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WhatsApp Messenger For Android

WhatsApp Messenger is a smart phone messenger offered for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. It uses WiFi or 3G to message with family and friends and can receive and send pictures, audio notes, messages and video messages. Group chats are also possible.

Whatsapp Messenger Android

It is FREE for First year and they may charge $1.99/year. This allows you to send millions of messages of any kind per day because it uses 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi with out getting logged in as like any other conventional computer devices and other added assert is that if you go offline , this app will save your messages offline until you come again to use.

Apart from this allows you to Exchange contacts, Custom notification sounds, Landscape mode, Broadcast messages ,Precise message time stamps, Email chat history, Custom wallpaper, Share location and so enjoy it.

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Cricket IPL T20 Fever for Android

The exciting official game of India is Indian Premier League season 4. We will look at the exponentially increasing popularity of the T20 format of Cricket in the form of an android game. The IPL T20 game is experienced on the computer live with HD 3D graphics. Numerous modes are available to play tournaments, ODIs and T20 matches and also the power play style match.


To be said as history, the BCCI Board of Cricket Control in India organized IPL and IPL T20 is the major revenue source for BCCI and ranks sixth in the world sports event .So the computer gaming events for IPL T20 entertains the people and also makes profit to the contributors of the gaming events.

Features of Cricket IPL T20 fever:

Cricket IPL T20 Fever

The features are stunning 3D graphics and art of 3D physics engine for real pin action.

Game rules and Updates:

The permissions needed are full internet access, read phone status and identity, storage which lets users to modify/delete USB storage contents on the SD cards. It needs the network-based locations to determine the presence of a user.


The best realistic 3D bowling power on the android phones is the IPL T20 fever. This game fully embraces the incredible 3D physical effects. Here you can also add up online leader board of total scores.

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Dolphin Browser HD for Android

The superfast, clever browser for android 2.0.1 and above is the Dolphin browser HD. Mobotap presented this browser and this is the best mobile browser that lets you interact with the web through the mobile device in a easier way.

Features of Dolphin Browser HD:

Dolphin Browser HD for Android

The Dolphin browser HD has the following features in it:

  • It has an add entry to exit dolphin directly via menu selecting exit option.
  • Hot apps for speed dialing are available.
  • Supports bookmark sync(Beta)add on.
  • Supports webzine in landscape mode
  • Has options to format the text applications.
  • Accuracy in gesture recognition
  • Fixes and crashes bugs in browsers and webzines.
  • The browser can read all the recent URL visited and also has the feature to modify bookmarks and history. It also has the option to erase and also reads the sensitive log data.
  • The users who installed Dolphin browser also installed Dolphin google services, Dolphin fullscreen (froyo), Dolphin morning coffee and dolphin speed dial. Dolphin mini HD browser’s new version has the functions like fixing selected text issues on devices, auto-fit issues on HTC incredible, double tap to maximize and minimize in android mode on HTC devices, crashes bugs and has options to change application icons.

Review of Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin browser for pad, which is specially designed for Android tablets, allows you to interact with the web via mobile devices easily. Dolphin browser mini aims at providing something fast, simple, new, powerful and user friendly experience for all of us.

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ES File Explorer for Android

ES file explorer for Android is one of the best featured file manager that can explore the phone and computer. It can be said of as an all in all rounder since it manages files and applications and also acts as a task killer and dropbox client and ftp client that explores your computer and phone.

Features of ES file manager:

ES File Explorer does file operations like cut, copy, paste in phones and computers. Some other features contains Application manager, compression and decompression of zip files, view different file formats, photos documents and videos, thumbnails for APK images, searching files, text viewers and editors, WIFI with SMB ,FTP server on the SD card, dropbox, Bluetooth, root explorer feature, simple widgets to auto kill running applications and clean memory.

New additions in recent versions of file manager:

Version V has the sugarsync support (slide left to net). ES file explorer new things like SD and Gesture bug fixing. It also has an awesome feature where we need not enter the password each time you use the same application except -when the power is off or you resume the screen.


The ES file explorer allows all android users to use their resources for free, manages and stay connected with 3G, EDGE or WIFI AAND share with friends and you can also upload photos and videos.

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Mobo Player, Android Media Player

The best video player provided by android is the android mobo player. This player enables us to change the audio settings and control hardware. It automatically does the key lock disabling option as it happens in the mobile phones when incoming call arrives.


Dolphin mobo player latest version has the following features:-

  • Memory brightness and automatic setting of volume
  • Manages all the streaming medias and view for input
  • Quit setting on double click
  • Switch between Grid and list view by sliding left and right
  • Automatic play under hardware decode mode is enabled.
  • Response less for long press in grid view

The application access the settings like changing the audio settings, phone calls, storage on USB and on SD cards, system tools to prevent the device from going to the sleep and disabling keylock.
There are certain limitations in android media players. The default player in high end phones will not support some video formats, So it is important to install a multi-format media player. The mobo player runs on all android devices.

Mobo players can be downloaded for free. After installing, it automatically downloads codec plugin for your device.
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Free Android Applications for HTC Hero

There are numerous free applications available in android market. We took a few which you can use at your HTC hero phone.

Android applications for HTC Hero

This application is needed for the user’s to view and manage the contacts. It displays our contacts with Contextual information and pictures, missed calls and unread messages.
This applications comes with a landscape view provide quiker access to our favorites and contacts.

Locale is one of the amazing applications which allow the user to handle the profile automatically.
Key features of this application is that we can know the battery level, dates, time, GPS coordinates and also about the calls from specific peoples.

Facebook for android is one of the special applications which was created to read and post status updates. we can post pictures, check our friends profile and share our time with friends.

It serves as an alternative to android web browser works faster and can load full HTML site.

This application is available in both free and pro version. This application is needed for viewing and sending tweets,follow the users,photo posting ang geo-sharing effects.

Iskoot is one of the free application for android that facilitates skype on our mobile.we can make the international calls by using this application as well as through skypeout.

This application provide the details about the deals.if we need the details about a product we can enter the name of the product this application search about the details of the product in web, local chain stores the best price and reviews about the product.

Ring droid application allow the user to create free ringtones, allow us to load the song into our SD

Meebo is a free instant messaging application .this application would support yahoo,MySpace, google talk, history will be saved in this application.

It is a music tagging system. if we need the details about the song which we hear simply we can launch the application, we should press the tag now button and we should hold the phone towards the speaker.

Within seconds we can get the information about the song name,artist,year of release and some other details related to the MP3 stores the link ,and the artist myspace page, video link.

Its a free application which allows the user to build the profile to manage the phone. User can change the ringtone settings such as mute, vibrate etc. User can know about the Wi-Fi status, brightness and other aspects. It provides easy to use user interface for different settings

This is one of an android application that helps the user to know about the new places based on our preference. It would locate the information to suggest the information about the Stores, restaurants, popular places in our area which we would prefer to visit.

Gdocs application allow the user to view the spreadsheet and to create and edit and view the word Processor documents from their google docs account but the editing is restricted to text level only.

This is one of the open source application for posting text and images to wordpress blogs. This is one of the best application that would allow the user to post photos and thoughts from our android phone.

We hope you liked our list of free android applications for HTC hero. For more applications browse our free android apps and free android games section.

Top Android Camera Apps

Android is a great mobile platform for the users and it is very popular in mobile markets. This mobile Platform provide way for the creativity for the application developers and this also fulfill the needs of The users. The market is filled with large number of android camera apps. Android applications comes with creativity with an amazing camera which can able to give Good photography. Without much delay here we are going to see the best applications of the android For the sake of the user’s photographic needs.

Android camera apps

Here we presents you a list of Free android camera apps which you can download directly into your android phone,

Top Android Camera Apps


Photoshop mobile application is needed to edit and share the photos anywhere. if we want to share our
Photos and videos to our friends and family members we can make use of the free
Account. The other functionality such as color adjustment and to rotate the photos and to add some
Artistic effects we can able to do that by means of the specific functions assigned in it.

If we need our photographs to look more beautiful we can make use of the application called vignette.
This would add more light flairs to our photographs. Vignette is one among the best android camera apps.

Photoid application was considered to be a complete package as it contains all the necessary
Details like frames, effects, stickers, brushes and mask modes.

If we need to edit the pictures on mobile we can make use of photo wonder applications which was
Provided with some amazing effects like blue tone, LOMO, beautiful stickers and frames.

With the availability of clip arts, contrast correction, toy-camera, text-fonts, we can able to take better

For our everlasting memories we are in need of photo frames that would allow us to save our special
Personalized picture.

7. CAMERA 360:
We won’t be in search of some professional cameras as we are having all the facilities that would be
Available in this camera such as LOMO, HDR, axis shift,draft,ghost.

Picsay was considered to be the most amazing photo editor, as it would correct the color of our
Pictures and can add word ballons, titles, graphics, and some special effects such as distortion.

If we need live, then Photoshop lens to be added to our camera. this application is considered to be the
best in android.

If we wish to add more than 40 effects to our photo camera zoom FX allow the user to do.
Toycam, polandroid, Warhol, normal, fisheye are the few example of the effects.

Nowadays we are in need of fast moving camera as it would help us to take the pictures instantly just by
Pressing the camera button.

We can get a single image though we took multiple shots with the camera.

This application is needed for better viewing as it would copy the selected pictures on our phone into a
new photo album that we create.

We can edit, copy, and send the photos quickly with text and graphics with e-mail selected photos.

Presence of 5 cameras, 5 set of vintage vignetting, film scratch, black and white and cross processing
Effects for analog look make the pictures into a memorable one.

We can able to create a scrapbook of photos on our home screen.
We should tap the widget to get the full screen of pictures.

The users who are in need of amazing photo applications should turn their attention towards

We hope you liked our list of top android camera apps. For other apps, browse our free android apps section.

Used Rolex from Time and Gems


In this time and age, if there was ever a smart and safe way to save some money, that way can usually be found on the Internet. With so many information found online for pinching those hard earned pennies, it’s no wonder that even luxury items such as expensive watches and other jewelries have found their way on the World Wide Web. While it’s true that there are also a lot of scams going on, it cannot be denied that the Internet has made shopping easier and economical. Have you always wanted to get yourself your very own Rolex watch? Worry not. There are online shops for you that will give you several alternatives so that you can get this coveted item for a fraction of its original cost. One of these many alternatives is for you to opt to get a used Rolex from renowned retail shops like Time and Gems. Not only is it practical it’s also been made convenient and hassle free, much like going to an actual Rolex outlet.

Google Nexus S 4G Features and Specifications


The Google Nexus S 4G is the first smart phone with the fastest Android operating System which is the Gingerbread. All of us may wonder what could this Gingerbread do to our phone or what is different and new with it? It provides features like multi-tasking, Wi-Fi hotspot and adds a refreshed user interface, an improved keyboard, near field communication (NFC) support and much more.

Specifications of Google Nexus S 4G


Quad-band GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900
Tri-band HSPA: 900, 2100, 1700
HSPA type: HSDPA (7.2Mbps) HSUPA (5.76Mbps)
Wi-Fi 802.11 n/b/g
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
Near Field Communication (NFC)
Assisted GPS (A-GPS)
microUSB 2.0


4.0″ WVGA (480×800)
Contour Display with curved glass screen
235 ppi
Capacitive touch sensor
Anti-fingerprint display coating

Size and Weight

63mm x 123.9mm x 10.88mm


Haptic feedback vibration
Three-axis gyroscope
Digital compass
Proximity sensor
Light sensor

Google Nexus S 4G Features

Now you can enjoy faster and accurate typing with the multi-touch support and improved on-screen keyboard provided with slick black notification bar for reading messages. You can do the text editing jobs like copying and pasting a text more conveniently with the Gingerbread operating system.

As an advantage of using Gingerbread, enhancement in the VoIP calling to other SIP accounts and even phone numbers. The Wi-Fi connectivity support is also extended to six portable devices

The phone hosts 1GHz Hummingbird processor with 16GB of internal memory that aids in opening menus, tabs faster and also does load web pages quicker. The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) embedded makes playing games, browsing and watching videos fast, fluid and smooth.

The smart phone has Contour display with brighter screen. It also has 75% less glare compared to other smart phones outside. The contour display is responsible for the slim and trim look of the Nexus S.

PRICE of Nexus S

The Google Nexus S 4G is available for $199.99.

Nexus s 4G REVIEW

Talking about the goods, the smart phone has brilliant display, WiMax support and quite good performance. There are a countable improvements made on the Gingerbread operating system. The phone does look appealing because of the Google interface with the Android support.

Moving on to the drop downs, the phone does not offer a memory card slot and LED notifications. It can also be said that the phone is too fragile to handle. As for the situations prevailing now, it is too much to expect a very good 4G connectivity and the features are also quite disappointing as for what was expected.

Still the phone could be a satisfying one for most of its buyers as the Gingerbread operating system compensates the thirst. The ratings for the phone are like 8.0 for its design, 9.0 for features and 8.0 for performance. All of them out of 10.0.

The Red Stone Android Game Review

The Red Stone – the name elucidates that you need to push the big red stone out through the exit. Reading this you might think that’s not a major task! Is it? Then you really need to cognize that it’s pretty hard. You have to shuffle the big ‘King’ square that’s four times of the normal ‘pawn’ squares to move out through the exit.

Red Stone Photo Android

Square-shuffling games are not new to us, but this one has few squares and requires high skill of how you can exit your red stone. In most cases, chances are you getting baffled. This does not mean give up, push through and do it.