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T-Mobile myTouch 4G – Features, Specification and Review

Overview of myTouch 4G

myTouch 4G is not a  Smartphone, it is the Smartest phone up till now.  This Smartest phone makes you to keep everyone and everything at your finger tips.

HTC mytouch 4g image

Features of myTouch 4G

Mobile video chat: myTouch 4G makes a person living in east coast to talk face to face with another person who is living in the west coast without any Wi-Fi connection. This is called 4G.

HD Video: You can shoot anything and everything in HD. With myTouch 4G you can shoot HD videos, upload it and you can share it with your friends. You can beam this HD video to your widescreen TV.

4G at your finger tips: 4G is the fastest network available. With myTouch 4G you can connect to your friends and family very quickly.

Genius Button:  There is genius button present in the myTouch 4G. The function of this genius button is whatever you speak Google listens to it. The automatic search for Chinese extract is on.

Specification of myTouch4G

myTouch 4G comes with Android 2.2 OS. myTouch 4G comes with a very good 3.8 inch TFT-LCD touch sensitive screen with 480 resolution. The dimension of this phone is 4.8×2.44×0.43 inches in length, width and thickness respectively. The processor of this smartest phone is Qualcomm MSM 8255 Snapdragon with a processor speed of 1GHz. The display of this Smartphone is x 800 WVGA resolution. This Smartphone comes with an internal memory of 4GB ROM and 768 MB RAM. It has very good 5MP camera with LED flash and a VGA camera at the front. The network for this Smartphone is GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA/HSPA+. There is an internal GPS antenna. The other features of this smartest phone are Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, and rechargeable Li-ion battery 1400mAh. The talk time for this phone is up to 360 minutes and standby time of up to 288 hours.  This Smartphone include a very good expandable memory card up to 32GB.

T-Mobile® myTouch® 4G – Reviews

Sascha Segan from PC Magazine says “The T-Mobile myTouch 4G, the latest powerhouse android Smartphone is the smartest phone that T-mobile has to offer. A very fast processor, Wi-Fi calling, HSPA+ Internet speeds and the latest Android OS means that the myTouch will definitely offer more power that its competitors. And it is truly good looking, to boot. Nevertheless some of its main features have rough edges, the very subsistence of those features which makes this our Editor’s choice for T-mobile Smartphone’s”.

Ramon Nuez from The Huffington Post says “The T-Mobile myTouch 4G Smartphone is simply gorgeous…. Last night at a T-Mobile I got my two hands on this beautiful myTouch 4G Smartphone. This Smartphone has a beautiful 3.8 inch WVGA touch screen display. The most superb feature of this Smartphone like the G2 mobile phone will take up the complete advantage of the HSPA+ network. This Smartphone comes with a built-in HSPA+radio and very good downloading speed which looks like this – 9.1 Mbp/s download and upload speed of 2.73 Mbp/s”.

Josh Kirschner from Techlicious says “The myTouch 4G is the latest android entrance in the 4G space ($199). After some weeks of testing I came to know this is the best Android phones that are available in the market. Besides the network speed this Smartphone offers a very good front facing camera for live video chat over 3G/4G or over Wi-Fi; hotspot support for up to 4 devices. This has a very good 3.8 inch display and runs on the latest android 2.2.1 with flash web browsing”.

Bonnie Cha from CNET says “The HTC myTouch 4G Smartphone is the latest entry to the carrier’s MyTouch series of Android mobile phones and it brings out a slay of design and feature improvements. This Smartphone comes with a solid build with all the goods at its back, the Wi-Fi calling, front camera, HSPA+ support and 1GHZ Snapdragon processor, just to name a few”.

Ginny Mies from PC world says “HTC and T-Mobile surely have a real winner with the smartest phone myTouch 4G. The very good processing speeds combined with HSPA+ data speeds are tough to beat when it comes to surfing the web and watching videos”

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Droid TV – Free app to watch TV on Android phone


With Droid TV in your mobile you can watch TV in a full HD-480p resolution. You can select 100’s of episodes of the most famous shows from the main TV networks. You can watch the TV shows whenever and wherever you want. DroidTV makes your android mobile into a DVR and video player.

You can Record and play your favorite TV shows right on your mobile phone. From your phones secure digital memory card the episodes are played. The episodes are not streamed. So you watch your favorite episodes are available even when you don’t have internet connection.  The Episodes starts playing instantly without any low quality or buffering delays. Using DroidTV you can record and watch single episodes or automatically record each and every episode for a show. The episodes are directly recorded using the internet and stored on to your virtual DVR in our data center and then it is allowed to be transmitted to your mobile phone to view and enjoy the show. You’ve the capability to store humpty number of episodes on your dedicated virtual DVR.

The number of episodes that you can store will be limited according to the available memory space in your memory card. You can access 100’s of episodes from fifty plus TV networks in the free version of DroidTV. For a month for less than a dollar you’ve the choice of adding up 15 best prime time TV shows. This AndroidTV can support almost all the Android Smartphone and also tablets with Android OS v2.1 and the later versions, screen resolution of at least 480×800, a 1GHz processor and a secure Digital memory card with minimum free space of 2GB.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to low screen resolution the following mobile phones are not compatible:
Droid Eris
• Intercept
• Optimus
• Acclaim
• Charm
• Droid Pro
• mytouch 3G
• Motoi1
• Aria
• Hero
• Moment
• Behold ll.

Review of Droid TV

Traditional TV is keep on dying and it is emerging as an internet based, on-demand service. Web-based services such as Netflix and Hulu provide 1000’s of famous TV show episodes – but if you are making use of android phone or tablet you will not be able to view them. The reason behind this is arcane licensing schemes put a stop to many syndicated shows from being shown on “unapproved devices.

Now the DroidTV will offer you free acess to 100’s of episodes from over fifty plus TV networks shows which includes 30 Rock, The Tonight Show and Community in full 480p resolution. The DroidTV supports the devices like tablets and mobile phone with an Android OS v2.1 and the later version, 1GHz processor, screen resolution at least 480×800 and a secure Digital memory card with a good free memory space of 2GB.

There won’t be any streaming videos in DroidTV. You just choose the episodes that you like to watch and the application starts downloading them and saves them onto your memory card. The advantage behind this is that once the episode is downloaded you can play them without using the internet access. Playback of the episodes will be smooth without waiting for the video to buffer. The sound quality is also very well good.

The disadvantage in this DroidTV is that we must wait until the full episode is downloaded before you can watch the episode. Occasionally the wait time is quite extensive. In the background of the application episodes will be downloaded and once the download is complete the app will notify you. So in the meantime you can have fun with other apps.

DroidTV’s home screen is named as TV Guide. There are shows which can be watched only if you purchase subscribe to DroidTV Primetime ($6 – 6 months). Prime-time subscriptions shows consist of Raising Hope, Modern Family, Glee, Burn Notice, Fringe, The Cleveland, Warehouse 13, Lie to Me, Castle, Family Guy, House, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Office.

By clicking on Show thumbnails open a list of episodes that are available with a brief description. Click on to your favorite episode to download. Once the download is complete, the episode will be shown in the Menu, Now Playing. Click on it to watch the episodes.

You can search your favorite TV shows by using the title or by category, but I find the TV guide to be a pretty sufficient. There are huge number of available shows, but you do have a quite few famous shows to pick from. This application is one of the few means to view syndicated TV shows on your Android device. I recommend you to give a try if you really love to watch TV shows on your Android phone.

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Math Scramble Lite – Android Game for math lovers


Do you love to train your math knowledge when your idle? Then you must try out Math Scramble. Math Scramble is like a math game. From the given number balls you must select an equation to match the target answer. It is truly a brain challenging game from the math lovers. Further you can have a look at the top score in the ladder board. You can post your top score in the board only in the paid version. What for you’re waiting? Come challenge with the other math masters in the globe. A bigger equation will fetch you high score and also bonus time.

Math Scramble Lite

Review of Math Scramble Lite

When you begin the game, you will see a grids filled up with basic math operators +, – , x and digits starting from 1 to 9. A value will be appearing at the screen bottom and your aim is to make an equation within a given period of time that comes out to that value. You will get high scores if you use more numbers. More numbers = High score

Regrettably, the interface is simple and uninteresting. After a short while the game begins to feel repetitive. Something that actually displeases me is the fact that once you choose a number or a math operator, you cannot unselect it; if you like to change your ideas; you must clear the board and begin your equation from the foundation. In a game you playing against the ticking clock this can be frustrating.

Math Scramble is truly a good idea, but it requires some little bit work. The paid version features no ads and lets you to upload your top score to an online leader board.

Star Traders RPG Review

The Star Traders RPG is a wonderful game for your Android mobile. Start commanding your ship and have a fun journey all around the galaxy in a marathon Space City Simulation. Pick up the sides that you like in a big solar war and you start playing as Smugglers, traders, assassin or even pirate. You can buy or sell or battle and also pilot over eighty unique starcraft. Being a captain you can explore, discover and quest on forty plus planets.

This Star Traders RPG is an awesome animated turn-based tactical RPG (Role Playing Game). If you like this Star Traders RPG Please Rate it. This Star Traders RPG features a pro soundtrack. This is very well hit with the fans of Serenity, Star Wars, Battlestar Galatica and Firefly.  Your ship which is under your command will be under constant risk both internally and externally. Will you be in position to manage all your available resources, officers, crew well enough to make a good profit on your contracts and trades? Those who do will come under the Faction’s elite Star Heroes and those who fail will be branded bandits and crimelords.  The elite is upgraded with new ships, new contract types and new rumors on a regular basis. Enthused by games like Master of Orion, EVE online, Pirates!, Space Trader and many more classic computers RPG’s. If you truly like adventure, sci-fi RPG, Action RPG with in-depth you might have fun with Star Traders space role for sure. This is the one with full character control and customization. Have a great journey around the galaxy in this RPG.

This Star Traders RPG features five different skills, six character classes, hundred different capital space craft. Modify your crafts and ships with twenty five different improvements. If you think that something that has to fixed don’t hesitate to email or post a post in the forum.

Review of Star Traders RPG:

Star Traders RPG is an animated indefinite game of combat, trade and exploration. This looks similar to the Pirates and Traders game, but with a Science-fiction alteration.

As with the Pirates and Traders, the way you play the game and what kind of ways you get engage is purely up to you. You move to many star systems trading goods, exploring planets, attacking other spaceships and going on missions. During these times you will accumulate a forever growing crew that you should feed and keep them happy. As you progress into the game, you can pick up your attributes and also your ships, which often need repairs. And also you can purchase new spaceships that are available. Accepting a precise mission can be a risky proposition. Gaining good turn with one political group or merchant might involve earning the hostility of another. But you require some money to carry on, so you can’t turn your nose up at each and every mission which comes on your way. You’ve to risk in making some foe sooner or later.

My very big protest with this Star Traders RPG is that there lacks polish in writing. Few of the Game’s prompts are quite hard to understand, and also help segment was not always lucid either. Overall this Star Trader RPG is very well developed and very interesting game to play.

The above review covers only Star Traders RPG – Free version. There are 2 other version available – Paid version and Star Traders Mini. Paid version features much more complexity. Star Traders Mini is the one for the people who has mobile like G1 mobile phones which has simpler hardware.

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Five Free Android apps for Web Developers

Are you a web developer on the go, want to test your codes, fix the errors, or manage the remote files when you are far from your desktop?  If yes then you must have an Android phone with you. In the android market there are some useful free applications for the on-site programmers which you download it and you can use it on your phone anywhere.

Here I’ve listed out 5 useful Android app for web developers.

Android Apps for Web Developers

1. HTML Editor

You can’t get more basic than this. HTML Editor app is a simpler one which allows the user to code and test HTML JavaScript and CSS. This is a simpler text editor app which stores all your works on to your SD memory card and you can preview it in a stripped-down mobile browser. This application does not highlight the errors, or even deliver images in the preview, but still this app is a handy one for the web developers.

2. AndFTP

The AndFTP app is tremendously strong free utility application. By using this application you can do mobile access to the contents present on your web servers. You can add login info for several domains, decide the certain one which you need to access and the application rapidly pulls up your file tree in an easy to navigate interface. Using your mobile phone as like it is a web-connected USB drive, you can do both uploading and downloading files from your server, also you can control the existing files and you browse your own device. This application supports three connections namely FTP, SFTP and FTPS.

3. View Web Source

With the Android if you are browsing the mobile web and if you come across something which requires a closer “developer eye view” then you must check out this View Web Source application, which downloads the entire source code of the web pages into a text editor, where you can do your editing things like making alterations and copy/paste it to email for later review.

4. Magic Color Picker

Thinking over a few web design ideas when you are out and about? The Magic Color Picker application allows you to browse over the superb wheel of web-safe colors in your mission for the ideal menu gloom or logo tone.

The applications offers you color values in several formats such as hexadecimal, YUV, RBG, HSL and HSV and also offers you a few options for ways to visualize your web palette.

The one downside of this application is that there is no option of bookmark or export the color codes once your discover one, so get a piece of paper and a pen if you want them for future use.


Are you learning for your next web dev pop quiz at school??? Are you looking to loosen your coding knowledge muscles??? The HTML Test application is the one will hit you with twenty timed multi choice questions about your much loved Internet syntax. Answer all the questions to your best ability and then later check out how well have you performed. If you repetitively take the quiz then you will start getting the questions repeated. But it is really great for a rapid study break.

We hope these free android apps will help web developers to develop cool web applications.

Free Nokia N8 Games from Ovistore

We all know that Nokia N8 is a superb, astounding and amazing cell phone which guarantees cent percent entertainment. When you’ve this phone in your hand you won’t ever feel bored. Here in this article I’m going to list out 3 free nokia n8 games which you can download through ovistore.

Free Nokia N8 Games

Galaxy on fire

Galaxy on fire Nokia N8 game

Galaxy on fire, an addictive game is developed by FISHLABS. FISHLABS is the one which were developing HQ 3D Titles for each and every platform since 2004. Galaxy on Fire is available at free of cost.

In this game you will be the pilot and you’re name in the game is Keith T. Maxwell. You will be the one who controls a small fighter ship. The challenge to you is that shoot the each and every things that are on your way. Typically an alien shoots your ship at the back, so it is all justified. Travelling all over the space to earn credits to obtain the big and the best fighter ship which is fully packed up with the latest lasers which makes the game fun, as you will discover it hard to reach every edge of the universe. I’ve played this game for 8 hours and I’ve a Shiny battle fighter ship which is unstoppable.

Need for Speed Shift

Need for Speed for Nokia N8

Need for Speed Shift is also another addictive game which is developed by Electronic Arts. We all know that Electronic Arts is the one who develop games such as FIFA, The Sims and many more games for different gaming platforms..

There is a one simple mission in this Need for speed game and that is to drive faster than the other racers.  There are two modes in this game. One is Quick race and the other one is Career.  In the Quick race mode you can pick up a car and you can spin around the track.  In the Career mode you move around the earth, winning every continent, defeating every racer. When you go further in your career you can earn more money. With this money you can buy upgrades for car engine, attractive spoiler or even you can buy a new car.  In this game you got the option of where you play the game, either in the driver’s place looking out from the widescreen or floating above the car.

Marble Maze Classic

Marble Maze Classic for Nokia N8

Marble Maze Classic is another addictive game which is available at free of cost with ads.

The design of Marble Maze Classic game is to move the ball around the maze without letting it to fall into incorrect holes. There are only very few obstacles to overcome, like holes and the walls, but there are levels which has many holes which will make difficult for you to win the game. Probably steel ball is the one can be easily rolled around. Once you’ve completed all 180 levels with all 3 balls, you must attempt to make your own maze using the custom filed adding up as many walls or holes as you like.

Control for all these three games are tilting the phone back to front or from left to right. As you keep on playing you can easily master the controls.

Warning : All 3 free Nokia N8 games are addictive.

Let us know how did you liked our list of free Nokia N8 games.

Best Free Online Conference Call Service

With the growing need of communication due to distributed teams, need of online conference call service is growing. Now not only big companies can use online meetings and web conference but also other small companies can also use online meetings and web conference. This is because in the market there are humpty numbers of software which are available at free of cost which offers you free calls between computer and computer and very cheap calls from computer to mobile phones and landlines.   Here I’ve listed down list of software which offers you free video conference calls anywhere around the globe.

Online Conference Call Services

Online Conference Call Services

1. Skype

Skype is the very best software that is available in the market which offers you to make free calls anywhere around the globe. Skype is a free Voice Over Internet Protocol.  It’s very easy to use Skype. You can download Skype for free to your PC and you can start inviting others to join. Skype offers cheap priced unlimited calling plans for PC to mobile phones and landlines around the globe. A plus point in Skype is that you can add up to 10 people to join your video conference.

2. GoToMeeting

Instead of having a conference in a room, you can make use of a tool named Goto meeting, online conference software which offers you to meet people online. A Plus point in this tool is that there’re no hidden charges or no overages while you hold many meetings. VoIP and phone conferencing are included in this tool. You can avail this tool for 30 day free trial of unlimited meetings with up to fifteen members. This software is compatible one for both PC and Mac.

3. SightSpeed

SightSpeed is a tool which offers you the best video and voice calling service for both computer and Mac. This tool offers you free unlimited computer to computer video calls. This tool also offers cheap priced calls from computer to mobile phone and landline. Windows users can connect with full quality to Mac users and vice versa.

4. Free conference calling

Free conferencing call is one of the best tools available in the market which offers you to host free conference calls with over 500 callers per conference call. The time period for each conference call is of about 6 hours. This tool allows you to record all your conference calls for future references.

5. Dimdim

Dimdim is very easy to use. It offers you reasonable online meetings and webinars. You can cloolobrate and share without any download requirement to host or attend. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. You can start up video conferencing very easily. There are no installations required. You can do audio, video and instant meeting with just one click. You can avail this Dimdim as a 30 day free trial.

6. Tokbox

You can make group video conferencing with Tokbox easily. You can have face to face conference with up to 200 people.  It is recommended to have 20 to 20 persons in a video conferencing.  TokBox is one of the very good tool on the video conferencing  market.

7. MyMeeting123

MyMeeting124 is quick and easy to use. It doesn’t need any extra tools to host. MyMeeting123 provides both conference and live web meetings for users. Mymeeting123 provide multiple plans to comfort your needs. It offers you 14 day money back guarantee and also it offers 14 day free trial unlimited meetings limited to the plan that you decide.

8.  Paltalk

Scene SuperIMTM offers the users to make video calls at free of cost with up to 10 people on Paltalk, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and AIM. Users with free accounts can only open the webcam for only few seconds and whereas the paid users will be able to open multiple video windows.

9. MegaMeeting

MegaMEeting offers Video and Web conferencing tool for online meetings which offers to trim down travel correlated costs, expands your marketing accomplish, also it is browser based and provides users a online conferencing with the true VoIP audio, text chat and no long term contracts. This is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows. This can be availed as 30days free cost.

10. Fuze Meeting

Fuze Meeting provides you HD quality online meetings. Start login and upload all your essential contents to begin a meeting. This is a great tool which offers a great conference call service which can display different types of video files including HD video. The Videos can be forwarded and it can back up and also you can zoom and you can add up shapes arrows, text and notes to the videos. This service can display different tupes of video files such as WMV, MP4, FLV and MOV.

11. Free Audio Conferencing

Free Audio Conferencing services offers conference calls at free of cost and also it offers toll-free conference for the participants at the cost of 7.9 cents per minute. Signing up is very easy and simple. Just enter your name and your email ID and start using the service.

12. Easy Conference

Easy Conference is the one of the best tool in the market which offers free teleconferencing services in the globe. This can be used by all the individuals, business people and organizations. The telephone conference call is recommended up to 2 to 125.

13. Gizmo Call

Gizmo calls offers the users to make phone calls via your internet browser. It offers up cheap CoIP phone calls, cheap phone calls and also free call and free conference calls.

14. Totally Free Conference

There are no contracts with Totally Free conference service, free Replay lines, Recording permits the users to be heard from anywhere in the world. There is free trail offer – with the web conferencing, the members will now be in a situation to hear and see all your presentations without a person leaving from the office. For more than 5 years this tools is offering free conference calls.

We hope you liked our review on some of the free online conference call services. Let us know through comments which one is the best online conference call service according to you.

Tools to manage Distributed Developer Teams

Lots of developers are working on distributed teams from open source projects to the enterprise. And now we doesn’t want to be in same room to swindle around with the punch cards, the period of online connectivity is letting for unparalleled liberty in how, when and where we work.

Tools to manage Distributed Developer Teams

This independence is great, and it as well presents few challenges — challenges for the managers who want to ship the product and challenges for the developers who want to squeeze the bugs, track versions and converse with the other people in the team. Auspiciously, there is an entire subsection of development tools shaped and modified for the distributed teams, whether that distribution means a far-off group around the world or some local developers who rarely work from residence.

Each developer and each manager will be having their own favored tools for working with a distributed team. We have listed out 10 which are highly recommended, and we expect you will be letting us know your feedbacks in comments.

1. Github

What It Does: Git revision control system is the one which is used for the GitHub, a web-based hosting service for projects. It consists of social networking features like followers, feeds and the network graph to show how the developers work in their versions of depository. GitHub also functions a pastebin-style site, wikis for the individual depositories and web pages which can edited via a Git depository.

What It Costs: GitHub is a free open source projects which consists of unlimited public depositories and unlimited public coworkers. If you would relatively keep your code to yourself, plans vary from $7/month (5 private depositories from a singly developer) to $22/month (for twenty repositories and up to ten coworkers).

The sociable developers at WordPress and Zappos and Cyborg anthropologist Amber case recommends it.

2. Jira

What It Does: This issue-tracking product from Atlassian is used for project management, bug tracking and issue tracking. This software features things like a clean interface with modifiable workflows, a pluggable integration framework and OpenSocial dashboards.

You must as well look into the query language JQL, which was established in Jira 4 and has been improved for V4.1 which is introduced just this week.

What It Costs: You can obtain a 1 month trial at free of cost. After the trial period, Jira cost varies from $10 for a starter license for a ten person team to a cost of $1000/ month for more robust licenses. Jira is as well free for open source projects and organizations which are non-profit, non-commercial, non-government, non-political, non-academic and secular.

This is recommended by the developers at Etsy and Zappos.

3. Subversion

What It Does: Apache Subversion is also an open source, centralized version control system which is used to sustain the current and the historical versions of file like documentation, source code and web pages. This is vastly used by the open source community —¬ for instance, in projects like Sourceforge, Ruby and Django — and it is as well making inroads into the business division and large scale ventures, as well.

In Feb 2010 Subversion was established into Apache Incubator last fall and became a top-level Apache Software Foundation project.

What It Costs: It is an open source and it uses the Apache license.

Who Recommends It:  A whole boatload of solo, Amber case and web developers recommends this. Google code as well offers Subversion hosting for their open source projects.

4. Squad

What It Does:

Squad is a web-based joint code editor which allows you to open, edit and also share code in real time. For the noob developers, this tool is a superb mean to get the feedback and immediate assist with your work. And if you do have a exceedingly skilled team of hackers, Squad is superb for training, code reviews and pair programming.

This also consists of a alongside chat program for enhanced coloration.

What It Costs:  You can obtain Squad at free of cost (but as-supported version) for a solo developer, or else you can pay $9. Month for a solo account or you can pay $39/month for team account.

Who Recommends It: This is recommended by the dev/author Douglas Karr and the Sproutbox guys ( a few who made Squad)

5. Confluence

What It Does:

Confluence, a web-based company wiki which is written in Java and it is majorly used in business environments. This was formed in order “to build an app which was constructed to the necessities of an enterprise knowledge management system, exclusive of losing the necessary, great simplicity of the wiki in the process.”

Confluence amalgamates well with the Atlassian’s other software and project management tools such as Jira, Crucible and FishEye.

What It Costs: You can obtain Confluence as a 1month trial as a free of cost and it’s as well free for open source projects. Paid licenses vary from a cost of $10 to $2000/ month.

Who Recommends It: This is recommended by the hard working developers of Springpad, Etsy and Hubspot, technology journalist and wiki geek Steven Walling.

6. Trac

What It Does: Trac is a project management, open source bug-tracking and a web based tool which integrates nicely with Subversion and other version control software. Trac lets wiki markup to link ref between tasks, bugs and files. A timeline displays all the activities in order, and a roadmap lists any forthcoming targets. Until about 5 yrs ago, Trac was available under GNU and it is at present available under a customized BSD license.

What It Costs: Trac is open source software.

This is recommended by a slew of entrepreneurial nerds like Vidar Andersen, Cullen Welson and Aaron Parecki.

7. oDesk

What It Does: oDesk is of series of tools which is targeted at businesses which is intended to hire and manage the remote workers. It is mainly well suited to the teams who hire contractors, consultants and freelancers who want to log their hrs and whose work should be tracked or audited, as the progress and the exact time worked can be confirmed thro’ intermittent screenshots.

Taxes, NDAs, invoicing and insurance are all built into the oDesk system as well.

What It Costs: The cost depends upon the type and the amount of work done,

Who Recommends It:  This is recommended by my friends who have used it in the past.

8. Braintrust

What it Does: Braintrust is a web based and also a social collaboration tool.  Instead of spotlighting on to-do-lists, milestones and tasks, Braintrust systematizes and centralizes the most significant conversations within your team. It also lets your team to share the files and documents and participate in instantaneous discussions.

What it Costs: For small teams with little storage needs Braintrust is free ( upto 5 people and of 1GB of storage); for big projects, the cost vary from $29 to $199 as monthly subscription depending on your needs and usage. Every offers free 30 day trial.

Many open source projects recommend this.

9. Assembla

What is Does: Assembla is a joint project management service for commercial software and open source. It consists of Subversion, bug-tracking tools, ticketing functionality, Git and Mercurial code repositories and collaborative features for distributed teams.

Assembla also has consists of set of project management tools for sharing projects with contractors, customers and any other who may want to access or view projects with varying level of permissions

What It Costs:  The pricing for Assembla vary from $4/user/space to $249/ month for enterprises, with many options in between. Community projects and Open source can make use of Assembla at free of cost.

Who Recommends It: This is recommended by Todd Brooks of the Code Foundry, Canada Wide Media’s digital media team and developer Warren Benedetto.

10. Basecamp

What It Does: Basecamp is a web based project management tool. This is developed by 37 signals. This features milestones, to-do-lists, tasks, file sharing, wikis and messaging. This software is predominantly proficient at integrating with the other tools, including reporting tools, mobile app, time trackers, invoicing software and software development tools. The Ruby on Rails framework was extracted from the Basecamp project.

What It Costs:

This is available as a 30 day free trial. For small groups Basecamp price is $24/month (15 projects with 5 GB of storage) and for big group price is $149/month (for unlimited projects and 75 GB of storage). All the paid plans are for the unlimited users. There is also another free plan available whichcan be used by 1 user for 1 project, with no file sharing option.

I hope these tools to manage distributed developer teams will help managers to produce efficient tools. If you liked this article, you will like our web development section.

How to Secure WordPress Blog : Avoid WordPress hacking

WordPress is the most famous platforms for self-hosted blogs and sites. It is truly a remarkable tool and this is what used here for itechfreak. WordPress is opensource and it is cool. The main problem is its source code is available for free to anyone and people always tend to find vulnerability in the code. There will be always some person who likes to make some trouble by discovering a method to crack into the WordPress accounts in order to cause some damages or to inject some hidden spammy links. That is the reason why it is very much essential to make certain that your WordPress installation is done as securely as possible.

Secure WordPress

Here I have listed down few tips to secure your WordPress blog. Use these tips so that you can avoid wordpress hacking.

1. Update, Update, Update

There are no software systems which are resistant to the bugs and vulnerabilities. The security gaps will be found and the bad persons will try their best to utilize them. Maintaining your software up-to-date is a great approach to fend off attacks, because most of the trustworthy software vendors will soon fix their products once the security gaps are discovered. This will secure your wordpress.

For all the web-based software, it is very must to stay on top of the updates. Many WordPress users had learnt the hard way by last Sep when a waves of attacks spread across many websites not able to run the latest version of the software. Providentially, maintaining your WordPress website or blog up-to-date is one of simplest thing that you can do. Last few versions had the option to install the automatic updates. Not only that all the new upgrades are notified every time whenever updates are available.

So if you’re not using the latest WordPress version, upgrade it.

2. Make Use of Strong WordPress Account Passwords

It is always recommended the WordPress users to use strong and unique passwords.  WordPress will show the user about your password strength, but a good info is to avoid usage of common phrases, make use of the uppercase and lowercase letters and also include the numbers. It is always best to change your WordPress password regularly – say for every4 months.

3. Remove your admin Account

It is a common mistake everybody does. I know you are administrator of the blog, but do not keep your Main username as ‘admin’, ‘administrator’ or your good name. If you do that half of the work is already done for the hacker.
If you are the only one posting on your wordpress blog, create separate accounts i.e one for the administrator and other will posting. Never ever post from your administrator account, because wordpress easily tells the username of poster.

For example check this :

My username is dinesh and no points for guessing that.

4. Use Secret Keys in your WP-Config File

In a WordPress you can find a file named wp-config.php. It is the file which stores all the database info that a WordPress needs to connect to its route, in a manner of speaking. It is the file consists of name, address and pass of the MySQL database which stores all of your user information, blog posts and other essential contents.

You can make it even more complicated for the bad people to gain access to your WordPress by making using of a secret key. Navigate to and then copy the results to this part of your qp-config.php file if you are not already set up a secret key.


* Authentication Unique Keys.


* Change these to different unique phrases!

* You can generate thesee using the {@link Secret-key Sercie}

* You can change these at any point in itme to invalidate all existing cookies. This will force all users to have to log in again.


* @since 2.6.0


define(‘AUTH_KEY’, ‘put your unique phrases here’);

define(‘SECURE_AUTH_KEY’, ‘put your unique phrases here’);

define(‘LOGGED_IN_KEY’, put your unique phrases here’);

define(‘NONCE_KEY’, put your unique phrases here’);


5. Keep Your Htaccess File in Check

You can set the access limits to certain directories by using the htaccess file. You can bind all those limits to an explicit IP address, which means that the people from those locations only can access your info.

Htaccess things gets pretty complicate, but AskApache has the Definitive Tutoria for all this .htacess.

6. Know Your File Permissions

Frequently, the hackers are able to creep into your website because you have left your files and folders with permissions that are too moderate.

Depending on how you’ve installed the WordPress, or the default practices from your webhost, the authorization for the files and folders on your WordPress install might not be correct.

The WordPress Codex has a sketch out of what authorizations are satisfactory. The file and directories authorization can be modified either thro’ FTP client or through your cPanel. This Page describes lots about how does the file permissions works and how to modify them using a number of different systems.

7. Install Plug-ins Carefully

If you do not know programing, do not try any plugin which is available on the internet. Plugin can act as a backdoor for the hacker to enter into your wordpress. Install plug-ins only from official worpdress website and do not trust anyone.

I hope these tips will help you to keep your wordpress blog secure and away from hackers.

Best top 10 free applications for Nokia N8

Nokia N8, a new splendid phone from Nokia that is becoming the talk of the town all over. This phone has excellent features like sparkling Symbian 3 OS performance, build quality, very good multimedia support, easier to use menus which all made the peoples drooling over this phone. The application experience in this Nokia N8 is far better than Android and iPhone phones so far. So here I am going to list out the essential top application, best and free to get you start experience these app on your dazzling Nokia N8. You can simply start search the app in Nokia Ovi store and you can download it easily and quickly.

Nokia N8 review specifications and features

1. Foursquare (social network)

Foursquare application is being the most famous Social network now. This is closing to 200 million total check in.  Foursquare application on your mobile phone offers you and your buddy’s new means of exploring the city. Try it on your Nokia N8 and find your buddy’s and their latest activities. You can directly access foursquare app from Nokia Ovi Store and have fun connecting to your Pals. This is Available at free of cost.

2. Vopium (VoIP)

Vopium is the 1st VoIP app for Nokia N8 that offers international calls and SMS with a save 90% of your money.  This application offers the N8 users for free calls over Wi-Fi and the other mobile data networks. The advanced built in functions will search and looks for the low rate options for calls and SMS. Vopium offers a free 15 mins calls worldwide, giving the users a very great opportunity to try Vopium immediately on their N8 handset.  In order to get start with it, users must log in to and they must enter their mobile number, or you can simply go on to on their Nokia N8 browser. This application is also available in the Nokia Ovi Store.  This application is available at a free of cost.

3. Opera mobile 10 (utility)

The Opera mobile 10 comes with a great look and also it comes with great features like Speed dial, tabbed browsing and the handy pass manager. This Opera 10 is well suitable for both keypad navigation and touch screen. This version offers double the speed of the previous opera released for Symbian/S60 and you’ll explore noteworthy speed improvement while downloading pages, panning and zooming. The Opera turbo is intenerated with this opera offering the users to save both time and money. Opera Mobile app is available at a free of cost.

4. Slide Unlock (utility)

Slide unlock is a great app which allows the users to customize your homescreen in your own style and slide to unlock your phone. In version 5.1, you have the option of downloading bounty number of high quality wallpapers to set them as the background within the application. See everything you need at 1st glimpse: indicators of your current phone status and easy-to-read time display. Then Unlock your Nokia N8 phone with one sooth slid on your phone screen. Font colour, Background image are all completely configurable.  Slide Unlock app is available at a free of cost.

5. Fring for free video calls (Social network)

Fring app offers you free voice calls, video calls and also live chat too all your fring Pals and also to other buddies on the famous social networks such as Gtalk, Ymessenger, MSN messenger, ICQ, Aim, Twitter & SIP!. And also use the Fringout to make calls to any landline or mobile numbers at a low cost all over the world (1c a min). *Free live chat *Free video calls *Free voice calls *Low-cost international calls Download Free now!

6. Sports Tracker (utility)

Sports tracker application is the award winning application. Your handset will become a full-featured GPS sports computer which keep tracking every calories burned while running at avg cycling speed over altitude. You get time and distance calc, maps, step count and also heart rate while you use a compatible HR belt. All the data’s are stored in a diary so that you can chart your progress and you can find all your weakness and strengths and share it with others. Billions of downloads international – join the team. Sports Tracker is available at a free of cost.

7. Ovi Maps (city guides and maps)

With Ovi Maps app you can get free drive navigation and walk navigation with voice direction. Also this app comes with free local weather, all the nearby events and travel guides from Lonely Planet and Michelin. This app also comes with a support of offline maps that you can make use of it anywhere without the GPRS or internet connectivity. Operator data charges might be applied. To get more info check out Ovi Maps can be downloaded at a free of cost.

8. Dictionary & Translation Pro (reference)

Dictionary and translation pro application offers the users a one-touch access to a wide online English dictionary, thesaurus and translation service supporting for various languages such as Arabic, German, Hindi, French, Spanish, Italian and much more. The online dictionary is nearing to million words and it is constantly updated by a community of language professionals. Download Dictionary and translation Pro is available at a free of cost.

9. Snaptu (social networks)

Snaptu is a fast classy all in one application which consists of all the mobile essentials in one place. Facebook, Picasa, weather, Twitter, Flickr, Sports, Sudoku, Movies and much more… Instead having many individual applications which eats your battery, your phones memory and slow things down, guess what? You must have snaptu app which is a single efficient and extremely powerful application which keeps your handset running at full speed ahead. Download Snaptu at a free of cost.

10 Currencies Touch  ( Business productivity App )

Currencies touch is a great application which converts the currencies. This is must application for the people who travel around the world who are always counting and converting their money, this makes their life dreamland. Currencies Touch is available at a free of cost.

Let us know your thoughts on our list of top 10 applications for Nokia N8.