilation, implementation or ease of programming all the features together were never available in the same current language. ‘Go’ is an attempt to combine the ease of programming of an interpreted and dynamically typed language. This language aims to the new computing world where all the applications and softwares will be available through various networked and multicore systems. This is expected to be very fast with the web pages and various other applications.

“Go” has very attractive features but to meet and maintain all of them is also very essential. This will be fulfilled by an expansive but lightweight system which will accompany the launch of “Go”. Later on you never know this might conquer the other systems too.

If you know the basics of C and python it won’t be difficult at all for you to understand the below code.

package main
import “fmt”
func main ()
fmt, printf(“Hello World” \n)
“Hello World”

Apple iPad Review

apple ipad review
“Apple”, one of the most inviolable contenders in the technology market, has come up again with an unbelievable device ‘ipad’. You can call it a tablet computer, a slate or just ipad. This device is one beauty in its self. Ipad is apple’s newfangled cosset, little bigger than iphone but smaller than a usual laptop. Apple has once again proved that creativity can be unified with technology and that too beautifully. A step forward to prove this was iphone, and to take it even ahead is ipad. You will have to look at it to believe me. It’s just 9.56 inches long and 7.47 inches wide. With a weight of just 1.5 pounds and 0.5 inch thin. Has the same multi-touch like in iphone but has been re-engineered for larger screen to be become more accurate and responsive to the touch. This is a design revolution, a truly remarkable and magical device. I never thought executing everything starting from sending mail to surfing web along with fantabulous quality music in the background and all this without any buttons or stylus with just a touch is possible in such a sleek device is truly fantastical.

To talk about the features of ipad you can go on and on. To start with the most essential tool now-a days is the web browser. Ipad comes with an apple safari web browser to view pictures clearly with vibrant colours which makes it readable. You can scroll up, down with the most natural pointing device your finger. You just need to tap on the concerned photo to zoom in or out of it. Also, to view your mail in an innovative way. To view it in landscape you’ll see a split screen showing both an opened mail and inbox messages. To open your mail by itself then all you have to do is just turn your ipad to view in a portrait mode and the email automatically rotates and fills the screen. Ipad works with all the leading email providers, like yahoo, Gmail, hotmail and AOL. Coming to the photo gallery, you don’t have to arrange all the messed up photos like in your phone as ipad stacks all your photos like in an album.

The high resolution LED backlit IPS display screen of ipad simply completes its look and the feeling of whatever video or movie you’re watching. And no matter how busy you are or how much you have to travel in a day your iPod always will lift up your mood with all your favourite music on your fingertips. To schedule your life and never forget your important meetings, ipad calendar keeps you updated with the current date, month and your what-to–do list for that day.

Ipad includes an all new feature called the ibook which is like an online library for you, where you can save the downloaded books and can buy books and save there. You can navigate yourself by using the high resolution maps offered by ipad, in a more advanced terrain view. As also it may help you find nearby places like restaurant or shopping mall. Also at the apple istore you can take the privilege of all the new games and applications designed for ipad. All in all apple ipad is everyone chase now, as it fulfils all the expectations of what human demands.

Goolge Nexus One Smartphone

Google nexus one smartphoneThin, sleek, beauty in black, don’t amiss this, this is the description of the new “Google Nexus One android smart phone.” Google is always been known for its innovative inventions and products. That may be a search engine or a navigation system or an Android Smartphone. Google has always been a step ahead of the others. The latest launch of Google which has captivated everyone’s eye is the new Google Nexus Smartphone which has the HTC hardware and Android 2.1 OS. The features in it makes it a “superphone”, which includes Google maps for navigation, a virtual keyboard , 3G enabled with Wi-Fi , a light sensor for adjusting the display to save its battery life. It also has a 5 mega pixel camera with an LED flash.

As internet plays a very vital role in our life today. Thus it is the need of the hour to explore its use and availability, there has to be gadgets focusing on this growth in the utility of internet. There are various aspects that makes an excellent device its hardware, its mode of operation, the services it provides etc. To compete with Google Smartphone there is Apple iphone in the market within the same cost price. And moreover the focal point of every new mobile phone to be launched is mobile internet. As the survey says that, ‘the revenue generated by web page views is moving to an incline’. It implies that the mobile internet users are changing magnitude.

Talking about the Smartphone’s there are various in the rally, when the era of technology is purportedly at its peak. But when a brand name has Google with it, it is ought to have something unique. The processor of Google Nexus One Smartphone is almost 66% faster than the other mobile processors. It includes 3.7 AMOLED display screen i.e. 800 by 400 pixels. The in- built memory is 512 MB and is expandable to 32GB. It supports all the Google applications as well as web applications. The latest application launched by Google for android phones is Google Goggles. This is the first ever interactive search application that embarks the beginning of the new era in interactive search engines. Thus, change is changing with the change that’s what Google has proved with its new launch. Are you up for it??

What Solar Energy can do for us?

What solar energy can do for usSolar is a natural and the most valuable source of energy available to mankind. It is now that we have realized that this source of energy should be efficiently utilized. As technology advances we have now come up with various means of storing and reusing this energy. The energy produced by the sun is 6000 times the totally energy consumption of the entire universe.

There are various natural sources of energy like wind, solar, hydrogen and tidal waves. If these can be used at a wider scale can bestow an orotund economic boon for the nation. As these are clean sources of energy, they can become beneficial for nature and mankind. Man today has become more intellectual and smart. No doubt that the world has immensely advanced and explicated. But seeing the other side of this scenario, we have ruined the nature for a more a civilized lifestyle. So instead of adopting the route where we favour civilization against environment and nature, we should adopt the one which can have both going hand in hand. So we take a crucial step towards this by efficiently utilise the radiated solar energy for various purposes.

Solar power is generated by collecting the sunlight and converting into electricity by solar panels which are made up of solar cells. This energy collected and stored can be useful for many applications like the major one is to generate electricity. The alternatives can be for cooking by using various solar cookers, cooling your home by using solar air conditioners, solar chargers and solar watches. Taking into account all these applications and benefits of solar energy the world is unanimously progressing towards the development in this field.
Solar parking lot: – This is the first solar parking lot in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara County, California. This was the first solar powered parking lot which can sustain the sunlight and light up its own lights. As also the future electric vehicles can be charged here too.

Solar trees in the parking lot:
Dell sets up a very innovative way set up by Envision Solar to set up solar powered lights as also providing shade for parking spaces , an innovative way to use sunlight as a viable energy source.

World‘s largest solar power project:
India is one of the leading countries in the development of alternative sources of energy. This is a project in Gujarat state which was previously to provide 500 MW of electricity by 2014. But this has now increased to 3,000 MW.
Storage of solar energy:

MIT professor, Daniel Nocera who worked on catalysts found out that water molecules can be divided and can be utilized to store energy. He is known a “huge centralized energy person “.His recent researches are to find cheap ways to store solar energy and reuse it. Apart from this the has also found a chemical which is easily available and cheap for this purpose.

Many such projects are coming up all over the world every day. Thus ,we see that solar is the future technology which has to be made available at a larger scale at a cheaper and efficient way for current systems to work on it and make the environment eco friendly by using carbon free fuels.

Google Chrome- Cloud Computing Operating Sytem

Google Chrome Cloud Computing operating systemIn the 21st century where everything is automated and customised, we have a new type of computing technology taking a boon i.e. ‘cloud computing’. This is entirely based on the web. So it has become essential for computers to be upgraded to a new level now. Today, when most people spend most of their time on the internet , there is a need to grow in this field. There is so much evolution of web from Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and the upcoming Web 3.0, thus there is a demand for internet oriented operating systems. When Microsoft announced its new venture, “Midori”, which is based on internet and cloud computing platform, so how is Google going to be behind in this air steamed competition of demand and supply of open sourced, internet based operating systems.

Google is not a search engine, it is in fact one of the biggest company till date. With various successes through Google earth, Google navigator, Google chrome a long list to go. Google has always stood undefended by its research and development of their totally outstanding products. So , on July 7th 2009,Google announced its new operating system “Google Chrome OS”. They embarked their beginning to the era of operating systems. “Google Chrome OS” is going to be an open sourced , internet based operating system which will be based on Linux platform. This is mainly targeted for netbooks initially, but will be soon be available for desktops too. The focus of this OS is for people who spend most of their time on the internet. Google OS is a complete package of operating system consisting of web applications, Google navigator, Google wave and gear. The design goal for the Google OS will be to minimise the space and increase the number of applications, which is going to be a big task and challenge for Google. Also, they are working on the split screen feature where you can view various other contents side by side.

Android and Google chrome OS are the two latest ventures of Google. Though these two are completely different from each other and are developed for various purposes , one for mobile and other for netbooks but as said by Google “these might merge in the near future”. This OS will be supported by x86 and ARM hardware. The operating systems were developed when there was no web so now is the time to develop what can cope up with the ever changing requirements of the users. Google says that Google OS is just the extension of Google Chrome where they are working to satisfy their agenda of “speed, simplicity and security”. The designing of the OS is expected to be flawless so that the users may not have to deal with any security hazards or viruses.

So, as we see the competition to innovate an open sourced system is growing each day. But we can trust Google on creating something really unique and dynamic and hope they continue to invent more knowledgeable and innovative products in the near future.

4G Technology

4G TechnologyIn recent years, the communication field has experienced an elevated era in technology. Since we have ushered in the 21st century, so with time the technology is also getting more and more advanced. The latest advancement being the “4g” viz the 4th generation communication technology.

In the history of mobile phones we come across 4 different eccentrics viz 0G, 0.5G, 1G, 2G, 2.5G, 3G and the latest being 4G which is also sometimes referred as super 3G.

OG: This generation experienced the development of two way radio telephones. Which was successfully tested by soviet engineers G.Shapiro and I.Zaharchenko in 1964, and mounted it inside a car, train and airplanes? This was the device which could connect to local telephone network within a range of 20kms.

0.5G: This was a little upgraded from 0G by introducing ARP, the first public commercial mobile phone network which overcame the limited coverage area drawback.

1G: This generation introduced the wireless technology, mobile technology. It used analog type of radio signals for the transmission of voice. The voice signal transmitted was modulated to higher frequency of 150MHz and above.

2G, 2.5G, and 2.75G: In 19th century second generation was introduced. Which bought GSM, IS-136 and IS-95? Out of which IS-136 use TDMA (time division multiple access) and IS-95 uses CDMA (code division multiple access. 2G introduced wireless transmission via digital signals using circuit switched technique. It bought new variant in telecommunication by introducing SMS (short message service) and multimedia access on the mobile phones.

3G: 2G is widely used worldwide now. But due its limited data rates it’s difficult to use applications like video conferencing, video and music download. Thus, to overcome these drawbacks 3G came into existence which has wider bandwidth and high data rate of about 2Mbps by using packet switching mode of transmission.
The first commercial launch of 3G was on October 1,2001, by NTT DoCoMo. They used WCDMA technology which is better than CDMA. This generation encourages video telephony using EDGE which is the latest GSM technology which supports high rate multimedia. We also have an advanced 3G mobile telephony protocol HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access) which allows data transfer at high speeds.

4G: This is the future generation of telecom industry. Which is fastest and more efficient than 3G? 4G will provide data rate of 100 Mbps for high mobility and 1Gbps for low mobility.

And you never know there is a high possibility of 4G coming to India before 3G.

4G Tehnology hits the market

4G technology hits the market4G  technology is based on OFDM(orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) ,this allows the data to be send over hundreds of parallel streams thus increasing the amount of data that can be send with less complexity as compared to 3G data transfer . The standard systems for 4G are WiMAX, HSDPA, UMTS, and TDD UMTS.
The aim of introducing an enhanced 4G can be:

  • It uses “adaptive processing”, which helps in the reduction of channel interference and reception by constantly switching channels.
  • It uses “smart antennas”, which has higher directivity increasing the efficiency of receiving the radio signals transmitted from the terminal end.
  • High network capacity and smooth handoffs between heterogeneous networks.
  • Providing ease of access for wireless broadband services, multimedia messaging (MMS), mobile TV, HDTV, video conferencing.
  • It uses IP, packet switched network which is capable of utilising all it resources effectively.
  • Power saving mechanisms and advanced QoS.
  • It provides low latency for real time applications.
  • 4G works on variable data rates as it switches its channel frequently as it uses OFDM. OFDM provides high spectral efficiency. OFDM also provides high resiliency to RF interference and multipath distortion is low, due to which the inter symbol interference (ISI) is very low. As also due to soft handoffs, the voice clarity is extremely high.

As technology progresses it makes our lifestyle more and more leisurely. With the high mobility and less of time, are the biggest constrains 4G can resolve.

4G will bring a revolutionary change in the wireless technology, where such different access technologies as cellular, cordless, wireless LAN type systems, short-range wireless connectivity, and wired systems will be
Combined on a common platform to complement each other in the best possible way. The development is expected to inspire the progressive trend in the current technology.
The elementary purpose of 4G service is to be interactive due to convergence network which is applicable for home-networking, telemetric, and sensor-network service.

4G will commercialize the current scenario. But due to high cost and hi-tech infrastructure needed there is being delay in 4G to come up in INDIA. But, it’s not like 4G technology is not present in the market. Recently, NTT Docomo has declared to launch 4G services in Japan around 2010-2015. Providing maximum data transfer rate of 20 Mbps.

4G to be launched in two cities of U.S. by Verizon this year, using 700 MHz frequency band.
Zain Internet Service provider (ISP) and Mada has announced the formal launch of the 4G wireless broadband WiMax E-version service. The announcement was made Wednesday the 25th of March. This was held at an event organised by both companies under the auspice of the Minister of Information and Communications Technology Eng. Bassem Al Rousa.
This service offers high speed wireless broadband internet to customers.

The 4G wireless broadband internet service will be accessible and read for use through Motorola Wi-Max solution. This service is going to be the first of its kind in terms of speed, strength of coverage, geographic outreach, and the availability of a user friendly plug and play devise.

Also, Sprint is working on a WiMAX-enabled Smartphone that will support both 4G and 3G connectivity. WiMax-connected device will run three or five times faster than the 3G connected devices with varied features including video conferencing, improved multimedia quality with high definition and low latency. Thus, seeing the recent scenario we can conclude that it is inevitable that 4G will replace 3G in the long run. There are still chances of 4G to flourish due to new innovations and adaptive changes in the technology.

Know About Cloud Computing – New Age Computing

know about cloud computingThe name cloud computing is inspired by the name “cloud” which means collection of particles (e.g.: smoke, dust or gases) that is visible. And cloud computing refers to the collection of information which is made available on the internet as also which is a commonly used symbol to represent the web in flowcharts and diagrams.
Which has roots lying on the web and branches which is shared for diverse applications like it can be web based emails, memory sharing , data processing etc. Cloud computing has come into existence to provide easy and scalable access to available computing resources via internet. The wed based applications can be accessed via the web browser while the software and data can be accessed via servers.

Cloud computing is broadly classified in three eccentrics:

Cloud computing resembles the pay- for- what -you -use model. It permits you to use as much resources as you need and pay only for that similar to electricity and water consumption, thus it is sometimes referred as utility computing.

IAAS: In this service the user is provided by virtual servers and memory for storage. Through provider’s application program interface (API) users can access, control and operate their servers. This service is also called as utility service.

PAAS: This service provides set of software and development tools to their users. They develop applications on the provider’s platform over the internet. Here the provider’s can also access API’S, website portal or gateways or the software’s installed on the customer’s computer.

SAAS: This is a broad market where users are allowed only to use the applications directly. These applications can be web based email or applications like facebook and twitter .

There can be various types of clouds :

PUBLIC: The public cloud shares services with anyone on the internet. These services are available via the web applications on the internet and the users can use these services as and when they require on utility basis.

PRIVATE: The private cloud shares the services to only selected users. These cloud provide network and data centre for a limited number of customers.

HYBRID: The hybrid cloud consists of both the internal and external i.e. private or public services. It supports both the physical and virtual servers and routers to access the required services.

Cloud computing is growing with time as it does not need any capital investment for the infrastructure and hardware. Instead it just has to rent or subscribe for the softwares and services they require. The other benefits also include resource sharing, shared infrastructures and softwares as also access to a broad range of applications simultaneously.
Thus, with this service the upfront capital expenditure for the companies for the hardware, softwares and the services they utilise will eventually be very minimal as compared to current investments. Many companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft and Gartner are seeing potential in cloud computing to provide better interactive services between their clients and the services provided to them by the companies .